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Your journey on earth has been a great one worth being part of, we are happy you’ve been with us and we wanna wish you many more years. Happy 7th Birthday honey.

Your 7th birthday wishes from me are full and overflowing from the brim, have maximum excitement doing things your way because today’s all about you.

You’ve written seven scripts of your life today, may your life produce one of the best stories ever known to man.

You’re such an amazing young lady, may you receive heavenly guidance to be who you are supposed to be. Happy 7th Birthday my little pretty girl. Daddy loves you so much with everything he has.

You set my mind on several runs of thoughts whenever I see some attributes that you possess. I pray and hope that nothing will truncate those attributes. Happy 7th Birthday.

You know what’s great about being a 7 year old? You are not the youngest kid in school anymore so you can boss around the ones younger than you. So enjoy your new life as the boss of 6-year-olds! Happy birthday.

You have made indelible marks in every age you clocked, I hope as you clock seven today, you will make greater marks than the previous. Happy 7th Birthday great Boy.

You grow so well in physicality and yet you grow perfectly well in wisdom. I’m proud of you to be called my son. Happy 7th Birthday son. Have lots of fun.

You don’t know how happy I’m to be part of your 7th birthday; you make each and every moment a blessing, each and every day a memory forever curved in my memory.

You are the star of my life. Your presence makes my life shine. I wish this birthday become your favorite one. Happy 7th Birthday, my sweet little boy.

You are the luckiest boy in the world for you are loved, appreciated and you make everyone around you glad. Happy 7th birthday my dear nephew!!

You are simple but cute boy. You have power to make someone crazy in your love. Happy 7th birthday, sweet heart.

You are most special kid with whom I love to meet again and again. Your silly and cute talks make my heart cheerful and lively. Happy 7th birthday, sweetheart.

You are most adorable, funny friend. I just fall in love with your cuteness without knowing it. Wish you a very happy 7th birthday. May you have a wonderful evening.

You are growing to be a person we are all proud to be associated with; I hope your 7th birthday turns out as you’d planned. I love you so much my dear one.

You are going to be one of the most amazing people growing up and I look forward to seeing your growth. We will always be here to help you out. Happy 7th Birthday my sweet granddaughter!

You are a crazy boy and I love to spend my time in your company. Happy 7th Birthday, my sweetheart.

You are a cool girl by your own terms. I just love you. Wishing you the birthday filled with laughter, joy and success. Have a beautiful day sis.

Wow! You are so big and you are only going to get bigger you 7-year-old. It is amazing to see how fast and smart you’re getting. Just don’t ever forget how important it is to work. Happy Birthday!

Would you look at that? Our little crybaby just turned 7 years old. Although I bet you are too big now to be called a crybaby, you’re a grown man/woman at this point. Already conquering your school, on your way to conquering the world. Polishing your wings so you can fly high, because the only limit you have is the sky, and I bet you can even surpass that one day. Happy birthday!

Words can’t begin to describe the joy I feel as I share with you your 7th piece of cake, I hope you grow better with all the candles you blow off. I love you sweetie.

With much pleasure, I announce to you that the heavens are also celebrating your 7th birthday today. We all join in the celebration.

Wishing you a very happy 7th birthday, May this birthday become seventh times more thrilling and exciting.

Wish you a very happy 7th birthday, may this birthday becomes wonderful with loads of exciting events. Have a lovely day.

When you enjoy this special day, remember how incredible your 7th birthday is compared to all your birthdays. We are going to make this incredible.

What more can a parent ask from their beloved daughter than to keep growing well and healthy and to grow in wisdom! We’re happy with your growth. Happy 7th Birthday.

What is this? What is this marvel of nature that just turned 7! I can’t believe this. It seems like it was just yesterday that your parents announced that I am officially an uncle/aunt now, and look at you, all grown up, ready to become the greatest person in existence. Happy birthday little nephew/niece.

We are meant to make history at every stage of our lives. I hope you will make great history at your age 7. Happy 7th Birthday son, may your life be a totally great one.

Today is the most beautiful day as you were born today. May this day filled with happiness and joy. Happy 7th Birthday, my Brother.

To some people you’ve just been here with us for a short time, but for me it’s like we’ve been together forever because I love you so much. Happy 7th Birthday sweetie.

This year you will consider too lucky as seven is the lucky number and now you can take any decision, any chance. I wish you a very happy birthday. May you have many more.

This is the time to enjoy everything that you are thankful for. Happy 7th Birthday! Don’t forget to share the cake with your parents.

This is going to be the best party ever. We are going to bring a ton of luck based games. If you don’t win, we would be shocked. Lucky little 7. Happy Birthday!

This is a beautiful day for a beautiful daughter in the family. I hope you will get all the gift you desire in the whole world and from the whole world. Happy 7th Birthday daughter.

Thinking of how marvelous your 7th Birthday will be brings me to one conclusion, it’s going to be great and fun packed.

There is no other explanation! The 7 lucky gods of China must be visiting me, one each year, getting off their ship to come and bring me luck because I feel blessed by the gods to have been your grandparent. You are the best 7-year-old around! Happy birthday my love.

The number seven is the first prime number. That means it is the first number that cannot be divided or multiplied within the group, and that makes it unique. And you, my love, are a unique 7-year-old. My wish to you is to keep being great, and keep being unique, and make all of your dreams come true. Happy birthday from your beloved uncle.

The life of a kid will be in a great path if they learn respect and obedience fast. Never deviate from this path and greatness awaits you. Happy 7th Birthday honey.

The bags of gifts before you have numerous gifts like long life, prosperity, endless achievement, unending favor and good health. I hope you’ll have them all. Happy 7th Birthday.

Some of us were affected by some indecent aspects of our lives. I hope you’ll be of good conduct in every aspect of your life. Happy 7th Birthday.

Say goodbye to number 6 and jump to number 7. May your new age pave the way for a brighter future. With much love, I wish you a happy 7th birthday, enjoy your day.

Remember during this time that you are young, you need to have the most fun. When you get older, you can act bolder but for now, enjoy! Happy 7th Birthday my sweet grandson.

Our togetherness as a mother and son makes me feel there’s nothing we can’t push through, since your father’s demise you’ve been my everything. Happy 7th Birthday son. I love you.

On this wonderful day of your birthday, I pray to God that you get all the true happiness and unlimited pleasure that make your world bright. Happy 7th birthday.

On this day, may your heart grow bigger, your love grow stronger and your kindness be admirable. I love you dear, happy 7th birthday sweetheart!

Now that you are seven years old. I allow you to eat 7 times more cake than last year and have 7 times more presents because you deserve it. Happy birthday, kiddo!

Now that you are seven years old. I allow you to eat 7 times more cake than last year and have 7 times more presents because you deserve it. Happy birthday, kiddo!

Now I hope you’ll get ready to start flying to the place of destiny because you’re growing up really fast. Happy 7th Birthday. Stay blessed forever.

No one knows when our lives will end, but when we have it now, we must enjoy every day. I’m glad today a son of mine is a year older. Happy 7th Birthday.

No matter how many mirrors I could have broken the day you were born. These seven years could not have been any less than extremely lucky for me, and there is nothing anyone could have done to change it, and I will keep considering my years with you lucky, for as long as I live. Happy birthday my darling. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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