Happy birthday wishes for Son from Dad

Your troubles will never swallow you for the Lord is your helper. Happy birthday to you son.

Your identity is unique, always remember that and never give out your unique identity so cheaply out because of what you see now. Your future is secured in God’s care. Happy birthday little man.

Your happy moments are mine too; your sad days are shred with me too but I pray that you will never live in sorrow even as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

Your dad and I couldn’t be prouder of you! We love you so much, our dear on

You’re growing so fast my boy, you don’t know how much being your father means to me; I’m a blessed man for I see my son growing into the man I know he is. Hearty Birthday!

You will always be the head and not the tail, for you are a chosen of the Lord. Fear not for God is with you. I join everyone to wish you a super birthday to you, young man.

You have not changed over time despite your new age, I still see the little boy who stole my heart at the hospital of his birth, it’s years after and I feel the same way.

You have been distinguished by God for unlimited breakthrough, enjoy and merry in this new age because you are going to cover so many new grounds that you could get to last year. Happy birthday to you.

You exhibit the trait of an alpha male just like your father and I wait patiently for you to attain full maturity, as of today, let’s celebrate because you are a year closer to achieving that feat.

You don’t know how happy you made me when I heard you say my name for the first time my son, “papa” will always be here for you. Hope to see you blow a million and one more candles.

You are the son I have always wanted and I know I can never be a happier man. Have the greatest birthday little man, I hope you grow to be a better man than I am.

You are the number one source of my happiness, son. There is no two ways about it. As you celebrate your birthday, I want you to know that fathering you was the best thing that I did with my life. Happiness overtakes my soul whenever I think of the wonderful person that you have grown up to become. Happy birthday, my joy, love, and pride.

You are the envy of every parent and I feel honored to be called your father, have a splendid life experience on your birthday and for years to come.

You are such a blessing to my world, I can laugh at the world when I see the greatness that is in you. Enjoy more of God’s care, happy birthday to you son.

You are now almost as old as I’m dear son, I hope our journey never ends and creates in us a new light. Have an enjoyable birthday and may you be a prouder father.

You are a valuable tresure to a parent, and I am proud to be your dad. I am wishing you a very great birthday and year full of happiness and peace

You added another year today son, I’m happy for you and proud to be the father of an intelligent and good mannered boy. Enjoy the rest of your day while it lasts.

With the appearance of the rainbow, the covenant of God with the earth is remembered, I pray for you today that with your birthday, each other passing day will be a day for heaven to remember that you are precious child. Happy birthday son.

With each bright day in this year you have just started, know that happiness is within your reach. From a father to son, I say happy birthday to you.

Whenever I look at you I see a picture of myself many years back as a growing young man, you have emulated my good virtues and neglected my excesses. Happy Birthday to an attentive son.

When you grow up and you reach father’s age, then you’ll know how much I love you, son!

Today on your birthday, I encourage you to cease every moment, reach for the highest heights, and take the greatest risks for they will lead you to plenty reward. Love always, from your father.

To whom much is given, more is expected. God has given you to me as a child and more is expected from me, so today as your father I want to relay my love to you by wishing you all the best things of life. Happy birthday to you, son.

Though I have set many records in my life, I had wished I will have a son that will smash them and set new one. In you I have found that son, as you add ONE more today, may you be enabled to set new records. Happy birthday son.

They say the greatest joy of being a father is seeing his son grow into a gentleman that will make him proud every day. I’m glad to say you have never disappointed us. Have a blessed birthday my boy.

There’s a special bond between a father and his son. We believe that it should be reflected in birthday wishes. These creative quotes to wish ‘Happy B-day, Son’ is exactly what a father needs.

The peace of God that is beyond human knowledge will continue to live and abide with you all the days of your life. You are my son, and today which marks your birthday gives me immense joy. Happy birthday to you.

The mercy of God was abundant on my life and that’s why he gave me a son like you. How better can I be thankful to God than wish you more grace on earth to fulfill your purpose on earth. Happy birthday to you, son.

The love I have for you as a father is far below the love of God on you, continue to live in love our Savior. Happy birthday to you son.

The love and peace of the Most High will always be with you in your coming and going. To the only prince of the house, daddy says “happy birthday”.

The Lord has promised that the plans he has for you are plans of good and not of evil to give you a hope and a future. Happy birthday son.

The God that blessed Solomon is the same God we serve and he will bless you until you become the household name on the lips of everyone. Happy birthday to you darling son.

The glory of the Lord is risen upon you so, arise and shine for your light has come. May nations come into your light and brightness of your dawn. Happy birthday to you man.

The blessings of the God will show forth in your life now and beyond in Jesus name. happy birthday to you, son.

The beauty of your life will never wither and fade away in your prime. The joy of a father in me is complete because I am alive to wish you once again happy birthday son.

Special Birthday tidings to an outstanding son on his birthday, we surely will spend some father and son time to discuss how the day unfolded. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Some sons are the shame of their fathers but you keep giving reasons to work harder at being a better man. On your Birthdays, I only picture how great you will become in life.

People are awed when they are loved; for all you have been to me son, I want to declare that in blessing God would bless you more than you can ever imagine. Happy blessing to you, dear son.

Only few people among the married lot are opportune to have a son and not all sons are worth the excitement, you have matched and surpassed my expectations and it’s nice celebrating your birth.

One thing is so sure and this is it; I will never forget your birthday just as heaven will never forget the day you were given over to me. I celebrate you little man. Happy birthday to you.

On this special day, may God grant you strong teeth you will use to chew your delicacy. Happy birthday son. May your light be rekindled and your lamp filled with oil.

My son, you can never be stranded neither can you be helpless because the Lord who is the ready available helper will reach out to you. Happy birthday to you son.

My inestimable treasure, my son, I wish you a year of bountiful harvest. Happy birthday to you.

My dear son, I want to make it known to you today that no eyes has seen what God is planning for you, no ear has heard and it hasn’t been conceived by any heart what God has in store for you. Happy birthday to you.

My dear son has not only grown taller in height and size, he has also achieved a lot of enviable achievements such as being a year older today.

More abundant grace will overflow into your life today because the heavens are open to you. May the heavens opened today never be shut against you. Happy birthday to you, son.

May your spirit, mind and body receive grace to function more in this new year you are entering into to today. Happy birthday to you.

May your life be decorated more than the cake readily available now to celebrate your birthday. May the lights of your life glow more than those of the candles. Happy birthday to you son.

May your expectations and aspirations never be cut short as you add another year today, you have been a source of joy to me and your mother and we are extremely happy we have a son.

May the purpose of your existence be made known to you quickly, may you find your purpose and fulfill it. Happy birthday to you son.

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