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Your mom hates me because she is busy disciplining you all the time and I am busy spoiling you all the time. Too bad she is not an aunt to a wonderful nephew like you, otherwise she would have understood. Happy birthday.

You may be a best bud to your friends and a good son to your parents. But you beat all these things with the way you are a terrific nephew to your aunt. Happy birthday.

You know that even if I’m just your fabulous aunt, I can still love you like your mom or dad can, right? I can still treat you like a little prince and spoil you like crazy, right? I love you, my dearest nephew. I hope you have fun on your birthday!

You have a 100 reasons to smile on your birthday. Your amazing aunt has arrived. Now you have 101 reasons.

You get older and auntie gets expert. All clear? Good then happy birthday Nephew!

You are the nephew that I like to treat as my own child because you are such a wonderful kid. Your parents are so blessed to have you, and I’m so glad that I have the chance to show you that aunts can also be pretty cool to have. May all your dreams come true, and never stop reaching for the stars. Happy birthday, with all my love.

When we heard you were on the way, we couldn’t be more excited. When you arrived, our hearts grew by leaps and bounds. Your birthday is the day we became the luckiest aunt and uncle alive.

What a pleasure it is to have you as a nephew. Your sense of humor, caring nature, and strong work ethic are among the things I admire you for. You’re a great dad, too and I am so happy to be an Aunt to a new generation. You have a special place in my heart. With love on your birthday


To my beloved nephew, you are the son I have never had. But let me tell you that words are not enough to express how happy I am being your aunt. May you have a fun filled birthday!

There’s so much we, your aunt and uncle, can say about you (all good, of course). One thing, though, sticks out for us: you are the #1 nephew in this world and our world. Happy birthday.

The best nephews only deserve the best and the most beautiful aunt. Ahem, that’s me. Happy birthday to the best and most gorgeous nephew!

The best gift for the world's best nephew could only be one thing (drum roll, please): us, your best uncle and aunt at your birthday celebration. Happy birthday.


Remember, I am an aunt you can rely on and a best friend rolled in one! Happy birthday!

Phew! Thank God I am one of those lucky few, to have a cute nephew like you. Phew! Thank God you are one of those lucky few, to have a cool aunt like me. Happy birthday.

Our relationship is not limited to just being aunt and nephew. There’s a permanent bond of friendship between me and you. Happy birthday.

Our relationship is not limited to just being aunt and nephew. There will always be a permanent bond of friendship between me and you. Happy birthday.

One of my favorite parts of life is being your Aunt. You are like a son to me and I hope you think of me as your second Mom. I’d do just about anything for you. Thanks for being a good boy and staying out of trouble. I am so proud of the great young man you’ve become. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Not just an aunt on whom you can depend, I will forever remain your best friend. Happy birthday.

No matter how old you grow, no matter how successful you become, no matter what heights you reach in life, in my mind you will always be my little nephew who adorably called me his favorite aunt. Happy birthday.

Next time your parents scold you, just say ‘Back off or I’ll call my aunt’. Happy birthday.

Next time your parents chide you, simply say ‘Back off or I’ll call my auntie’. You are now an year older, they should know that. Happy Birthday.

Next time you hear ‘What makes you think you can do that?’ from your mom and dad, just say ‘My Aunt said so!’ Happy birthday.

Next time whenever your parent scolds you, Just say, “Back off or I will call my auntie”. You are now an year older. They should know that. happy birthday nephew from your aunt.

Nephews fill a special role in life. The role of being smothered by their aunt. You know you secretly love it. Happy birthday.

My nephew is the best and he deserves the best happy birthday! I really hope you enjoy your special day and you have to enjoy many more. Have a great bday this year.

My dear nephew, the next time your parents will scold you… You can simply say, back off, or I’ll call my aunt! ? Happy Birthday!

My dear nephew (name your nephew) today (his birthday) I wish you have a happy birthday in the company of your beautiful family, your pretty mama (mother’s name) and God . May God bless you with many more years dear nephew . Have fun and eat as much cake as you can today. But more importantly Party hard. I love you. Kisses.your aunt

My birthday gift for you today is giving you the title of the best nephew in the world. I hope your party favor will be to give me the title of the best aunt in the world. Happy birthday.

My birthday gift for you is the title of best nephew in the world. I hope your party favor will be to give me the title of the best aunt in the world. Happy birthday.

Me and your aunt Love you a lot. sometimes we catch ourselves wishing our son was more like you. Just never tell him this secret, Happy Bday nephew.

If you woke up with shining lights and a red carpet, if people were throwing petals at your feet … don’t worry! Your aunt is just celebrating her Nephew’s birthday!

If I ever have a son, he will be in trouble if he doesn't turn out to be as intelligent, successful, adorable and charming as you. Happy birthday, from your aunt.

I will never be your sister, I will never be your best friend… but I will always be your aunt on whom you can always depend. Happy birthday.

I want to wish my most handsome nephew a very happy birthday and I pray that he is blessed with many, many more. Enjoy your day, sweetie. Know that your auntie loves you.

I swear I didn’t buy you any clothes or books. This aunt delivers only fun! Happy birthday Nephew!

I posted a picture of us both on Facebook and a friend commented on it saying that it was the cutest mother-son pair she had ever seen. Doesn't that say a lot about the aunt-nephew bond we share? Happy birthday.

I like teasing you, but I like making up to you more. I like annoying you, but I like cuddling you more. I like scolding you, but I like teaching you the lessons of life more. I like being your aunt, but I like being your favorite aunt more. Happy birthday to my nephew.

I hope on your birthday you will be spoiled rotten. I hope you will be reminded of just how incredible a person you are. You are such a shining light in our lives, and I’m so lucky to be your aunt. Happy birthday, sweetie. Hope to see you soon.

I heard someone’s celebrating his birthday, and I’m supposed to come in my best pirate costume. I’m so excited! Thank you for thinking of your cool aunt and inviting me to celebrate with you. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I love you! Happy birthday!

I have stopped finding other toddlers and infants cute after seeing you. You seem to have set high standards of cuteness that are unbeatable. Happy birthday from your loving aunt.

I got you the new iPad for your birthday. Now can I be your coolest and most favorite aunt? Happy birthday to the cutest nephew ever.

I can't wait till you turn thirteen so you can gossip with your favorite aunt on Facebook. Happy birthday.

I am having the best life. because I am having you as my role model. to whom i can always admire and take inspiration. Many Many congratulations on this special day and Me and your Aunt love you a lot.

I always knew you will grow up to be a good man. Thank you for giving me a chance to become your best aunt. Happy Birthday!

Hey nephew, have I told you lately how cool I think you are? I like the way you talk and play. You’re so smart and creative. You are growing up into a nice little man. Happy Birthday from your favorite Aunt!

Hey cute little one, have I told you lately how cool you are? I certainly like the way you smile, giggle and play. You are smart and creative and I want you to stay that way until you grow up to be a nice little man. Happy Birthday from your loving aunt.

Having a nephew is like having a son but better. I get to be the fun auntie while someone else does the hard parenting part. Have a great birthday, kiddo!

Happy Birthday. You have always been such a troublemaker. How do I know? I am your auntie. Aunties always know troublemakers when they see them! Enjoy this day my nephew.

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