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Your character, perseverance, and loyalty are the highest order and I admire that so much in you. Happy birthday stepson. May God enrich you on all sides.

You shine so bright amongst your equals, the joy of having you as a son delights me so much that I am so proud of you every day and everywhere I go. Happy birthday stepson.

You never showed any sign of hatred and I thank you for that, happy birthday step son.

You make the work of parenting very easy by being of a good attitude and admirable reputation. Happy birthday stepson. Continue being of a reputable character everywhere you go.

You have to be the sweetest person I know of, you are a great stepson and I hope you have a great birthday. Have fun!

You have the most precious face I have ever seen stepson. In it I can see love, care and protection for those closest to you. Have an awesome birthday dear, may these traits live on!

You have not grown up in my hands or cuddled with me as a toddler, but you have grown in my heart and cuddled my soul. Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Stepson.

You have grown up to be an amazing young man and I am so proud happy birthday step son.

You give me life and you bring colors and hues in it, thank you and happy birthday step son.

You complete me, I never knew I could love a kid as much as I love you stepson, have a fantastic birthday dear.

You came into my life and make me feel what I have been missing, happy birthday step son.

You became the reason of happiness in my desolate life. Happy birthday my dear step son.

You are the step I am willing to take over and over again that you are happy birthday step son.

You are the person who possesses all the qualities of kindness, devotion, gentleness, obedience and intelligence. I am feeling proud to have a stepson like you. Happy Birthday.

You are the one who fulfilled my all life’s dreams and I feel pride for all of your endeavors and success. Happy Birthday my dear step son.

You are the kind of stepson that all fathers would want their real sons to be like. Happy Birthday.

You are the biggest gift of my life that I have ever been received. The circle of my life has completed with your love and obedience. Happy Birthday dear step son.

You are nothing but the true example of love, care, devotion and obedience. I fly in air to have a stepson like you. Happy Birthday my sweetest step son.

You are definitely a person I am proud to be related to, you show me love, care and appreciation and I hope I can reciprocate. Have a great birthday dear stepson.

You are definitely a man worth each and every good thing in the world; I hope you do enjoy this day stepson. You are an awesome person and let no one tell you any different.

You are an obedient son, a responsible brother of your sister and a shadow preventing from worldly heat. You never care about our step relation – the thing I like most in you. Happy Birthday my dear step son.

You are an awesome boy, stepson, and I just hope you have the most splendid birthday ever. I am here whenever you need me and even if you don’t, have a beautiful birthday.

You are already a part of my heart and you will always be, have a happy birthday step son.

You are a Blessing to our Family, Stepson May your Birthday Be as Marvelous as you are! Happy Birthday.

Wishing You all the Happiness life can bring Happy Birthday to you Stepson.

What a wonder you are, great at sports and even at your studies, happy birthday step son.

What a stepson you are, you are a special kind not just because it’s in your making but because you choose to be. Happy birthday stepson. Stay blessed.

What a boy you are, so sweet and lovely. Everyone wants to associate with you and I am glad to be your stepmom. Happy birthday stepson, may God grant you a long and healthy life.

We may not look the same but you have my love all through your life, happy birthday step son.

We have broken every rule, passed every challenge and debunked myth which stated that stepdads and stepsons can’t get along. Happy birthday.

We are bound with the emotional bond no matter we do not share a biological relation. Happy Birthday my dear step son.

Typically, stepsons and stepmoms aren’t supposed to get along I guess we have proved everyone wrong stepsons and stepmoms are supposed to fight and argue maybe we are different, because you love me and I Love You. Happy Birthday!!

Today is the right time for me to say, how grateful I am to you for always showing me the way. Happy Birthday Stepson.

To a very rare and nice boy who happens to be my stepson, thanks for filling up the big hole in my life, I count myself a lucky woman to have you in my life. Happy birthday stepson.

Though you cannot replace me with your real father, but I will try all my best to give you all sort of comforts and never make you feel lonely. Happy Birthday dear step son.

Though we may not share a lot of likes in the same things, I wish you happy birthday step son.

Though we are not connected via genetics, but the relation between us is connected with the power of love. I love you so much my stepson. Happy Birthday

This is a beautiful day for a special boy. I hope you have many many more of such days. I do love you step son and I truly wish you all the best. Have a blast.

The love of a step father for his son is thicker than most things too, happy birthday step son.

Thanks to your mother that she gave you the birth. I don’t know how my life would become if you weren’t in it. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, dear stepson.

Thanks for hearing the words I never said and understanding My mind which no one else has ever read. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Stepson.

Thank you for treating me like a friend, I will make you feel loved, happy birthday step son.

Such days bring tears to my eyes, I can’t believe I have a chance to share in your birthday. I wish you all the best. Have a great birthday, dearie, Happy Birthday, step son!

Stepson.. Songs my grow into men and grow out of their toys but in the hearts of MOTHERS they are still their Little Boys Happy Birthday!

Step son, you are a tremendous boy; you make me happy and so proud. I am lucky to be in your life. Have a great day and have fun, dear.

Steering people in the right direction is what I am good at, brace up, happy birthday step son.

Sometimes, we do not care the people coming in our life, but the time is the best teacher, which teaches the real value of people whether they are connected in any relation and now I really admire you. Happy Birthday dear step son.

Relationships develop via vessel of love and whether I am your step mother, but I really love you a lot. Happy Birthday my sweet step son.

Relating by blood doesn’t guarantee a perfect relationship. I can only celebrate you and appreciate God for the wonderful bond we have. Happy birthday stepson.

Realization at the correct time saves you from the blunder. Thank God I never underestimated you, considered you as my real son. I wish you a very Happy Birthday my dear step son.

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