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Your smile brightens up my dull days, your strength and determination is admirable and your heart is the cleanest I have seen in a long time, my wish for you is that you may grow with these qualities and may you be the greatest man on this earth. Happy birthday kiddo!

Your birthday is just one day out of 365 days of the amazing journey. Travel it wisely. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

You’ll be amazing teenager…after few years! Ha, ha! Now you are my little boy who I love the most. Savor your birthday and childhood. Happy birthday!

You said you wanted to be a spider man in the future. I will always remind you of that even when you grow up. Happy Birthday kid. Enjoy flying.

You know what today is kids? It is a birthday and on birthdays we get to eat candy, dance and laugh! Is today the best day or what?

You gave the biggest gift of my life, that is fatherhood. Happy Birthday to one my lovely kids ever!

You are the only person to walk into my life and play a big role in it. You make me want to be better, and for that I thank you. I love you so much and wish you the best time ever as you celebrate your birthday.

You are the cutest and the sweetest child in the whole universe. Enjoy your special day, kid!

You are such a funny kid. You always want to make people smile and laugh. That makes you a really cool kid. Happy birthday. You are going to make millions of people smile as you get older.

You are small in size, but you don’t even realize how much power you have to change our lives, dear. May God bless you and keep you safe in every step. We love you so much. Have funny day, darling. Happy birthday!

You are same as your Bday cake… so sweet and cute!! happy Bday to my kids

You are nothing but the bundle of happiness and tons of joys. I wish your life fill with plenty of gratifications and success. Happy birthday my sweet baby.

You are my super hero who makes me feel lucky. Happy Birthday kid

You are my most adorable child who makes my life delightful. Your love is always thriving in the deeper layers of my heart. Happy birthday my child!

You are my lucky child; your arrival has transformed my world at every aspect. I wish you a very happy birthday, may your all dreams come true!

You are my cutest nephew as ever, your silly but innocently broken words, your cute laughter, your naughtiness, and your ostentatious are the reasons of my extreme happiness. I feel so much happy in your company. Happy birthday my baby!

You are my craziest and passionate child; your obsessions and inflexibility are on the peak. I wish you a very happy birthday and I love you a lot.

You are my best kiddo in the world; you always fill my life with extreme pleasure and satisfactions. I wish you all the best for your future and happy birthday!

You are as bright as the stars, as precious as the diamonds, and as beautiful as the flowers. We forget every mishap of life when we are with you. Happy birthday my cute child.

You are a very special child as you never let yourself get down and stand up to those that treat you wrong. Happy birthday my little friend. Go eat some cake.

You are a special kid; you make the people around you feel complete and whole. You are lovable and you will forever be in our hearts. Have a fabulous birthday and have fun.

You are a great kid and I hope you know that, you brighten my day with all that you do. I cannot imagine life without you. May you have a fantastic time as you celebrate this day my dear.

You are a great artist and a lot of creativity loaded inside you. I wish you a very happy birthday my great artistic child, May you fill your all colors in the lives of miserable people!

Whenever I spent my time with you, it would never be wasted, in fact, this is the best time of my whole day when I play with you. I wish you a very happy birthday my sweet kid!

What can I truly say on your birthday to make it even more spectacular. I am happy to be here and I promise to always be here, may you have a great birthday my dear.

"Today you have all the rights to eat more sweets and cakes and become more annoying.
May you have a delicious and partylicious birthday!"

Today is the only day when you can do anything of your choice. You can eat as many chocolates as much you want without any fear. You can have as much ice cream as you want. You can even sleep late on this special day. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

To a young girl, you are going to grow up to be a very beautiful, caring and smart woman when you get older. Remember there are plenty of boys but you want a man. Happy birthday. Don’t grow up to fast.

To a crazy group of kids, all of you have such a good natured heart it is absolutely amazing. It is my hope that you guys stay as friends even through all the tough times. Happy birthday!

This day is surely terrific, I get to be part of the birthday of an amazing kid and I surely hope that you enjoy this day with all the cake and sweets you can eat.

The sweetest greetings to the most adorable child on the planet! May your special day be filled with the moments of endless joy and fun!

The more you learn, the more you get, the more you get, the more you are capable of executing your dreams. So never stop learning and make your wishes fulfill. Happy birthday and enjoy to its fullest.

The life of a kid is awesome; they cause too much trouble that they barely remember anything the following day. Happy Birthday my special kid. Your troubles sometimes delight me. Keep it up.

The funny thing now is that you won’t remember all the hard work you’ve given me to do, but when you grow up, you’ll pay for these services. Nothing goes for nothing. Happy Birthday kid.

The first day you take your birthday, is painted my life with bright colors. You had decorated the empty wall of sadness with a color of happiness and joy. I love you a lot. Happy bday wishes to kids.

The biggest birthday greetings to my beloved kiddo! Today it’s your favorite day in the year. Hope you’ll get everything you want because you are exclusive boy. Love you. Happy birthday!

That was the best moment of my life when I gave a birth of a cute boy and I become a mom, then these moments turn to be more perfect when you start calling me mom with your broken words. I wish you a very happy birthday my one-year-old child.

So many kids are not like you, you have separated yourself in a way that defies expectation. You are going to be a very interesting person when you get older as you like to do things your own way. Happy birthday my friend.

Since the moment I laid my eyes on you I know you’d make me proud baby, you haven’t disappointed us, you are a blessing my child, enjoy your birthday sweetheart!

Seek for the stars and I believe you will reach the sky! Wish you all the nicest things on your birthday!

Play around as much as you can because this is your day! Sing loud as much as you can. Dance till your legs start hurting. Enjoy your time with your friends. Best Bday kiddo!

One day, God has gifted you with our life. You are the one who makes our life simpler and happier than ever. Happy Birthday to your kiddo and have a great day ahead.

Once a little bundle of joy and now a young dynamic kid! Happy Birthday, kid!

"On your special day there are so many people that must be thinking about you.
But we just want you to know that none of them can love you the way we do.
Happy Birthday, our little super star!"

On this special day, darling, I want to let you know that you are the most special boy. Stay awesome!

My heart is full of love because of you, dear. You’re a wonderful kid. Hope this birthday and all your childhood will be amazing. Kisses. Happy birthday!

My dear child, perfection never comes simultaneously; you always need to do lots of endless struggles to make your life perfect. I wish you a very happy birthday my coolest child!

My dear child, never lose hope from your failures, just try to derive some positivity from your failures as It gives new directions towards success. Happy birthday and enjoy your day!

My child is growing a year older, I love you baby and I look forward to eternity with you. You are a blessing to me and everyone else, have a grand day!

May you have a great birthday celebration and amazing year. You’re perfect boy and my sweet little best friend. Love you. Millions of kisses from your aunt! Happy birthday, my boy!

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