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"You’re the greatest brother to have around,
You make me laugh; you make me proud.
When I feel down, you help me up,
I know that you aren’t my brother because of some mix-up
I love you, you see
So happy birthday, to you from me. "

"You're there for me
A better brother you Couldn't be
The bond we share
Will always be strong
In my eyes brother
You can do no wrong
Wishing You Wonderful Happy Birthday!!"

"You're the most mischievous person I have ever known,
I know you so well, for together we have grown.
You mean so much to me that words can never say,
Please never ever forget me, dear brother, this is what I always pray.
Happy Birthday to you. "

"You're not just my brother,
but also my friend.
This birthday with you,
I'm excited to spend.

There's just a few things,
my heart needs to say.
Wish you a beautiful life,
with each passing day.

Whenever I needed you,
you've always been there.
Amongst our differences,
you knew how to care.

We've shared happy moments,
and even some tears.
I'm really grateful,
for all of those years.

It's not just a birthday,
it's clearly much more.
We'll celebrate you,
who I truly adore.

You're not just my brother,
but also my friend.
My love and my thoughts,
with joy I extend."

"You are the ideal brother

My perfect fit

With any other person

I wouldn’t have survived one bit

We are the perfect sibling pair

No two people can have a bond so strong

Nothing can ever keep us apart

Because in your life, my happiness belongs

Happy birthday"

"You are the best brother in the universe. Your smile is unique, you are the cutest and you have such a great heart. Helping other people is all what you do and that is why I
want you to have the best birthday

"You and I are never the same,
Its life that has to be put to blame,
But, still there is a connection of sought,
I wish well for you from my each thought,
That is the magic of having you in my life,
You have taught me the value of strive,
I love you brother,
There is no one like you or other,
Wishing you a very happy birthday,
Stay blessed!"

"You and I

Are like bread and butter

Always stuck to

One another

You and I

Are like salt and pepper

Wherever we go

We are together

You and I

Can’t do without each other

The best pair

Of a brother and sister

Happy birthday bro"

"Whether I’ve stepped on you

Or pulled you up for no reason

Whether I’ve yelled at you

Or without you, had some fun

Whether I’ve used your things

Or got you into trouble

Whether I’ve fought with you

Or treated you as less special

Despite all the petty fights, I want you

To know that you will always be

My little brother

Who is just too dear to me

Happy birthday"

"When we used to argue,
And have a fight,
Sometimes I was wrong,
And you were right.
We used to pick fault,
And annoy each other,
But that’s the whole point,
Of having a brother/
Happy Birthday!"

"We traded toys for candy,
and chased around the house
looking for spots to hide in
till mother kicked us out.
You teased me about my freckles
I stole your dinosaurs.
Under my breath I’d chuckle
as you searched the house for hours.
Some things they may be changing
with the passing years
but you’ll always be my brother
and together we are quite the pair!
Happy Birthday Brother!"

"We are poles apart as people

But as brothers we are the same

It’s because we have a special bond

Not just because of a common last name

We may have different choices

But our voice is unanimous

Irrespective of our differences

It is never about you or me, always us

No matter how rigorously we

Disagree on petty issues

Whenever you need me

You know I will be there for you

Happy birthday"

"We are connected

Not just because of biology

In spite of being siblings

There is another analogy

In each other, we both

Seek support and strength

To bail one another out

We will go to any length

It’s almost as if we have

The same line of thought

Bro, I want to proudly say

That I love you a lot

Happy birthday

2) You may be just one person

But many entities for me

From a trusted advisor

To my best buddy

You are one individual

But you encompass my universe

Without you, dear bro

My life would be a curse

Happy birthday"

"Watching shows on TV

Is no fun without you

When you’re not around

I miss the way we argue

Beating your score in a game

Has always made me day

But I’ve been missing that

Since the time you’ve been away

All our memories as brothers

On your birthday, as I recall

I realize it’s because of you

That my life has been such a ball

Happy birthday"

"Today you turned a year older
As daunting this seems,
I wish your day is as awesome
as you
I may not be there with you in
But I am with you in spirit
With that, happy birthday brother"

"Today there is something special in the air

Something extraordinary and beyond compare

Because today is my brother’s birthday

Who is special to me in every way

His presence in my life means the world to me

Pain or suffering in his life, I can never see

Like the undying and eternal sun’s rays

I will be there for him, forever and always

Happy birthday"

"Today is a special day for sure,
Something in store for you,
I may not tell you verbally,
Because it has to be new,
Yes, it's your party bro,
So, wishing a very happy birthday to you,
Be the way you are in life,
With all that smiles and little strive,
Have a nice day!"

"To my dearest brother,
My friend for life
I hope this day is all you deserve
Because it is from you that much I have learned
We’ve been through a lot
Side by side
Thanks for being there along for the ride"

"To a very dear BROTHER
These greetings are sent
And the wishes they bring
Are each lovingly meant,
For good luck and pleasure
In all that you do
And more Birthday gladness
Than you ever knew."

"To a special Brother on your Birthday

You're thought of with affection
now your special day is here
Though Thoughts of you are full of warmth
Each day throughout the year

For when it comes to Brothers
you are the special kind
and every word inside this card
Is wished with you in mind.

So when you read this birthday card
that'sbeing sent your way
may it just remind you
that you're special every day."

"Through thick or thin

May you always win

Through storm or calm

May my love be your healing balm

Through night or day

With one another, may we always stay

Through grief or joy

May you breeze through, birthday boy

Happy birthday bro"

"This birthday card I send Is as warm as it can be
I think you are so special And you mean so much to me.
I'm sending you my love and best wishes your way
Hoping that your birthday Is a very special day my brother.
Happy Birthday !"

"The reason my childhood memories

Are so perfect and pristine

The reason why happy and joyful

My childhood has been

The reason why I’ve never had

Trouble growing up in life

The reason I’ve not faced

Too much teenage strife

Is because I have had

A wonderful brother like you

Who has not just given me happiness

But unconditional love too

Happy birthday bro"

"The one person I trust in life,
Through all my struggles and strive,
It's you my loving bro,
I just have a word thanks to give,
And, I wish to relive,
My next birth with you,
Because people like you are few,
Happy birthday to you,
Have a lovely day so new!"

"Still remember those arguments,
The way you used to pretend,
Still remember those stupid reasons,
The tiffs of every season,
But that is all a part of life,
Without you I cannot suffice,
Coz I love you a lot,
Happy birthday bro,
Stay blessed and keep smiling!"

"Sometimes you nag me like a mother

Sometimes I dislike your blabber

Sometimes you tell me off like a father

Sometimes I like hanging out together

Sometimes you counsel me like a sister

Sometimes I hate that you are so clever

Sometimes I see you as my life’s treasure

Happy birthday, to my all-in-one brother"

"Sometimes we fight; sometimes we bicker
But I want you know, it’s all playful anger
I want you to know I love you forever,
No matter whose stronger or bigger
So have a happy birthday,
From me to you, because we’re here to stay "

"Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like without you
I would have had less bruises
Less tears
Less pranks
Not as many fights throughout the years
No memories of mud fights
Or chasing nighttime lightning bugs
Definitely not as many hugs
Brother I love you
And even though sometimes you make me worn
I couldn’t imagine a life where you were never born!
Happy Birthday!"

"Some people say that we are the same

Some people say that we are different

Regardless of what anyone has to say

We are blood brothers, and that is permanent

Some people say that we fight a lot

Some people say that we constantly argue

But despite the drama we eventually patch up

Unbreakable, is the bond between me and you

Happy birthday brother"

"So many fights we had with time,
I was embarrassed a lot because of you,
But those are all memories so old,
Let's talk about something new,
You have changed a lot with time,
And, now, I am proud to call you mine,
Hey bro...I love you a lot,
Happy birthday to you,
Have a nice day!"

"Since today is your birthday
I hope it is as extra special like you
I hope it is a nice day outside, that
your cake is perfect,
And everything is going your way
I hope your birthday is great brother"

"Respect rises up so far abov
The pettiness of separate view
Differences bow b4 a luv
And friendship tht iz blood-bound, too.
You r my brother and I love you!!!

Happy Birthday"

"Prepare for puberty!
As your elder brother,
it is my duty to warn you
of the perils coming your way.
Girls aren’t quite scary –
just do your best to think with your brain.
Embrace the breaking voice
since they think it’s endearing.
And if you ever need help
remember: I went through it and survived.
Happy birthday, little brother!"

"Our silly fights can take a break today.
Our petty arguments can call it a day.
There is much to cheer about today.
My dear Bro: happy birthday."

"No matter how much we fight

Or stop talking to each other for days

To show our love for one another

We both have our own ways

No matter how much we argue

Or yell, throw tantrums and bicker

We both know that we will

Always be there for each other

Happy birthday bro"

"Naughty, wild and unruly

My childhood’s dominant memory

Wisdom, counsel and guidance

Overarching my adolescence

The struggles that we withstood

Underlined all of my adulthood

My life turning out as a happy journey

Without you, a sheer impossibility

Happy birthday bro"

My lovely and wonderful brother,I canstill vividly remember all your pranks. I enjoyed every moment with you and even the pranks. I wish you all the best in life this new year.

"May success kiss you every time.
May health keep you fit every day.
May love make its presence every minute.
And may happiness engulf you every second.
Happy birthday to my dearest brother!"

"Looking up at you, I can’t help but think how that could be me 5 years from now.
I move towards your present, to give it to you because today is your birthday
And I want you to know that I look up to you, with all of my heart and all of your height.
Today is your birthday, I started to cry; you were another year older and I still another year shy of being
a big boy just like you.
Happy birthday big brother you are always by my side."

"Little brothers are like flowers

With praise, you need to give them a shower

They require constant care

And for them, you always need to be there

Little bro, you are my precious one

Today for you, I have planned a lot of fun

As you turn a year older

I wish you a happy birthday my little soldier"

"Life has taken us different ways,
But our memories still light up my world like the sun's rays.
I have promised myself today
I will never again give you a chance to say
That we have been apart for long.
Until we meet, I sing this song:
'Happy birthday to you.'
Dear Brother, I miss you."

"Kick off ur shoes,take a break,
Crank the tunes,
Dance & Shake,
light the candles,cut the cake .

Make ita a day, that's simply Great!!!

Happy B'Day Bro.."

"It’s your birthday!
You’ve been reminding us
for weeks
and the day is finally here!
It’s time to tear open presents
and eat cake
until your stomach hurts.
Today is all about you,
little brother,
so I hope you like your gifts
and you are happy
from sunup to sundown."

"It’s hard to find the perfect gift
For the perfect brother
Whose constant love and support
Are always like no other
But as you celebrate your day
And grow another year
Know my love extends beyond today
And that I always will be here "

"it's double scoops of fun having a bro like u,
beacuse u r a best friend & brother all in 1
happy birthday my sweet brother."

"it's double scoops of fun
having a bro like you
coz you're a best friend
and brother
all in ONE

Happy Birthday"

"It takes wonderful things
To make a brother like u
Generosity and kindness
You're really very special
I want you to know my feelings


"It is your birthday

I cannot wait to say

How awesome I think you are

My little shining star

You are a bundle of joy

Like a cute and cuddly toy

I love you, my little bro

Is what I want you to know

Happy birthday"

"In soft gleaming night of stars,
May all ur dreams come true.
May every star of every night,
Bring love & joy to u.
Happy Birthday to u my dear brother. "

"In life, to seek help from others

I’ve never had the opportunity

And for that I consider

Myself to be very lucky

The reason for it being

That with a brother like you around

I’ve had all the advice I could ever need

To make my life happy and sound

Happy birthday bro"

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