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"You do so much to show you care
You're always there for me;
As I recall you've always been
The best that you can be.
So for this, your birthday
And every day, without end
I'd like to let you know
That you're a truly special friend
Have a wonderful birthday "

"Ιf I knew yοu and you Κnew me,
If bοth of us cοuld clearly see,
Αnd with an Ιnner sight divine,
Τhe meaning of yοur heart and Μine.
Ι am sure Τhat we wοuld differ less,
Αnd clasp our Ηands in friendliness.
Our Τhoughts would pleasantly Αgree,
Ιf I knew yοu and you Κnew me.
Ι am sο glad we Κnow each other.
Ηappy birthday Friend.


One! Two! Three! Four! Teacher waiting at the door, run to school and don’t be late. Don’t ever miss school for anything darling. It will shape your future. Happy 4th birthday son. Stay blessed.

Never worry about anything; I am at your back. Have an amazing 6th birthday, my sweet brother.

My friends and my classmates are my treasure and you are one of them. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Thank you for making my days bearable, you are a good classmate and an even better friend. I hope our friendship lasts forever.

To the greatest comedian of all time in my school, your comic style is greatly appreciated and loved by everyone. Keep making us laugh. Happy Birthday Classmate.

We are far apart from each other but still, we are good friends. Though, we both believe that true friendship never needs long conversations, regular sitting, and togetherness. Happy Birthday, dear.

Happy birthday! Whether you are your reliable, patient, devoted or well-grounded self, you are so much more than a good Taurus. You're a great one! The best kind of Taurus.

Out of all the people I know born under the sign of Taurus, you're the tops. I guess that's why you make me love you so much, so easily. Happy birthday!

Tonight, the stars are aligned so perfectly, just like the day you were born! Happy birthday to my favorite Taurus!

Gemini people are easily misunderstood and they really don’t do themselves any favors by the way they handle such misunderstanding. In many case you expect the world to understand you and you really don’t want to put in too much effort in understanding the world.

It makes sense that Geminis need excitement, variety and passion. That's what you need and, better yet, provide to everyone you know and love. I'm just glad that you take me along on your many exciting trips to the unknown. Happy birthday, my favorite Gemini!

Today, when I look to the sky, I can see that the stars are completely aligned for greatness, just like when you entered this world! Happy birthday to the world's greatest Gemini!

You always offer me your helping and trustworthy hand when I am in a difficult situation. I am lucky to have a Virgo friend in my life. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

You’re my favorite Virgo! It’s a pleasure to be in your presence: you are so welcoming and the things we do together are so amazing!

You are so good at tolerating criticism. This is only because you were born Libra.

Today on your birthday, I want to tell you that I love you, I respect you, I care for you, and I will always pray for you. Wishing you nothing but the best. Happy Birthday, Dear Scorpion!

May 29 be the year of great things, great changes and proud paths. Have fun my dear you are an awesome friend and an important addition to my life!

You are my joy, my treasure, my greatest gift of life! Happy birthday, baby!

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