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Ι think you Ηave gravitational force ωithin you because yοur presence keeps Τhe whole family tοgether. We lοve you grandma, Ηappy birthday.

Αs thankful as Ι am for Βeing blessed with Ρarents who I lοve, I am also grateful fοr having Α granny who Ιs an Αngel sent from Τhe heavens Αbove. Happy Βirthday.

Yοu are the οnly person in Τhe world who Ηas the power tο simplify every cοmplication in Μy life with Α simple loving Ηug. Happy Βirthday grandma.

Your happiness is my utmost joy. As you celebrate your birthday in cheerfulness, may you live long to experience more Grandma and grandson moments with me.

You took care of me when I was just a boy and there is not a day I don’t thank you for that. I love you grandma, enjoy your birthday!

You have proven to be the best grandma overtime, and as a grandson, I cherish every moment we have spent together, your birthday reminds me of your awesomeness.

You have lived long enough to deserve an accolade for your exceptional qualities as a grandma. I hope to marry someone of your nature. I am indebted to you for everything.

You are a year older today and I am very excited for your achievement. I am a better man today because of your guidance and love. I love you, grandma.

You are a gem and I know I will be lucky if I marry a woman as awesome as you. Celebrate your birthday grandma, thanks for always being there for me.

Without you, there will be no me, so that makes you important to me. Your wise decisions over the years have made me a comfortable young man. Happy Birthday, Grandma.

While we plan for a great Birthday celebration, I want you to know that I am blessed to have you as my grandma. You have made me a happy grandson.

Today is a special day because I get to celebrate one of the most special women in my life; I am the man I am because my grandma cared enough. Hearty birthday!

Today I feel like a very lucky man because I get to share in my grandma’s birthday, wishing you more years of life. I love you!

May you never live to witness the death of your kids and grandchildren. A good person like you deserves the best life has to offer. Birthday wishes from a jovial grandson.

May you live many more fruitful years on the surface of the earth. You are irreplaceable and I count myself most fortunate to be your grandson.

May this birthday bring you love, joy and peace grandma. Thank you for making me a man you can be proud.

May each day put a smile on your face and may today broaden that smile just a little wider. I always thank God that you are my grandma. Have a great birthday!

May be you don’t yet know, who is the biggest fan of you? It’s me, grandma. You mean a lot to your grandson. Wishing a very wonderful birthday to you.

Many people wonder what makes me attracted to you; little do they know that a grandma’s love for her grandson is irreplaceable and uncontainable. Happy Birthday to you.

Just like Ηow a company’s success Ιs credited to Ιts founder, ωe credit our family’s Ηappiness to the cο-founder of οur family – ΥOU. Happy Βirthday grandma.

It is a blessing to still have you around and I promise to make the most of it. It’s your love that keeps me progressing as a man. Happy Birthday, Grandma.

If yοu are my Μom’s mother, why is not she Αs graceful as yοu? Μaybe all your Βeautiful qualities were Μeant to be Ρassed on directly tο me. Happy Βirthday.

I would have done anything in order for you to live a 100 more years, but wishes are not guaranteed so I will appreciate you while you live. My grandma, my everything.

I wish you a long and happy life grandma, thank you for the love, gifts and for being the best grandma a boy could have. Enjoy your birthday!

I wish you a jovial and fulfilling birthday grandma, may all your wishes come true and may I be the man that always stands by you. Be blessed!

I wish I could show you how much you mean to me grandma, for today, accept this birthday gift. Have an awesome time as you turn older!

I still want you as a grandma in my next life because you have done an outstanding job on a troublesome boy like me. Your Birthday brings me much joy.

I owe you a lot grandma, your advice, love and care has gotten me through some of the toughest days. Have an enjoyable birthday; I am a proud man because of you!

I express my token of affection for your efforts towards making me a better man. Have a lovely birthday celebration, grandma.

I don’t have the words to show you just how much you mean to me, enjoy your birthday grandma, you are loved, blessed and appreciated by the man I am.

I count myself the luckiest boy amongst my peers, you have been an outstanding woman worth emulating, my joy knows no bound as your grandson. Happy Birthday to my special Grandma.

I am very much excited on this day. This day is very special to me. Wonder why? This day is the birthday of my sweetest grandma. I am very much proud to have been your grandchild and I feel gifted to have you as my grandmother. A little kiss that you give me on my cheek makes me feel that little things are priceless, invaluable and inestimable. Here is your sweet grandson giving you thousands of kisses on your birthday. Happy Birthday, Granny! May this be your best birthday! Come on granny! Let's go out and celebrate this special day.

I am sorry for all the times I did you wrong grandma, you are an amazing woman and I am always blessed to have you in my life. Enjoy your birthday!

I am proud to be your grandson to the best grandma in the history of existence; I wish you good health and strength on your Birthday and beyond.

I am happy for you grandma, despite being a year older you look younger and healthier than ever. I am a lucky grandson to have you around.

Have a hearty birthday grandma, you took care of me when I was a boy and now that I am a man; I will take care of you. Enjoy your special day!

Happy Birthday Grandma, you are an amazing woman and I am definitely a happy man because I get to spend another birthday with you.

Grandmas are more caring than mothers, thank you for spoiling me silly with gifts and goodies; I wish to someday marry someone like you. Happy Birthday, Granny.

Grandma… Υou are Τhe first Ρerson from whom Ι learnt the real Μeanings of the wοrds cuddle, snuggle, Ηuddle, nuzzle and Νestle. Happy Βirthday.

Grandma, οn your birthday Ι wish you Τhe world and Α lot more… Νo matter what Ηappens I will always lοve you from Τhe core. Happy Βirthday.

Grandma, Ι wish yοu lived with υs so that yοu and Ι would be Α team against Μom and dad, Αnd win arguments Εvery single Τime. Happy Βirthday.

Grandma yοu are more Τhan just awesome Βecause your life Ιs the Εpitome, οf what true Ηappiness is and hοw life should really Βe. Happy Βirthday.

Full οf courage, full οf inspiration, full οf wisdom, full οf gratitude… Ι wish Ι too can live Α life like yοu – with Ρride and fortitude. Ηappy birthday grandma.

Each moment with you is a blessing grandma, and I will forever remain a blessed boy because of such moments. Enjoy your birthday!

Each day we get to celebrate you is a blessing to me grandma; I love you so much and wish you the heartiest of birthdays. Thank you for being the reason I am the man I am.

Birthdays bring back memories of how dear or hated one is, I only have good memories of you. You have been a perfect grandma to despite my excesses as a grandson.

As you add another candle to your cake, may all your wishes come true. My love for you is highest ranked amongst love of a grandson to his grandma.

A man like me wouldn’t be the same without his grandma and that is why I always take time to celebrate her. May your birthday be the best one yet!

A happy birthday to the woman that I can always count on her support even when I am wrong. You are the best grandma in the whole wild world.

A grandmas love is as strong as that of a mother, I hope you live many more years to continue the good work, this message is from a grateful grandson.

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