Happy birthday poems for Son

"Your birthday takes us back to the day when you were born,
Like a little angel you opened your eyes, your beauty it adorned.
You looked at us and gave us a smile that was so divine,
Even in the darkness, your bright smile would shine.
Today when we look at you, the smile is still the same,
So are the lovely set of eyes, from heaven that came.
But even more than your physical beauty is your heart,
As for your mind it concerned, son you're ultrasmart!
Happy Birthday to our darling son. "

"My dear son, you always manage to make us so proud,
For you are light, a silver glint on a cloud of doubt.
We are so happy to have you as our son,
Each time we look at you, you look so bright like the sun.
Happy Birthday dearest son."

"Dearest son, you are a miracle by God,
You are a gift to us from heaven above.
Even if at all, I forget to remind you what you mean to me,
Remember you are the one who fills my world with glee.
Happy Birthday to my little one!"

"You are colorful like the rainbow,
You are bright like the sun,
You are sweet like chocolate and candy,
You're so good to each and everyone.
I'm so lucky to have you as my son.
Happy Birthday!"

"Do you remember when

We used to play with a Frisbee

And when we took road trips

To enjoy picturesque journeys

Do you remember when

We went camping and hiking

And then when we got tired of it

We settled with some laid back fishing

These are my most precious memories

Of all the dad and son times we had

In a way I am happy that you have grown up

But from inside I am also a little sad

Happy birthday sonny"

"Dear son…

May your life turn out to be

Cute and colorful

Just like your birthday balloons

That look so beautiful

May your life always present

Opportunities that are enticing

Just like your birthday cake that has

A delicious cream icing

May you always have many friends

Like the ones invited to your party

Just like your mood on your birthday

May you always be happy

Happy birthday"

"You have no idea about

How much you mean

To your mother and me

How fortunate we have been

How blessed you’ve made our lives

Of that you have no clue

All I can say is that we are

Lucky to have a son like you

Happy birthday"

"Life would be incomplete

It would have spelt defeat

Life would be unworthy

It would mean nothing to me

Life wouldn’t be promising

If it weren’t for your loving

Life would be insipid

If you were not my kid

Happy birthday son"

"If all parents

Had a son like you

They would be able

To feel our emotions too

The feeling of euphoria

The sentiment of joy

To be blessed for having

Such an awesome boy

We pray to God for this

Feeling to always stay

We wish for you to have

A very happy birthday"

"You are the joy

That grows in our hearts each day

You are the bliss

For which we are thankful in every way

You are the cheer

That shows us our life’s worth

You are the fun

That ensures sorrow’s dearth

You are the happiness

That comes only to a lucky few

Dear son, we are fortunate

To have a child like you

Happy birthday"

"When you smile

A rainbow forms across my heart

When you laugh

My soul melts like a gooey tart

When you cry

My stomach twists and turns

When you are glum

My heart starts to burn

You are that precious

To me, my dear son

Your presence in my life

Can be compared to none

Happy birthday"

"We don’t know if we can call ourselves

Parents who are perfect in every way

But we are sure that we can call you

A son, who amazes day after day

We are not certain if we have achieved

Everything we wanted to so far

But all our shortcomings are negated

Because of the awesome son that you are

Happy birthday"

"There will come a day

When you will get wings of your own

You will start seeing life’s realities

In a way that you had never known

The world is a nasty place, my son

But you can make it better

Don’t succumb to the negativity

Instead, just keep flying higher

Rise above and show ‘em how it’s done

Because no matter what you do

For us, you will always be number one

Happy birthday"

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