9th happy birthday wishes

Even when I’m going through the hardest of times, it is your smile that has made me strong enough to push forward these past 9 years, thus, I thank you for being into my life, making it better without even trying. Happy birthday!

"Congratulations on getting older another year! How does it feel to be officially nine years old? I know, right? Still feels like you’re eight. Wait until you turn ten and you will finally start feeling nine! Happy 9th birthday!

"Can I just tell you how proud I am that our little girl is growing up into such a beautiful, brilliant, and kind young lady? I wish that this year will be a great year for you, and that all your dreams and wishes will come true. May you always be happy, healthy, and wise. I love you so much, honey! Happy 9th birthday!

Birthdays are supposed to be unforgettable, so don’t be shy; it’s your 9th birthday. Enjoy today, like there is no tomorrow. I love you.

Birthdays always make me sentimental, but most especially when it’s yours. Whenever it’s your birthday, I’m reminded that miracles happen, and that God is magnificent. Have a terrific 9th birthday, my dearest child!

Being a 9-year-old is kind of a big deal. You’re finally saying goodbye to being an 8-year-old. Just one more year and you’re going to be hitting the Big 10. Every birthday is special, so make sure that you make the most of this birthday. Even if it’s just us and your cousins devouring all the food! Happy 9th birthday, little man! I love you!

Be courageous, be happy and most of all, have a heart of gold, these are my wishes to you as you turn nine. Happy birthday baby!

"As you grow another year older, I wish that you will still find the world an amazing place to live in. I pray that you will never lose your sense of wonder, and that you will grow up to be a kind and compassionate person. May you always find something to be grateful for, and may you always find joy in everything that you do. I love you, my darling child. Happy 9th birthday!

As you clock 9 today good son, may you start developing the courage needed to look at every challenge in the face knowing that you’ll push through. Happy 9th birthday son. Stay blessed and have fun.

As you celebrate your 9th birthday today, I rejoice with you because I’m anxious to see you witness many more years as you grow.

All my moments become perfect when you are with me. Have a great 9th birthday.

After a year, you will be completed your first decade of life. Enjoy this last of this decade to its fullest. Wishing you a wonderful Happy 9th birthday, my dear brother.

A perfect gift for a perfect friend at the perfect moment. Have a wonderful 9th birthday.

A growing daughter is one of the greatest pride of every mother, and I’m really happy because you have become my friend, my love and my life. Happy 9th birthday daughter. Keep growing in love.

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