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"I wouldn’t be able to make do

Without guidance from you

I wouldn’t be able to see

What life had in store for me

If you had not been around

My life wouldn’t have been sound

Thanks for always watching over me

Successful, I always want you to be

Happy birthday bro"

"I think I’m very lucky,
To have you for my brother,
I think that I must have the best,
You’re not like any other.
We share happy childhood memories
And had good times together
No matter what life brings us
You are my brother forever
Happy Birthday"

"I remember, little brother,
how we used to play
outside dressed in our raincoats
jumping puddles half the day.
And now you are one year older
and it seems to me
that raincoats are not as brightly colored as they used to be.
But your face still has that parlour
of a boy who’s taken sail
on the winds of imagination
come wind, come rain or hail!
Happy Birthday Brother!"

"I remember the cakes mom used to
The colorful frosting and the
different designs
That coordinated with each
theme to every party
I might not have baked you a cake
nor can I come visit you on this day
But happy birthday brother"

"I remember a time when we were always together
Before the day you moved away.
Despite being separated from one another,
I still have tears in my eyes when I say:
I will miss our childhood forever.
I wish you were by my side today.
To my distant brother:
Happy birthday."

"I promise to keep all your secrets,
If you promise me a small little treat.
It is an offer you will not regret,
If I open my mouth you can make me dead meat.
Happy Birthday dear brother!"

"I know it's your birthday,
there's no need to remind.
The gift that I got you,
was not easy to find.

It's not totally elegant,
but it's not totally trash.
There was a hole in my pocket,
so I was a bit short on cash.

But since you're my brother,
I'm sure you'll understand.
Don't mind the style,
or mysterious brand.

Let me be honest,
it's just slightly used.
You better accept it,
I won't be refused.

Am I dragging this poem?
You must be real curious.
But once you see it,
I'm sure you'll be furious.

I know it's your birthday,
there's no need to remind.
This empty box filled with love,
I officially signed."

"I have always thought that I

Would have to look after you

Since I am the older brother

I would have to pamper you too

But as we grew up I noticed

That the opposite was happening

You were the one who was

Doing all the pampering

I feel a sense of pride

To see you all grown up this way

May you outgrow me in every manner

Is my wish on your birthday

Happy birthday"

"I have always had

The undying temptation

To imitate your way of life

Since you are such an inspiration

I have always seen in you

Stuff that others couldn’t, so unique

Tips and advice from you

Is what I constantly seek

I hope you see how special

To me, you really are

Bro, you are my idol

You are my life’s superstar

Happy birthday"

"I feel blessed to have a little brother like you,
And your face is always fresh and pure like early morning dew.
This birthday I promise you a great gift,
To make you happy and let your spirits lift.
I adore you just the way you look up to me,
Our bondage and love is for all to see..."

"I don't know how to thank you for all that you have done.
Maybe the awesome gift I've got for you is step number one.
Don't thank me, because you deserve every bit.
I just hope that you like it."

"I am thankful to my God
Who gave so caring Brother
Who is always there to love me,guide me & above all..
To make me happy.
Love u Brother.


"Happy birthday, from me to you
This is your special day, you know it true.
When I think about you, I think of all the memories,
All the great memories that we had together—I know you’ll agree "

"Happy birthday,
I wish you today,
words from my heart,
that I'd like to convey.

You are my brother,
and I'm really glad.
Both interesting and smart,
allow me to add.

Happy birthday,
thanks for your smile.
It fits in perfectly,
with your warm friendly style.

Hope you enjoy,
all the gifts you receive.
In your biggest dreams,
I truly believe.

Happy birthday,
One more sweet thought.
You are my brother,
and I love you a lot!"

"Happy birthday to the father figure in my life. I respect you, Bro.
When I wish for you,
I wish well for you.
When I pray for you,
I pray the world for you.
When I hope for you,
I hope the best for you.
When I think of you,
I realize how lucky I am to have a brother like you."

"Happy Birthday Brother
You're someone who means a lot
and always will
And because you're
thought so much of, you deserve
the very best things in life.

You're such a dear brother
so this comes with the best of wishes
for a Birthday filled with happiness
and a very special year ahead."

"Happy birthday
My dear brother and best of friends
You’ve given me joy and chances on whims
You’ve taught me much
And I’ve learned as such
So enjoy this day that is most special of all
And know
I’ll always be there when you call"

"From the time we were babies
You were always special
You walk with a swing in your step
And your chin held high
I love that about you
You are, no question, one of a kind
That will never change
Just like my love for you will always remain
Another year has gone
And I know you’re celebrating
Let’s toast to you, all all your quirks!
Happy birthday brother!"

"From the day I helped

Mom to change your nappy

I knew you would

Make me nothing but happy

From the day I taught

You how to walk

I knew you would

Make my life rock

I feel nostalgic as we

Celebrate your birthday

I am so proud of you bro

Is all I want to say

Happy birthday"

"From the day I first met you up until now, I haven’t told you how much mean to me.
You are my brother this is true, there is none like me and you.
But today is your birthday so I want you to know that despite all our differences,
You are my best friend.
Happy birthday little brother."

"Fighting, biting and scratching, our childhood went by,
I will always love you even if you keep making me cry,
This goes, to a brother whom I love the most,
On your birthday, to our friendship, here's a toast!
Happy Birthday. Cheers! Have a terrific day."

"Fathers stand for beer,
Mothers stand for wine,
But brothers are for cheer;
That's why life is so fine."

"Every time when mom and dad couldn’t see

The point I was trying to make

I knew you would understand me

And the things I was about to undertake

It’s true, I owe you a lifelong debt

For all the support, and being my life’s canopy

As a brother, you have gone above and beyond

You are the angel who has always looked out for me

Happy birthday"

"Dearest bro,
You were always too slow.
Lucky I was there all the time
To help you learn how to shine.
All these years of hard work,
I did my brotherly duties without a shirk.
Say what you may,
I have been there for you day after day.
Happy birthday.
P.S. You know this is not true,
And I love you."

"Dear little bro

You are such a pro

At winning my heart

And making me miss you when we are apart

I will always love you

And you better love me back too

May things between us always be this way

Is what I wish on your birthday today

Happy birthday"

"Dear brother…

No matter how much others applaud

I can never feel happy until I get your nod

No matter how much praise others shower

Only I know the secret source of my real power

Which is how you have stood by me, always

And paved the way for many a happy days

Thanks for showing me brotherly love

You are an angle sent from the heavens above

Happy birthday"

"dear brother
no matter
where you are!
I want you to know you're special to us
and will always be in our thoughts!

Happy Birthday Brother. ."

"Dear Brother
It's more than ""Hapy Birthday""
This message wishes you –
It brings a wish for pleasure
For now and always, too,
And for good health and fortune,
Good friends to keep you glad,
And make each year before you
The best you've ever had!"

"Dear Brother
I can’t believe it’s your birthday today
You’ve grown up so much
Even since I’ve been away
I couldn’t be prouder
Of my little brother
Of all your accomplishments
I’d never want another
Happy Birthday My wonderful sibling
Heres to another year, and lots of new beginnings"

"dear brother
no matter
where you are!
I want you to know you're special to us
and will always be in our thoughts!

Happy Birthday Brother. ."

"Coming home from school everyday

Saying anything that I wanted to say

Playing outside in the sun all day long

Learning from you, how to be strong

Bonding with you as if we were best friends

Fighting and arguing with you to no end

Aspiring to be like you when I have grown

Looking up to you as the best bro I’d known

These are all the wonderful memories

That have shaped my life’s destiny

For such an amazing ride, I thank you

For giving me life’s best possible view

Happy birthday bro"

"Brothers are special
They’re one of a kind
And good ones are rare
Even harder to find
But I guess that I’m lucky
Because I have you
Who’s funny and smart
And talented too
Happy Birthday, dear brother
Happy Birthday to you
May your successes be many
And your failures be few "

"Brothers are always there
They never let you down
They’ll always keep you smiling
Even when you want to frown
They’re the bond
That is unbroken
They’re the strength
That is unspoken
You never want them to leave
But you always want them to stay
So Happy Birthday for this year
And many happy future days "

"Brothers and sisters

Are like black and white

Complete opposites

Who always fight

But at the end of the day

They come together

Because they are incomplete

Without each other

Happy birthday"

"Brother, you are funny and kind,
Sometimes I feel you are out of your mind.
But you are my only brother,
And the favorite of me and our mother.
Bro, it's your birthday today,
And you are going to be surprised in every way."

I love you more than words can say
But I wanted to tell you again
On your special day
I love you more than chocolate cake
More than bright summer days
More than all the money I could take
I’ll love you forever and I’m glad that you’re here
Let’s celebrate you today and another year!"

"Bro, you are the umbrella

That shields me from hail, sun and rain

You are the healer

Who helps me deal with life’s pain

To me, you are more than just a brother

You are also my best friend

Thanks for your selfless love and affection

To which, there seems to be no end

Happy birthday"

"Because of you

My childhood was a blast

Because of you

My life has had such a wonderful past

Because of you

I have memories that will last

Because of you

The happiness in my life is so vast

Happy birthday little brother

You are growing up fast"

"As you turn a year older

As you get a bit wiser

Smile, and say cheese

So that I can freeze

Yet another memory

In our life’s awesome story

Not just as brothers

But mates, unlike any other

Happy birthday"

"As my older brother,
you have shown me the ways
and how to stand up to bullies
and never show the pain.
You taught me how to drive a car
and when to shift the gears
you watched me get my licence
and tried to hide the tears.
You growled at my boyfriends
to keep them on their toes,
and waited up till curfew
to make sure I got home.
You’re still my big brother
and this will never change
no matter where we live
and no matter how we age!
Happy Birthday Brother!"

"Another birthday is here
For my brother so dear
So I want to remind you
Of all that you do
All of your wonderfulness
And your amazing progress
Is celebrated today
Because it’s your birthday
I love you so much
And you know as such
Happy Birthday from your sister
Here you go, Mister."

"All of our differences are aside today, it is your birthday it’s practically here.
All blessings with presents and lots of good cheer.
You are my dear brother despite all our fears, I’m sorry I’ve dissed you all of these years.
Today is your birthday and I want you to know that I love you all in between.
Happy birthday sweet brother, and your nothing but swell."

"A wonderful birthday,
I'm hoping to share.
With a loving sweet brother,
that's unique and rare.

He lives life joyfully,
with a smile so wide.
I know I can always,
trust and confide.

This birthday of his,
is not about age.
He's free to turn,
his path and his page.

Nor on time itself,
it does not depend.
To the love in his heart,
there's never an end.

Since he is my brother,
my fortune is great.
Our paths intersect,
and so does our fate.

Many more wonderful years,
on this earth we shall spend,
and simple birthday wishes,
through my heart I shall send."

"A pillar of strength I have always known of,
Your presence has always mine dwarfed.
Younger are you to me,
But your love is deeper so I can see.
My little brother, your birthday,
Is a special one to be celebrated in every glorious way.
Happy Birthday Brother!"

"A brother like you is hard to find,
You have been both naughty and kind,
But, you always supported me throughout,
You would run to me at every shout,
Life has been easy with your company,
I feel really blessed,
Because of you I feel no stress,
Happy birthday brother,
Stay blessed!"

"A brother holds your hand as kids,
Is there through thick and thin,
Picks you up in times of trouble,
And cheers you when you win.
The bond we share is very strong,
In fact there is no other,
In my eyes you do no wrong,
Because you are my brother.
Happy Birthday"

"A brother as nice as you,
Can only be a gift of God so true.
You have always been there for me,
And today is my turn to surprise you and see..
A birthday this special is only meant
For brothers like you that are God sent."

"A birthday with sunshine,
I hope that you feel.
May all of your wishes,
come true and be real.

With a brother like you,
my life has been blessed.
Enjoy your new age.
and begin a new quest.

Remember those times,
we both played outside.
They're dear to my mind,
in my heart they reside.

We'll always be kids,
in the passage of time.
May your birthday today,
be truly sublime.

My gift is our bond,
we'll always be close.
I love you so much,
and I hope that it shows.

A birthday with sunshine,
I hope that you feel.
You bring warmth to my heart,
and I know that it's real."

" Is it strange that sometimes I hate you

From the bottom of my heart

And sometimes I love you, as if

We have been BFFs from the start

Forgive me for all the times

My anger gets the better of me

There is nothing but brotherly love

In my heart for you, I hope you can see

Happy birthday bro"

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