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Happy 11th Birthday Pic
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Happy 11th Birthday
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Your hugs are like a warm blanket On a chilly morning. Your kisses are like a cool breeze on summer night. Happy 28th birthday!

You know you are getting old when you have problems blowing all the candles on the cake at once. Did you manage it? Happy 28th Birthday!

"You are the reason why I feel loved every single day and why our relationship grows even when we are miles apart. I don’t mind the distance that much because you make me feel loved every single day. You ease my worries and you reassure me of your love. I miss you every day, but it makes being physically with you all the more special. On your birthday, I wish you nothing but the best. I love you so much. Happy 28th birthday!

"You are special, and you are loved. Never forget this. No matter what it is you’re going through, my love for you will never change and you will always have me by your side. Have a happy 28th birthday!

"You are my everything. No matter how old you get, you will always be my little princess. I love you so much, sweetheart. May all your dreams come true today. Happy 28th birthday.

"You are my angel on earth given to me by the heavens above to make me feel happy and loved. Thank you for being such a beautiful and colorful addition to my life. I love you! Happiest 28th birthday.

Wishes are my right today. Hence, I'll make countless of them. Happy 28th birthday to me. May the angels fulfill my desires.

Wisdom with no end, understanding without bounds, knowledge with opportunities. So, I pray on this day. Happy 28th birthday to me.

What matters most today is that I just clocked 28. Happy birthday to me. May my life be filled with rays of prosperity and love.

Well, you are another year older and you haven’t changed a bit. That’s great because you are perfect just the way you are. Happy Birthday. Happy 28th Birthday!

We need a flamethrower to light up the 28 candles on your cake! Happy Birthday!.

Two years shy of 30. Happy 28th birthday to me. Let the sky shower me with love and prosperity.

Today marks the beginning of a bright future for me, cause it's my 28th birthday. I'll go on to be a blessing to the world at large. Wishing myself many happy returns.

Today marks my 28th birthday. I feel awesome both in and out. I'm 28 so that I can live to achieve my dreams and feel an untold joy.

"Today marks a new year in your life. It’s time to turn a new page and welcome something new. It’s another opportunity to discover what else is in store for you. Here’s another chance for you to get it right. It’s all very exciting! Happy 28th birthday and have the best time today with your loved ones.

Today is a remarkable day of my life, cause I just clocked 28. My tears will only be the one of joy. I'll live to be happy henceforth.

"To wish you a happy birthday is more than just wishing you a happy day. It’s more about all the things that I want to say. Like I love you very much and thank you for everything that you do. You mean so much to me, even if there are times when I forget to show you. Have a happy 28th birthday!

"This age may only last for a year. But believe me. It will be an exciting adventure with memories that will last for life. May all your wishes come true. Happy 28th birthday!

"There are only three things that I wish for you. I wish you more happiness that will last you your whole life, good health, and prosperity in everything that you do. God bless you more. Happiest 28th birthday!

Take away my fears, fill my heart with peace and love, as I turn 28 today. Happy birthday to me.

Sweet 28; sail me to a destination of love and peace. It's all I desire on this day. Happy 28th birthday to me.

Permitted to shine, blessed with the best gifts of life. So, did the angels whisper to me in the morning. Happy 28th birthday to me.

Peace shall I hold on to. In love shall my heart beat. Happy 28th birthday to me.

"Over the years, I have watched you become a beautiful, wise, kind, and compassionate woman. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself and in the power of your dreams. Enjoy your birthday and have the happiest 28th birthday! I love you!

"On your birthday, may all your dreams fly high and may they all come true. Cheers to 28 years of life and to the beautiful and brilliant you! Happy birthday!

"On your 28th birthday, my only wish is that you live for many, many years that all your teeth fall out. I love you, buddy! Enjoy your day.

"On your 28th birthday, I wish that you will always find love and joy in your life. May you be surrounded by true and honest people who really love and care about you. God bless you always. Happy 28th birthday.

"On this special day, I wish that you will receive all the things that you wish for in life. Enjoy this special day, and may you be surrounded by all the people you love as you do so. I love you! Happy 28th birthday!

"No matter how many miles separate us, you will always be close to my heart. I am with you in spirit as you celebrate this special day. I wish you the best day and the best life. Happy 28th birthday!

"No matter how many challenges and problems we face, I will always be here to face them all with you. When I made that promise to be with you in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, I meant every single word. Thank you for being such a wonderful partner in life. There’s no place I’d rather be than right here with you. I love you. Happy 28th birthday to the love of my life!

"My life gave me a perfect gift that I had been dreaming of for so long. Life gave me a son that I will always love and adore. No matter how old you get, you will always have me to love you and support you. Enjoy your special day. I love you! Happy 28th birthday, my son!

May my visions come to realization as I mark my 28th birthday today. Happy birthday to me in a million ways.

May I feel at home in my body and comfortable in the space it takes up. Happy 28th Birthday!

May I feel at ease in my creative expression. Happy 28th Birthday!.

Make my smiles everlasting, for it's my wish as I clock 28 today. Happy birthday to me.

Life in one word today; graceful. Happy 28th birthday to me. This age, I hope is the nicest.

Life has blessed me with another chance to grow older and to fulfill many more dreams of mine. Happy 28th birthday to me. May I live forever young.

Let the branches of the trees celebrate with me, let my smile give away the secret that, it's my 28th birthday today. Happy new age to me. Wishing me a special kind of joy and satisfaction.

Let the bee of love sting me, as I turn 28 today. Let an angel of kindness find me, as I make a wish this day. Happy 28th birthday to me.

Let the angels fill my heart with love. May my 28 wishes be granted as I turn 28. Happy birthday to me.

"It’s your birthday! An important reminder for this day: calories from your birthday cake don’t count. Happy 28th birthday! Have a fantastic time today.

"It’s all about you today, birthday girl. Your wish is my command. Just tell me what you want to do today, and we’ll do it. I love you! Happy 28th birthday!

It's truly my 28th birthday. I count myself more than lucky. This day of mine will usher in my dream life. Happy 28th birthday to me.

It won't take any longer for prosperity to come, nor my dreams to come true as I clock 28 years today. Happy birthday to me.

"I’m sending you my best wishes for a beautiful year and an amazing life. I wish you love, happiness, and success, and all of God’s choicest blessings. Happy 28th birthday to you, my dearest friend.

"I’ll keep this short and give you some golden words of wisdom for your birthday. Smile all the time because you will not be able to when you’re old and toothless. Have a happy 28th birthday!

I'm happy that over the years, I haven't lost my sense of humour and pride. The feeling next to heaven is my 28th birthday.

I'm eager to unravel what the future holds, cause I know my 28th birthday is the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday to me.

I'm 28 years today. May my life be perfected. May my earnest desires metamorphose into fulfillment. I'm happy to be 28.

I'm 28 years old on the sands of time. Victory isn't far from me, rather I feel so accomplished. Happy birthday to me.

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