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This year on your birthday I am so grateful that you’ve grown into such a bright and capable young man. It is such a comfort to know that whatever life throws your way you will always be able to handle it.

Today Is your birthday night you young Man. We will dance the whole and make shake the dance floor. Happy birthday Dancing King!!

Dear young man, you will have many different encounters in life which will show you something different at all times. But don’t ever forget to have a smile on your face as you will want to stay happy. Happy Birthday!

I was ready to kiss some frogs in my life, but then I found the prince himself! Happy Birthday!

My handsome man, every year gives you more attractiveness and charm. Believe me, I go crazy about you. It’s a perfect feeling to know you are mine. Love you, my sexy man. Happy birthday!

Even though I couldn’t have you as my lover, you touched every aspect of my life and made me miss you so much like a thirsty man misses water. Happy Birthday lady. Love you.

"My wife, my darling

My sweetheart, my love

You are my angel

Sent from the heavens above

My baby, my munchkin

My honey, my sugarplum

You have always been

My best chum

My happiness, my joy

My ultimate bliss

Let me wish you

Happy birthday with a kiss"

I still do miss you, which is the downright truth of things, I still do, so happy birthday ex-wife.

You will forever remain a diamond in my eyes, flawless and priceless. I hope you enjoy your birthday my ex-wife, blow out those candles with a beautiful wish in your heart.


Are you sure you want to spend your b-day with me? You are not joking? Hope you know how crazy sometimes I can be. But, don’t be scary now! We’ll have a perfect time because you have wonderful wife. Happy birthday, my love!

As my life partner, you are the captain of my ship. As a lover, you are my soul mate. As a friend, you are my BFF. As my husband, you are my eye candy. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a phenomenal husband who despite the fact that having kids has over the years ruined my body still thinks I’m sexier than Kim Kardashian!

Happy birthday to my darling husband. Every birthday we celebrate makes grey hairs, blurry visions, and uncontrollable peeing not look so bad. Here’s to growing old together! I love you!

I’m glad our love has reached a point where we don’t have to hold our farts in any longer in front of each other! Have a super duper happy birthday, my dearest hubby!

"Happy birthday to my passionate,
and ever loving soulmate.
You have bewitched my heart,
from the very first day.
Whereas no other, handsome or smart,
could win me in any way.
Was it your eyes,
that rooted me to your soul?
Or was it your voice,
that makes me alive and whole?
Perhaps it’s everything about you,
that makes me feel the way I do!
Happy birthday once again my husband!"

"You fill my life with love
understanding and tenderness
and it means so much to share
all these things with you.

You’re a wonderful Husband and
I love you, more than words can say."

I can never forget the fact that my life once belonged to you, I hope you’ll enjoy your new day and New Year as it starts today. Happy birthday ex-husband, May you be blessed.

We would have make it work, but the effort was only coming from me, which is not good. I hope you’ll realize this soon enough to change your ways. Happy Birthday Ex-husband.

You are a good man, it was hard to let you go but it was harder to stay with you. I have been with you and I know how important this day is to you, so happy birthday my ex-husband. Cheers.

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