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Your unconditional love, immense gentleness, and your down to earth nature replaced my all negativity and bitterness which was against you. Happy Birthday, sweetest step-sister.

Your incredible sweet nature and joviality make you the best person to be honored with the “Best Step Sister in the World” award. Happy birthday.м

Your adoption to this family has brought my parent so much of fortune, that my father himself realized and admitted this. Happy Birthday, step-sister, May we spend more glorious time together.

You were there on the lowest points of my life, supporting me still, happy birthday step sister.

You were the miraculous kind of sister I wanted for a very long time. Thanks for being my sister and my dearest friend. Happy Birthday step-sister.

You taught me how to love even though I never loved you. You taught me how to be considerate even though I never considered you for any good thing. Your attitude changed a lot about me. Happy Birthday, step-sister.

You mean a lot to me, words alone cannot measure the magnitude of love my heart feels for you. I will forever be by your side, step sis. Have a wonderful day!м

You make me happy, you complete my full existence. I can’t imagine my life without you sis. The joining of our families not only brought happiness to our parents but to me. I hope you have a brilliant birthday, step sis.

You have contributed so much to my growth and I love you for it, happy birthday step sister.

You are worth more than just a step-sister, you are part of my life because you keep contributing to my growth and development, Happy Birthday, step-sister. Enjoy every bit of it.

You are too younger than me, you are my doll to whom I play daily no matter you are my step sister. But we are sisters by heart. Happy Birthday, my little cute sister.

You are the best sister in the world; I thank God every day for uniting our parents, now I get to experience the joy of having someone as pretty as you related to me. Have a great birthday, step-sister.

You are that beautiful flower of our home whose ecstatic fragrance gives a fresh breath to all of us. Happy Birthday to the most lively and cheerful lady – my step sister but my world.

You are not only my step sister but also my joy, my light and my best friend. Happy birthday!

You are my sweet, naughty, crazy, talkative, lovable, jovial, more thrilling and understanding step sister. Happy Birthday, cutie pie!

You are my crime partner, my bed mate, my midnight companion and my secret holder. Love you loads my buddy my step-sister. Happy SHappy Birthday.

You are my best companion of my loneliness, Happy Birthday, step sister.

You are more than a sibling to me, you are my best friend too, happy birthday step sister.

You are full of joy and always there to give me a helping hand in my times of need. It is a very great privilege to not only have you in my life as my step sister but also as my best friend. Happy birthday, dearest!

Without question, you’re the most wonderful step sister that anybody could ever be blessed with. I wish you nothing short of a fabulous birthday today!

With a thousand kisses and all of my love, I wish you the happiest of birthdays! To the stepsister that made for me living in this family tolerable!

Wishing the world’s most remarkable step sister an outstandingly beautiful birthday. Sweet sis, I am not sure I can ever fully express to mankind how much you mean to me.

Wishing my one and only step sister a fantastic birthday filled with blessings and merriment. Sis, may all the beautiful things in life create a path to you – on this special day and forever.

Wishing a very colorful birthday celebration to an absolutely amazing step sister. Dearest, I wish you everything positive this life can ever offer. Enjoy this outstandingly beautiful day to the fullest.

Wishing a spectacular birthday to an absolutely spectacular step sister! Dearest, thank you for always going out of your way to fill my cheeks with laughter.

Wishing a fabulously magical birthday celebration to an amazing step sister. You are my sweet angel and my inspiration. I love you very much.

Wishing a fabulous and extraordinarily joyful birthday to my incredibly sweet step sister. Sis, may you have an abundance of grace and divine blessings from God to excel and be happy in this life.

Wishing a beautiful and truly blissful birthday to my step sister and one of my greatest sources of joy in this world.

What I do miss about you, step-sis is sharing the bed with you and looking at the stars above.

What an important addition you are to this family, even though it was difficult to get along with you at first! Happy Birthday, step-sister. Have fun.

We’ve pushed through a lot of hard times so I don’t think any tougher thing could come in between us good sister. Enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday step-sister.

We are the sisters of different taste. Happy Birthday, my step but more than real sister.

We always wasted our precious childhood in endless fighting, hatred and backbiting. But now we are grown up and don’t have intention to make life complicated ahead indulging in this bullshit. Let’s forget everything and enjoy the party. Happy Birthday, step-sister.

Wake up beautiful, it’s time to cut that cake and make merry to your honor. Thank you for accepting us into your family, I am truly proud to be your step sister. Happy Birthday!

Today is a good day to remind you that I love you very much and there are a lot of things I won’t be able to do without you, like awkward things that will make me laugh till tears come out. Happy Birthday, step sister.

Today I want you to know that your pain brings me pain and your joy gives me joy, I am knitted to you, I feel you are part of me. Few things I can do without you, Happy Birthday, step-sister!

To the best stepsister ever! Happy Birthday!

To my amazing stepsister, I wish you all the best for your birthday.

To me, you are one of the world’s natural wonders. Have a truly enchanting birthday celebration today, my beloved step sister.

There were a lot of hard times that we went through, you held me, happy birthday step sister!

There is not better sister than you in the whole wide world, happy birthday step sister.

The only reason I called you my “step” sister is because it was a huge step accepting you into the family. Thankfully, it turned up to be much better than expected! Happy Birthday!

Thanks to God for that unwanted and unexpected scenario that brought us together, you are one of a kind. Happy Birthday, step-sister.

Thank you for holding my hand when things got worse, I love you, happy birthday step sister!

Step sister, I love you so much I can never resist the slightest opportunity to make you happy, given half the chance. Have an amazingly joyful birthday!

Step sister, as you celebrate the special day on which God brought you into this world, I pray for nothing but your total happiness and prosperity. Thank you for polishing my world.

So proud of you, my tremendously phenomenal step sister! Dearest, you shall forever be one of the shiniest stars in my sky. Happy birthday!

So blessed to have a step sister like you! There can never be any step sibling as wonderful as you, my dear. Happy birthday!

Sister’s love is the true blessing, though I was single child of my parents but God bestows my papa another daughter that’s you my step sister. As we have same father but different mothers. Happy Birthday, my step sister.м

Sis, it is with much delight that I wish you an abundantly happy birthday today. I’m so blessed to be best friends with an outstanding step sister like you. I love you more than the words of man can say.

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