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Happy birthday to my dearest grandson, I wish you greater success that I never had and better achievements than that of your dad and I. enjoy your day boy.

I know you will be a great man someday grandson, I can see it in the courage, wit and bravery you show. You make me happy and I can only wish you the most amazing birthday ever. Do have fun my dear, you deserve the day.

I do not require any medicine, though I am very old. I need only you. You are my medicine for every pain. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my grandson.

Your mom got my eyes and your aunt got my nose. But you my dear grandson has gotten my heart, happy birthday from your loving family!

Your birth, Grandson, significantly changed our family! You were the welcome addition that we were missing! Your ability to improve the moods of everyone with your understanding presence is appreciated by all of us! Happy Birthday, Grandson!

You’re a brilliant, shining star, Grandson! I’m so glad you’re in my universe. Happy birthday!

You truly are a superstar. You are a champion and an MVP. Mostly though, you are like MVG – most valuable grandson!

You may be a messy and sometimes naught and loud teenager. But for us, you will forever be our adorable and cute grandson.

You are a brilliant and shining star, grandson. I am so glad that you came into my life, love you so much!

With having a very best grandson in the world, none of my colleagues will have to wish me a happy retirement!

With a grandson as huggable and cute like you, all our wrinkles are definitely worth it, happy 1st birthday grandson!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday my grandson, your obedience and intelligence show a positive impact on your personality.

Wishing my grandson the best of birthdays! May it stand out for you! May the company that you keep see you for who you really are and appreciate your presence! May you be free from worries, and remember to have fun, tonight!

When I hold you in my arms and make you sleep in my lap, these feelings are amazing, I just love you, my grandson. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

We have been so lucky in life, not just once, but twice. First, for giving us a daughter as lovely as your mom and then another when you were born, happy birthday to cutest grandson!

We came here today to wish the best of luck to our grandson,
we know you will have a bright future,
and you will find all of your real friends along the way!
Happy birthday!

We are sending heartfelt birthday wishes to my dear grandson. We hope that your life will be just like an open book and that this birthday of yours is where your story begins and the rest is still unwritten.

We all know that the grandson will once become an adult man, and the memories of his birthday will remain with him most likely for life. Therefore, you need to congratulate your grandson so that he remembers his big day for a long time.

Today is the day when you got even older than last year, oh how fast you’re growing up, it seems that just yesterday you were my little baby grandson, but now you’re a big boy! Happy birthday!

To My Special Grandson, Happy Birthday. You shine every way! I’m so proud of the amazing person you are, and hope this year brings you everything you’ve been wishing for. The sky’s the limit for you, today and always!

To my grandson, happy birthday. As you make a wish and blow out the candles, remember how much I love you, today and always!

To my grandson, happy birthday! Today is all about wonderful you! Wish big, smile bright, do all the things that makes you most happy. And always remember how much you mean to me!

To a grandson that acts so different, looks so different, talks differently. You are excellently different and you dad and I are always proud of you. Keep being unique, grow in grace boy!

Those oldies who dream of becoming young again probably don’t have a cute and adorable grandson like you!

There is so much that I want to say about a great grandson like you. But it would certainly take me awhile to finish. I just want to let you know how much you mean to me and I wish you will be happy on your birthday, I love you!

There is no other grandson in this world that can come close to your amazingness. Well after all, you are related to us!

There is finally someone in the family that is worth passing our genes into and that is you, our darling grandson, enjoy in this special day with heartfelt birthday wishes from grandma!

The moment you were brought into this world, I knew there and then that this heart of mine will love you until the day it stops beating. As you celebrate your birthday, know that you have decorated my life in such an astonishing way, my dearest grandson.

The moment you were born, we felt a love that had been missing from our lives. And with an amazing grandson like you, this love has only grown deeper every day! Happy birthday!

The last chapter of our lives is sure to be the finest and that is all because we have a grandson like you!

The grown-up child is already able to understand the meaning of the congratulatory words spoken. Don’t tire him of long pompous speeches. It is better if you say only a few beautiful birthday wishes to your beloved grandson or send him a message with greetings. Even a stubborn teenager will be happy to hear or read that he is loved and appreciated

The best moment in a grandparent’s life is when he needs to catch up to his grandson who often loves to run very fast. Best birthday, our dear grandson!

On your birthday grandson, I promise to spend time with you the whole day and make your birthday the best day ever! I love you my favorite grandson.

On this birthday of yours, let me present to you this special award 0 the best grandson in the world, ware it with proud!

Nothing makes me prouder than you being my grandson and me being your grandma/grandpa. Happy birthday.

No dish would be perfect without salt, even if it is a gourmet. In the same way, no family would be complete without having a grandson like you, enjoy in wonderful birthday today.

My love for you is as strong as your love of spaghetti. Happy birthday, dear grandson. In my eyes and even before pasta, you always come first.

My dear grandson, you are truly the coolest kid we know. You make us feel so young and lively and for that, we are so happy, enjoy your celebration with loving birthday wishes from your grandparents.

My dear grandson,
Today I want to wish you luck in your future,
Real friends and loving relationships,
because these things matter the most in life!
Happy birthday!

Most people will tell you that they wish they had stopped aging on their 18th birthday. Have fun making the rest of us jealous of your age. Happy birthday, dear grandson!

Most folks at my age will love to show off their golf kits. But me, I just love to show off my young and smart grandson, happy birthday to you young man.

It’s not that people can’t tell you what to do now that you’re an adult, it’s that you have to pay the full consequences of your decisions. Enjoy not having to listen to anyone, my grandson.

It’s amazing that my handsome grandson turns another age today; I hope this day turns out as you hoped. I love you little man. Happy birthday to you.

It is no secret that sometimes grandchildren are more beloved than children for grandparents. Therefore, on their grandson’s birthday they want to express all the love in warm words with all the heart!

In my eyes, you are a priceless jewel –one that I will treasure and protect until I expel my last breath on earth. Happy birthday, my dearest grandson.

If there’s one thing I want to do today, that is to give you a big, wide hug and to wish you a very wonderful birthday. I love my grandson!

I’m so glad I get to experience this milestone birthday celebration with you, my sweet grandson. Thank you for all the happiness you have given me through the years. Happy 21st.

I will forever be thankful to God for keeping me alive to experience the love of such a wonderful grandson like you. My dear, because of you, my life has become an extremely beautiful fairytale. Happy birthday.

I will always be here for you, whenever you need me and even when you don’t; I am here for you dear. Have a great birthday grandson.

I want to wish you a very happy birthday, my darling little grandson! For us, everything is brighter on your birthday.

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