9th happy birthday wishes

May you always find joy in everything you do and may the love of your parents be sufficient for you till you get old enough to move on. Happy 9th birthday son. Enjoy your special day.

May all your heart desires fulfilled and you achieve whatever you want from life. Have a beautiful 9th birthday.

Make your footprints that will be followed by people. Have a wonderful 9th birthday my son.

Losing you was the most painful thing I had to go through in life. I know that the pain will never really go away, but I can learn to live with it as the years pass. I cherish all the memories that I have of you. No one can ever take your place in my heart. I love you, my dearest daughter. There’s not a day that I don’t think about you or wish that things ended very differently. On your birthday, I offer a little prayer of gratitude for having a daughter as wonderful as you. Our time together may have been short, but it was time well spent. I love you always, little princess. Happy 9th birthday.

Look around and always remember this day, you had your friends around with you, your family and most of all wishes and presents. Happy 9th birthday sweetheart!

Life is beautiful as you pass through stages of life especially as a little child, it’s like an adventure. May you live long and enjoy the fullness of life. Happy 9th birthday my baby.

Learn to appreciate, learn to give thanks and most of all, learn to appreciate days like these. Happy 9th birthday kiddo!!

Just believe in yourself and never lose your courage. You are the only ambassador of your success. Have a joyful 9th birthday.

It’s your 9th birthday princess, may all your wishes come true as you blow out each and every candle. Remember, I am always here for you.

It’s your 9th birthday my precious, you are growing to be one awesomely awesome person and I am honored to be able to bear witness.

It’s true that I don’t know what you’ll become in the future but one thing I’m sure of is that you’ll be a good person. Which is more important than any other things. Happy 9th birthday dear son.

It’s not possible for me to have forgotten today because your 9th birthday brings back so much awesome memories. I’m looking forward to you celebrating a 90th on the surface of the earth.

"It’s amazing to think that it’s been nine years since you came into our lives. Our lives are so much happier, richer, and more meaningful because of you. Thank you for being such a wonderful child. Thank you for your kindness, sweetness, patience, and generosity. Sometimes I can’t help but think that we don’t deserve you. Love you so much, sweetheart. Happy 9th birthday!

Isn’t this the little cutie I held into my hands 9 years ago? Wow, you’ve grown so much. You are pretty much a man/lady now. Probably going around conquering school as we speak. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and for all of your wishes to come true.

If there’s one thing a 9 year old need, it is freedom. Freedom to eat as many as possible, to play as much as possible and freedom to be the best child. Happy 9th birthday dear. Stay blessed.

I’ve never seen a kid as positive as you, I must confess you have made me to do things I wouldn’t do ordinarily because I’m easily discouraged. Happy 9th birthday my inspiration.

I’m incredibly in love with the way you sing, hum, laugh and giggle. It’s all just like me. I hope the bond of love between us will keep growing strong. Happy 9th birthday daughter.

I would like to wish you the greatest birthday of them all because that is the only thing the greatest 9-year-old deserves!

I wish you all the luck in the world to reach heights that are not unimaginable and to make us your parents proud for every day till we die. Happy 9th birthday son. Stay blessed forever.

I wish you a flamboyant 9th birthday party, we all deserve to be happy, and I join you in merry.

I wish you a day full of fun and surprises. I hope there’s lots of pizza, chicken, ice cream, and cake. I hope that you love all the birthday presents that you receive, especially the one coming from me! Happy, happy 9th birthday!

I wish only wonderful things appear in your life and never face any mishap, misfortune and adversity ahead. Have a fabulous 9th birthday, my sweet boy.

I know that I will always miss you, but I miss you more today, your birthday. You would have been 9 years old today. I guess that’s the most painful part. Getting older in this world while the child that I lost several years ago will never age. The only consolation I get when the pain becomes unbearable is that you lived a happy and meaningful life. I will never stop missing you because I will never stop loving you. You will always mean so much to me. Happy 9th birthday in heaven, dearest one.

I just made a special cake for my sweet loving younger brother on his 9th birthday. Do not eat too much cake but without me. Have a great birthday.

I hope this day makes all your wishes come true. Happy 9th birthday my precious, may this day bring you endless laughter.

I have no fear about you growing up fast and end up leaving me for the man you love. I am only joyful for having you in my life. Let’s enjoy every bit of it while it last. Happy 9th birthday daughter.

I feel so proud of you because you’re growing up into this lovely young man right before my eyes. I can see the changes in the way you act, speak, and treat your loved ones. Sure, you’re still a messy boy who refuses to clean his room. But you are also starting to become more responsible, more thoughtful, and more loving towards your siblings. I like this 9-year-old version of you, definitely! I love you, honey. I hope you have a fantastic 9th birthday!

"I feel bittersweet emotions whenever your birthday comes around. I’m torn between missing you and feeling glad that you’re in a much better place now. I feel the loss more strongly because today is your birthday, and because I’m reminded of the fact that you will never again celebrate your birthdays with us. But I know that you’re happy up there in heaven now. I love you always and forever. You will always be my darling little girl. Happy 9th birthday.

I don’t know a lot of 9-year-olds, but I’m pretty sure you’re the coolest 9-year-old that I have ever met. I hope your party is as amazing as your birthday invitation. I hope there’s lots of food, cake, and ice cream. Enjoy your birthday, little miss! Happy 9th birthday!

I cannot protect you from everything the world has to throw at you, but I hope you will one day be strong enough to face any situation. Happy 9th birthday sweetheart!!

I am feeling so proud to have a friend like you. Wish you a very Happy 9th birthday, my best friend.

How I wish that you were still with us to celebrate your birthday today. Even for just a little while, so that I could see your smile and hear your voice again. The only reason I’m feeling glad today is because you left behind wonderful and loving memories. The best kind of memories. Today I’ll try extra harder to be happy and celebrate your birthday even if you’re no longer around. Happy 9th birthday in heaven, my dearest one.

How I want to feel your nearness on your birthday. How I wish to see your smile again, hear you laugh again, and hold you in my arms one more time. This is all just wishful thinking, but can anyone blame me when I’m just really missing you so much on your birthday? I want you to know that I’m okay, and I’m trying to be strong. I just miss you so much is all. I love you, my dear son. I hope you know that we’re celebrating your 9th birthday today, too.

How fast you have grown my dear, just one year before you clock ten, a decade of years. I am glad for you my dear son. Happy 9th Birthday. Stay blessed and enjoy yourself.

Hey you, birthday girl! Did you know that this is the last time that you will be celebrating a single-digit birthday? That’s a pretty momentous occasion (ask your mom what momentous means)! It’s like the end of an era! You are growing up so fast that I wish the remote control in Adam Sandler’s movie Click exists in real life. I hope you have the best 9th birthday! Kisses and hugs your way!

Health is the key indicator of good success, mental sharpness, and activeness. Take a balanced diet and enjoy your life. Have a fabulous 9th birthday.

Having you as my son is the greatest gift of all. No matter how brief we shared this life together, you have changed me in so many ways. I will never forget how happy you made me, and just how I loved being your mother. Please keep watching over us, and please remember that you are always in my heart. I love you and I miss you so much. Happy 9th birthday in heaven.

Have a great 9th birthday sweetie, you are a great kid and I know you will grow to be strong, healthy, wealthy and more blessed than all others. I love you, enjoy each day!

Happy birthday my dear king/queen! My wish for you is for every of the 9 candles in your cake today to have a wish of yours come true. You are the best! Never forget that.

Happy 9th birthday. Enjoy your day with cake, celebration, party, friends and gifts.

Happy 9th birthday! Pretty daughter. Today I am sending 9 cuddles, 9 presents plus the best wishes in the world. Have a special day and be glad.

Happy 9th birthday to the future great leader in this present dispensation. May you become a leader to reckon with and a leader to love and follow. Enjoy your growth young leader.

Happy 9th birthday my wonderful daughter. I am glad you’ve grown this fast. At least now you can help with the house chores. Enjoy your special year my love.

Happy 9th Birthday my sweet princess, you are a great little girl and I hope you have fun as you celebrate this new age. I love you and wish you nothing but the very best. Love you daughter!

Happy 9th birthday my littler love, you are the most precious gift to me and I hope I can make this birthday unforgettable for you. Enjoy dear one.

Happy 9th birthday my dear one, you make me smile each time, remember, in my eyes you are better than the best and I am lucky just to linger in your life.

Happy 9th birthday dearest, you make me so happy and I am glad to be a part of this day. May you grow older than Methuselah and may all your wishes come true.

Happiness is what I felt when I remembered it’s your 9th Birthday today; I want you to know that you’re cherished and adored by your family and loved ones.

Every time you celebrate a birthday, it makes us feel ancient. That’s okay, though, because we only want to see you healthy and happy and surrounded by people who love you. I hope that you’ll enjoy the day we’ve planned for you. Happy 9th birthday, sweetheart!

Every 9-year-old lady should have their own style of doing things now, style of hair, of shoes and of clothes. I won’t dictate for you my daughter. Go ahead and be unique. Happy 9th birthday.

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