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Being your mother has always given and taught me what responsibility is and being my son has also shown what love and satisfaction is. God will shower on you great prosperity that will marvel you.

When you were smaller I complain about the manner at which you disorganize the house many times in a day, but now even though the house is neatly arranged, it is no beauty because you are not there. Happy birthday to you, son, you are worth more than a thousand elsewhere.

Fruits of trees are its pride, you are my fruit and I am so proud of you a mother. May you also be fruitful, happy birthday son.

For all who cares to know why I am so delighted today, it is because of your birthday. It surely reminds me of the void that would have been created if you are not in our lives. As a mother I am grateful you are a year older. Happy birthday, son.

The beginning of life may be small but the end is always better. Happy birthday to you Prince, may all your dreams come to reality.

My son whom I cherish as my jewel, it’s your day again, happy birthday to you, How fast time flies, it was just like yesterday when you came into this world, I thank God for the man you have become, happy birthday.

The light of the Lord will always brighten your path everywhere you go and everywhere you find yourself. Happy birthday to you, son.

Son, you have no reasons to regret because the Lord had given you into the hands of the best parents. As a mother, I thank God for giving you as a gift to me. Happy birthday, Treasure.

As you go on life’s voyage, I pray that the Lord himself will be in your boat and comfort you. Happy birthday to you, son.

It is a wonderful feeling to be loved and more wonderful when love begets love. You are my begotten love dear son. Happy birthday to you today. Remain in the love of Christ.

Happy birthday to you son, always remember that you are not a common specie; so live your life with a consciousness that you are God’s own son. Once again, merry in the joy of today.

Though you are not here yet my spirit is connected to you because today is remarkable to me and glorious to you. The distance isn’t a barrier to prayers, so I pray that you experience the hand of God in all that you do. Amen.

Thanks for being a positive investment in our lives and especially to me as your mother, may you never be put to shame. This New Year shall usher you into unprecedented excellence and recognition. Happy birthday to you, son.

May you remain special today and even beyond as you mark another complete year again. Happy birthday to you, lovely son.

In this New Year, I wish you forward ever, backward never. May the Lord always guide your coming in and going out. Happy birthday dear son.

The place the Lord has prepared for you is bigger than where you for you are God’s workmanship. Happy birthday to you my dear son. You are God’s chosen and my beloved.

As the father in you is gradually coming up to the surface, I want to wish you this on this very special day that you will never stand before ordinary men but before nobles and rulers in discussions. Happy birthday to my beloved son.

The brightness of the dawn shows the beauty of the day. May your day be as beautiful as you are, be as blessed as you are. Happy birthday to you my darling son.

You’re a super child for you have been ordained from heaven for greatness. You can never be stranded because, in this new age of yours, you will be richly rewarded. Happy birthday, son.

You are daddy’s replica and that makes you my choice. I hope he doesn’t get jealous if he reads this because I love you just as I love him. This is your year dear. Happy birthday, son.

You can never be unproductive for the seed of productivity is inherent in you, as an anointed child of the 'Most High,' you are fruitful. Happy birthday dear son.

A son that makes his mother happy is a delight to the world. Happy birthday to my delight, you will rise in the Lord and never crash in Jesus name, Amen.

Go and mount up with wings like the eagle, yes, go on and fly to greater heights. That’s my desire as a mother for you. Happy birthday dear son.

The glory of the youth is indeed in their strength, may yours never decline but wax stronger. Happy birthday son, mummy loves and will always love you.

If I remove the moments I have shared and lived with you in my life, then my life is half empty, thanks for being there to complete me. I am proud to have a son and a companion like you. Happy birthday to you.

The Lord will restore you twice for all of your troubles, you shall always glow and be excellent in all you do. Happy birthday to the son that keeps the heart of his mother beating. You are my pride.

The world is a beautiful place especially when you are surrounded with beautiful people with beautiful heart. As a mother, I can’t desire less than the best for you in all your endeavours. Happy birthday to you, dear son.

It was indeed a supernatural visitation of the Lord to bless me with a son who has a heart of love, care and discipline. You are a blessing to the world, so keep expressing the fullness of your being. Happy birthday to you.

I cannot deny that you are definitely the source of my great joy and pride in the league of mothers. Happy birthday to you, son, this new age is bringing for you all what the other years couldn’t.

My son is like my body that I can never forget to take care of; how much more on a day that is so special like his birthday. Happy birthday to you dear, may the Lord grant you distinction in everything you do.

Touch me and I may pardon you but touch my son and see me come down on you with everything in my arsenal. Happy birthday to my treasure.

The gift of life is precious so we live with care because we know this life is borrowed. Your journey in this life is taking another phase as you clock another age today, may your new age bring with it all the dreams that you deserve. Happy birthday, son.

To my darling son: If I can live forever, I’ll want to live forever with you, if I will have another life to be a mother, I’ll love you as my son again. Happy birthday to you!

You have always shared the burdens and pains of others and cared for your siblings, so on this day, it’s your turn to be celebrated and cared for. Happy birthday to you, son. You deserve all the wishes and cares flowing your way, today.

I had always cherished your outstanding success as a child because you are a good example of who a son should be. Thanks for all your care and support. Happy birthday to you, son.

The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. Happy birthday to a promising child who makes his mother proud. You are prince among male children all over the earth. I love you.

Birthdays wishes are numerous but there can only be one from a mother, happy birthday to my son. You will never lack anything good in life.

Life’s moments are meant to be lived in hope and joy for we do not know when the time will be up, so on this day glamorous day, I say to you son, happy birthday to you. Enjoy your day.

All the moments we share together and everything you passed through with me has taught us how to cherish and love each other. You are my son and the source of my joy, I wish you happy birthday dear.

I have always wondered how empty my life would have been as a mother if I don’t have you as my son, and so on this day that marks your birthday I want to confess to you that you are special to me now and forever. I love you, happy birthday to you.

Butterflies cannot resist the attraction of beautiful flowers, because you are wonderfully and fearfully created, beautiful things will never be far from you. Happy birthday to you, son.

Though I gave you birth yet what I have learnt from you even as a child I wouldn’t have learnt it from anyone else. And that’s so beautiful because it makes me a proud mother. Your light will never go out. Happy birthday dear son.

I admire your pictures every day of my life but I get more satisfaction in seeing you in your bodily form for it reminds me that you are a moving treasure. Happy birthday to my son. Thank you for making me a mother indeed.

You are a gem, a precious being, God's own son. I join everyone to wish you all the best in life. Happy Birthday, dear.

Happy Birthday to the child that silenced mocking lips in my life. I'll live to cherish you. May the light of God shine on you always. Happy Birthday, son.

The beauty of words cannot pass across my message to you so I got a portrait of you when you first crawled and placed it near your cake. Happy birthday to you dear.

You surpass them all, my pride and son. I love you so much that on this day I have decorated your cake with candles that match your age. Happy Birthday to you.

The only way to show your son that you love him is to make him special. When is it better to be special, if not today? Happy Birthday to my boy.

A book wouldn't contain the content of my heart desires to you today. Happy Birthday to a macho man. Mummy expects your hug.

Today marks another day of special memories. May the joy of today grow from glory to glory. Happy birthday to my son. From your mum.

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