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"Your birthday should be made

Aunt’s Day officially

For you, are the best aunt

That can ever be

I am going to give

Sweet treats to many people

As a tribute from me

To an aunt so lovable

Happy birthday"

"You`re a very special Aunt
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day
So these wishes that are sent
Are filled with happiness & love too.
Together with happy wishes
For today and you’re whole life through"

"You were my favorite family
member growing up
The one I could tell everything
and anything to
Without any judgements
Although you are another year
You still look the same as I was five
Happy birthday, my favorite aunt"

"You made me,
Who I am today,
I hope I make you,
Proud in every way,
Happy Birthday Dear Aunt !
A wish for every
little thing
your heart desires
and every
big thing too!

Happy Birthday"

"You are the coolest aunt around

With you I love going around town

You are just like my best buddy

Lots of fun and immensely funny

I hope your birthday turns out to be as amazing as you

Here are a birthday wishes from your favorite nephew"

"You are my agony aunt

In the true sense

I can call you any time

To discuss anything intense

Even if I feel like

Laughing for no reason

The person I would call

Dear aunt, you are the one

Happy birthday


"you are like a mother to me and
you treat me like your child.
I couldn’t have wished for a better
aunt. Happy birthday sweet aunt"

"You are an aunt

Beyond compare

In front of you I can

Lay my heart bare

You know me inside out

You are my confidante

That’s why I always claim

To have the world’s best aunt

Happy birthday"

"You are a special Aunty
No other can compare
youre always been there for me
youre always been wise and fair,
so this birthday card is sent to you
which is full of love and best wishes
to hope your day is special
till your special day finishes."

"You are a special auntie,
Like a sister or a friend,
Somebody I can turn to,
When my world feels at an end.
You’re like a second mother,
I’m very glad you’re there,
You always have the time for me,
And show me that you care.
Happy Birthday!"

"You are a special Auntie
You take time to talk to me
And play with me
And listen to my stories
I’m so glad you’re my Auntie
Thank you for being you."

"Without an aunt like you and a niece like me

Boring, is what someone would call our family

You have always been my best companion

And the heartbeat of every family reunion

You are less of an aunt and more of a friend

Lots of hugs and kisses to you I send

Happy birthday"

"With a loving aunt whose so sweet
And different ways to meet and great
An aunt who always spreads the smile
Not for a day but all the while
My aunt you know you are the best
In everything that you do
You really have no clue
That I so love you
On your special day today
Wish you an amazing birthday
God bless you!"

"Who needs amusement parks

Who needs a garden

Who needs a play area

Who needs toys for fun

Who needs cartoons on TV

Who needs games that are new

Who needs teddy bears

When they have an aunt like you

Happy birthday"

"When mum is angry with me, you
are my advocate. When there is no
money from home. Your call
comes in. You are always available
when I need you most. Happy
birthday dearest aunt."

"When I get good grades in school

You are the first person to know

When I get a new dress

You are the first one I want to show

When I achieve something

You are the first to hear about the same

When I feel a sense of euphoria

What comes to mind is your name

When I face a difficulty

I try to think how you would advise

When I am down in the dumps

I rejuvenate thinking of our memories so nice

In summary this simply means

That everything I say and do

Everything I feel and think

Is somehow linked to you

Happy birthday aunt"

"When I am down and out

When I am full of doubt

There is only one person who can calm me

And make me feel carefree

That special person my dear aunt, is you

As you welcome a year new

I wish you the very best of things

Happy birthday, may all your dreams get wings

Poem I

Oh my aunty dear

I gonna make it clear,

You may not live near

But always my dear

Aunt you are.

How happily today I say:

Have a happy birthday!"

"Today is an exceptional day
because my wonderful aunt
is celebrating her birthday.
Your top fan and nephew
hopes your day is terrific!
Happy Birthday, Auntie!!!"

"To think of all the happiness
That you`ve treasured and known
Of all the warmand happy smiles
And thoughtfulness you’ve shown
So when you think of us Auntie
And we know you often do
Just remember that we are all……
Always thinking of You.
You deserve the best in life, whether it is a top notch promotion at your job, luxurious holiday, beautiful apartment, cool car or an awesome nephew like me. Happy birthday aunt."

"To the aunt who never doubted me,
who stood up for me,
and taught me all she could;
to the aunt that loved me
and never was embarrassed
by the things I did or said;
for the aunt who gave me everything,
I wish the happiest of birthdays for you."

"To my dearest aunt…

Family gatherings

Would be so boring

If not for you

I would be yawning

Family portraits

Would look so empty

Without your presence

Pictures would be dreary

If not for our memories

There would be no nostalgia

Life would be colorless

In monotone sepia

Happy birthday"

"To my dear Aunt today

A lovely gift I brought

For your birthday

I wrapped it in a new

Glossy packet and a card

Which says I love you

To God I’m going to pray

To give you a happy, happy birthday!"

"To me you have been extraordinary

Blessing me with the things I want, like a fairy

To me you have been the best

Loving me so much more than the rest

To me you have always shown extra care

By helping me to open up to you and share

Happy birthday to the best aunt ever

I wish you happiness always, sadness never"

"To me you have been extraordinary

Blessing me with the things I want, like a fairy

To me you have been the best

Loving me so much more than the rest

To me you have always shown extra care

By helping me to open up to you and share

Happy birthday to the best aunt ever

I wish you happiness always, sadness never"

"There’s never a dull moment in the house when you are around

You are the reason for the family’s happiness being found

I take pride in having an aunt like you

Today is the best time to send my wishes through

I hope that you have a fantastic birthday

May this wish bring more joy and happiness you way

When I was wondering where to go

You taught me the right thing

Telling me what to do when I did not know

Thank for being my friend, philosopher and guide

With you around, life had been an amazing ride

Happy birthday"

"There is a reason why

Aunts were sent on this earth

Of love and affection

Because there was a dearth

Then God decided to spew

His blessings and magic

That’s how aunts were born

To make life fantastic

Happy birthday aunt"

"The Warmth and Kindness
of your Heart..
Makes you more Beautiful
Year after Year
Wishing a Very
Happy Birthday
to My Special Aunt!"

"The one place where

I always go

When there is something

That I don’t know

That is none other

Than my aunt’ place

Where I’m always welcomed

With her smiling face

Happy birthday aunt"

"The best part about having an aunt like you

Is that I have someone to go to when I feel blue

Friends are fine, they keep you company

But only you can bail me out when my parents ground me

Some girls rely on their knight in shining armor

I rely on my aunt, who is a complete charmer

Happy birthday"

"So many fun things I do with you
You bring lots of things and new
The many faces of your love
And that grace is there you know
An aunt like you is hard to find
An aunt like you is just so awesome
So, thank you for all the love that you give
And I feel so blessed to have you
Happy birthday to the most wonderful aunt!
God bless you!"

"Our family would be a boring bunch

If we didn't come every Sunday to yours for lunch

I look forever to meeting you every weekend

Because you are less of an aunt, more of a friend

Happy birthday"

"My friends become

Full of envy

Whenever they know

That you are with me

Everyone knows that you are

My heart’s precious piece

And that I have always been

Your most favorite niece

Happy birthday aunt"

"My auntie is amazing
In my heart she has a place,
She has a soft warm cuddle,
And a gentle smiling face.
We play games and laugh together,
She is a lot of fun,
She’s the best auntie in the world,
She is my number one!
Happy Birthday!"

"My aunt is one fantastic lady,
known me since I was a baby.
Brings the sweetest treats in town
and molds a smile out of a frown!
She always make me feel special;
she pinched my cheeks covered in freckles.
I am so glad to spend this day
making such a grand display!
Happy Birthday Aunt!"

"My aunt is my favorite

For she always brings me

Sweet treats and games

That makes me happy

I don’t how she always

Manages to figure

What is the thing

That I always desire

Happy birthday"

"My aunt is amazing
She can’t be defined
So her birthday should be treated
As one-of-a-kind
To match the great woman
This day celebrates
With a beautiful heart
You can’t replicate "

"Maybe when I become

An aunt like you one day

I will realize why

You always behaved this way

Why you have always

Showered so much love on me

And also why you have

Treated me so affectionately

Until then I want you to

Set the perfect example

So please continue making

My life so special

Happy birthday"

"Life without you

Would have hardly been awesome

In fact it would have been

Boring and totally lonesome

Happy birthday to an aunt

Who is my second mum"

"Life without an aunt like you would be cruel

To me you are more precious than a jewel

I have cherished everything that we have shared

I know how much you have loved me, how much you have cared

I wish the best in the world to you on your birthday today

May good fortune and happiness always come your way"

"Let us sing in merriment
about the years that you have spent
living life in all its luster
with all the bliss that you can muster.
Now your day of birth is here!
We waited nearly half the year
to bake a cake and sing a song
and laugh and dance the whole night long!
Happy Birthday Aunt!"

"In our family tree you will

Always be the best leaf for me

For I cannot imagine

My life without your company

Even when seasons change often

And strong winds blow over the tree

I know that as my aunt

You will always hold on to me

Happy birthday"

"If I had an elder sis

She would be just like you

If I did something wrong

She would scold me black and blue

If I tried to use her stuff

She would try to drive me away

But if I would go to her with a problem

She would help me any day

She would share her bedroom with me

And I would share my life with her

I wish you weren’t my aunt

But my adorable elder sister

Happy birthday"

"If all men would have had

Aunts like you when they were small

They would have been taught manners

And how to stand confidently tall

They would have been taught the value of love

And how to get a woman’s respect

They would have strived to succeed

To make their families’ lives perfect

Happy birthday to such an aunt"

"I will always respect your love,
i remember in my childhood when
my mom was sick you take care of me
like your own child.
I will never forget that.
Happy birthday dear Aunt!"

"I want you know that I love you so,
today is your birthday and that is superbly, so please come celebrate with me.
And know the glee that I see when I see others happy like you.
Happy birthday dear aunt, not can’t tell you how much I love you."

"I think you are the coolest aunt I know
Your posts on Facebook are so good
On Instagram, you look glamorous touch wood
On Whatsapp you are always online
On Pinterest when you search recipes for dine
I never saw an aunt as gadget freak as you are
That is why I call you my most adorable star
You are like one of us,
Happy birthday my dear aunt
Have a rocking day and year ahead!"

"I run to you for small little things
I come to you for all my flings
I talk my heart out with you
You are the one who gives me the clue
I really don't know my agony aunt
What would I simply do without you
You are special to me know that
It's been this way from the start
From talking about random things
To discussing matters of my heart
Happiest birthday to you
May God bless you all through!"

"I pity the nephews and nieces

Who don’t have aunts like you

To help put together life’s pieces

Learning from an aunt like you

I have ironed out my life’s creases

On your birthday, I only have one wish

That the happiness in your life increases

13) The best part about having an aunt like you

Is that I have someone to go to when I feel blue

Friends are fine, they keep you company

But only you can bail me out when my parents ground me

Some girls rely on their knight in shining armor

I rely on my aunt, who is a complete charmer

Happy birthday"

"I never really missed a friend
I never really had to pretend,
I never missed a moment
Because you have been so special to me
My dear aunt your company gives me all the glee
You are too dear to me know that
You have been so special to me
Happy birthday to the dear aunt of mine
You will remain special forever in time
Stay young and stay happy
May you have an amazing day!"

"I may call you my friend
I may call you my savior
I may call you my guiding force
And I know that I have nothing to pretend
You have a special place in my heart
Nothing can replace that my aunt
The bond that we share is true
With you, I do not feel the blue
Things may change and people too
But the bond that I share with you
Will never ever do
Happiest birthday wish to you
Have an amazing day too!"

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