Happy birthday poems for Son

"Anyone can have Birthdays
But someone who's nice as you
Deserves the very happiest things
And favourite pleasures, too
That's why I wish you just the kind
Of wonderful day that's in my mind.
Happy Birthday Son."

"May all the best in life my Son,
Enrich your future way,
Adventure and good fortune, too,
Bring joy to you each day."

"Dear Son,
Here's wishing you to-day
A Birthday full of cheer,
With happiness and joy to last
Throughout the coming year!"

"A Birthday greeting for a Son
Who's dear as dear can be,
With happy wishes that are sent
In all sincerity –
May you spend such a perfect day
Its memory always stays
To make your life more wonderful
Throughout your future days!"

"My dear son,
As you gear up to face the world
You will witness many things on the way
Sometimes you may have that confidence
At times you may lose your say
But don't let things affect you so
You are so bright in whatever you do
Stay focused and stay real
And you shall get what you desire
My only wish this day is
May you get success and reach higher
Do not lose your pretty smile
Wishing you happiness all the while
Happy Birthday!"

"I so choked on emotions today
As it's your amazing day
I remember those childhood pranks
I remember things and that sweet way
You are amazing in everything
Always an ideal son in life
Get ready for a new phase of life
Where you will have to strive
To make way to success my dear
Today is a time to enjoy
So do spread the birthday cheer
Happy birthday to you
May God bless you!"

"You have given us a reason to be
What we really want to be
You are like that sun that shines
All along the very way
You are like that spark that spreads
Along the whole day
My dear son you are just so
Perfect in everything you do
You have made us proud
In each thing and through
A special birthday wish
Only for you, stay blessed
Happiest Birthday to you!"

"You have always asked and got
What you wanted in your life
From new gadgets to Smart phones
Made you smile all the while
But I am proud that you were good
In your studies and all
You chase success in whatever you do
You do not really dwell
So proud to call you my loving son
So proud to call you mine
Stay blessed is my only wish this day
Wishing you a very Happy birthday!"

"I am so full of emotions today
As it's your special birthday
In a flash I remembered
The day when I first took you
in my arms,
So many memories to share
The way you used to care
You were naughty at times
But at times you were wise
So happy that I have a wonderful
Son like you in my life
Stay blessed is my only wish
Wishing you a lovely day
Happy birthday!"

"I am thankful to the Almighty each day
That I have such an amazing son
With your smile that goes along
And things that makes me strong
You are someone who stays in my heart
Baby you will remain a part
So proud I am with your achievements
So proud I am for you
I just want that you stay happy
And keep smiling all through
My boy have a lovely day
Wishing you a Happy birthday"

"Life is truly complete
When you are around me
I know that I smile only
As you are there in life
Over the years, I have seen you grow
I have seen you turn so wise
Lots of dreams and things in there
That sparkle in your eyes
I wish that you forever stay happy
I wish you get everything my son
For your mother and your father
You will always remain number one
Wishing you a very Happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday to my adorable son
Always stay blessed in whatever you do
May you always smile and never have to frown
May you never lose your crown
Of being the number one in your life
You are the reason for my smile
All the way and all my life
Stay happy and have an amazing day
Happy birthday to you!"

"So many mixed emotions in my heart
So many memories of the past
From the first time that I held you
To the time you went apart
All the things that I remember
Are straight from my heart
From a loving mom to you
May your day be special and loving too
God bless you my son
Wising a happy birthday to you!"

"You are special and I want you to know
You have a special place in my heart
It feels so special when I look at you
From the very start
My baby as the years have passed
My love for you has not changed
You are still the small wonder for me
For me you are the only glee
Stay blessed in life my son
Happy birthday to you
God bless you!"

"Birthdays are always a special time
Today that you mean so much
Your mom has always been so proud
Of all the achievements and success
You have a charming personality
That you don't need to impress
You set your spark wherever you go
You don't really have to show
Stay blessed my son
For me you are my number one
Happy birthday to you!
God bless you!"

"Blessings are with you my son
My reason for me being in life
Bless you with things I want to do
And things and head to strive
I long for you and I want to see you happy
That is my only wish for you
For a cool and loving son like you
May God truly bless you
Happy birthday to you!"

"When you smile you spread the radiance across
You have that gleam in your eyes
From being naughty all these years
You have now become more wise
A son like you whose so perfect
That I feel so proud
You are the one that I wish to bless
You stand out of the crowd
On this special day today
Wishing you an amazing birthday
Stay blessed!"

"Having a son like you in life
I think I feel like I am blessed
You understand my emotional needs
You are like the reap of my good deed
Always so good and readily to help
A son like you is hard to find
So caring and yet so kind
I am proud that you are mine
On this day I just want to bless you
My son I love you too!
Wishing a happy birthday to you!
God bless you!"

"You are grown up now
You are grown up know I now
And you will surely find your way
Though things that I never felt to say
I would like to say today
May you get what you desire
My prayers are always with you my son
Reach so higher
In life that nothing can stop you
My son I always want to bless you through"

"One day I would see you so high
A day when I see you touch the sky
That day I would be the happiest you know
So many emotions are too show
My baby you have grown so big
My son today its your special day
So would like you bless you all along
As its your birthday
Happy birthday my son
Stay blessed in life!"

"Happy birthday to my son,
Thanks for all your care,
Thanks for always being there,
Thanks for being so good that you are
And, I wish you rise like the star,
Thanks for being my son
Happy birthday to you!
Have a great day so new!"

"You make us proud with your witty things,
You have given us everything,
And we hope that you get what you want,
So that you can flaunt,
That you are the best in life
Happy birthday to my son,
The always number one!"

"On your birthday, my dear son,
I wish and pray that you smile all day,
May you strive hard to make your way!
And make your name in things you so,
A very happy birthday to you,
With all smiles and everything new!"

"Dear son,
I wish and pray that you get what you wish in life,
May you never have to strive!
May the road to success be easy for you,
May you get all the happy and new
God bless you!
Wish you a super awesome day!
Wish you a happy birthday!"

"Your silly and naughty ways,
Oh these were the days,
When I used to shout at you,
But, thank god now you are wise,
So, now we can suffice in peace,
Happy birthday to my son,
Always stay the number one!"

"Hey you are the shining star of our life,
With all the struggle and strives
You made a name for yourself,
So, for that you deserve applause,
It is truly because,
You are the best in life
God bless my son!
Wish you a super happy birthday!"

"You truly have no idea,
Of the joy you have bought in my life,
You are a special part of me,
You are truly blessed to thee,
And with you I feel more special
As I get all my glee,
Stay blessed my son
Happy birthday to you!"

"A son like you is hard to find,
Of all the things you do
You are truly special,
Truly one in few,
It feels so proud to have a lovely son like you
Happy birthday to you
Stay blessed!"

"You are the joy that stay in my heart,
It was like this from the start,
I can't thank you enough for giving me the joy,
I still remember your first toy,
This has made me nostalgic today,
On this extra special day
Wish you a super duper birthday!
God bless you my son!"

"The dreams all new and old,
The many stories untold,
That playing with the toys,
And, feeling that internal joy,
So blessed to have you as my son,
So have all the fun
On this special day of yours
Happy birthday to you!"

"A son like you is hard to find,
The love and all the things that bind,
You have always been so good to me,
There is nothing except my blessing to give you,
May you always get everything new,
Coz you are God's chosen few,
Happy birthday my dear!"

"When you smile,
I get the joy of my life,
Oh my little bundle of joy is now so wise,
But, you will still remain the apple of my eyes,
I love you my son,
For me, you are always the number one,
Happy birthday to you!
For surprises coming so new!"

"There will come a time,
When you would fly with wings,
To chase your dreams too big,
That day I would be proud to call you mine
Happy birthday to my dearest son,
Wish you have all the fun,
On this special day of yours!"

"Time passes so soon my dear,
Let me take away your fear,
Today is your special day,
So go out there and spread the cheer,
Happy birthday my son,
For me you will always remain my number one,
Have superlative fun! "

"You brighten up my world with your wonderful smile,
It's been so good all this while,
I am really blessed to have a son like you,
My world seems perfect and new,
Happy birthday son,
Have all the fun,
Enjoy yourself today! "

"Whenever I see you,
I feel the special joy,
I still remember,
How you used to cry for your favorite toy,
Son, wish you a very happy birthday,
Have an extra awesome day! "

"Dear son, all your naughty pranks,
All your silly fights,
When you used to hug me tight,
I remember everything son,
Today let me wish you on your special day,
A very happy birthday! "

"God has been so kind to me,
He gave you as my son,
You are the source of my happiness,
With you life is fun,
Happy birthday my dear,
Have a great time and spread the cheer! "

"Today is the day my son,
When you were born,
You were so small,
I took you in my arms and adorn,
Time passes by and you are a big boy,
Still remember your favorite toy,
Happy birthday my son,
For me you are the number one! "

"My dear son,
Wish you a very happy birthday,
May you always stay blessed in life,
Work more and equally strive,
Achieve what you want to do,
May you get everything pleasant and new,
Stay as you are,
As the bright shining star,
Happy birthday dear! "

"When you were born,
I still remember that day,
I was so happy,
That I didn't have a word to say,
Son you have grown so tall now,
And, I am proud of you than ever,
Happy birthday my dear son! "

"You have made me so proud my son,
When you stand out of the crowd,
You have given me so much of joy,
Still remember your favorite toy,
For me you will always remain my special boy,
Love you so much,
Wish you a very happy birthday! "

"Years have rushed past,
Little did I know that little boys grow up fast.
All those years of walks and talks
Will continue to give my life its sparks.
Son, your birthday is the most special to me,
And your beautiful face is all that I always see..."

"My son is a treasure from up above,
Tied up with bundles and bundles of love.
Your smile, your charm and your pretty face,
Just gives me the happiness and takes me to outer space.
On your birthday, I pray God
To shower you with the best of happiness, health and prosperity."

"My son, you fill me with special joy inside,
When I think of you I always beam with pride.
You wanted a red car for your third birthday,
It's been twenty years and I continue to pray.
To give you a life of happiness and health
And to shoulder you whenever you need strength."

"Dear Son, You are my precious gift,
Time with you passes swift.
One year has gone by
Today is your birthday and I'd try,
To make it special in every way,
So that you never forget this special day."

"From the first time I saw you,
My heart always knew
That you'd grow to be an important part of my life.
Even in moments of great strife.
Son, it is your birthday today,
And I will strive to celebrate it in the best way."

"My life's star and sun,
So you will always be my little one.
Your presence and your face has always lit me,
Even in times of distress as tough as it can be.
My love for you can never change, my sweetheart
And I promise this on a very special day, my stalwart.
Happy Birthday Super Sonny!"

"Your hug is the best I have ever got,
The love from your kiss can never be bought.
You will always be my little one,
Even when you grow up and give the girls a run.
It's a very special bond between a mother and her son,
That heightens on the birthday of the little one.
Happy Birthday My Little Baby!"

"I held you in my arms when I saw you first,
The first time ever I felt my emotions burst.
My heart filled up when I saw your serene face,
I don't think I can ever get over that phase.
Happy Birthday My Love,
My life and everything above.
Happy Birthday My Son!"

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