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Happy 11th Birthday Pic
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Happy 11th Birthday
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Your future depends on your present hard work. So never stop making efforts for achieving your goals. Happy 14th Birthday!

Your 14th year birthday will mark better grades, distinction amongst your peers and success in your life’s endeavors. Have a great day friend!

Your 14th birthday will serve as a reminder that contraceptives can avert a lot of predicted catastrophe like you. I blame your parents.

Your 14th birthday is the day that you get to embark on another clueless 365 days of your miserable life. Hope you survive this time around.

You have shared a lot of happy moments with us and I hope to share this special day with you, you have been the best thing that happened to me. Happy 14th Birthday my angel.

You have not only been an obedient child, but you have also been a great source of motivation to us. I really wish you the best things for the rest of your life. Happy 14th birthday son.

You have given me strength by being a source of joy to me, I hope you will never depart from this part you are presently on. Happy 14th Birthday my strong brother!

You have been a blessing since you came into our lives. My sweet doll, Happy 14th Birthday to you. May you grow to be the most beautiful snow white to find your prince.

You are the most precious gemstone and your shine is brighter than diamond. I wish you the long lasting happiness and peace. Have a fabulous 14th birthday.

You are the cool dude in town. Celebrating your birthday is totally my honor. I wish you all the best and Happy 14th Birthday.

You are sparkling like a morning star, beautiful like the roses of the valley and awesome kid. Happy 14th Birthday to you my girl. May it be a special year with much love.

You are my sweet nephew and I feel so happy in your company. Hope you enjoy every moment of life. Happy 14th Birthday.

You are more precious to me than anything I have ever owned, you are my 14 year old hero and I hope you live longer than all the stars in the sky.

You are just 14-year-old boy but you look like a super-hero and super-model. May you have a beautiful life. Happy 14th Birthday.

You are growing into someone I can be proud of and look up to, happy 14th birthday my mentor, you are a hero in my eyes.

You are gradually moving from being a teenager into adulthood. I pray you have the best days for the remaining part of your life as a teenager. Happy Birthday.

You are bright like a morning star, beautiful like the lilies of the valley and awesome to me. Happy 14th Birthday to you my girl. May it be a special year.

You are a kind soul and I really appreciate all you’ve done for me, I celebrate you today as the woman who will someday make the world a better place, hearty birthday!

Wonders shall never cease to exist; you are not yet an adult so stop feeling more significant than life. You are 14 years closer to demise.

Wishing you a prosperous year full of God’s provisions and blessings. May your father make the wishes come to reality. Happy 14th Birthday. Keep growing in every wisdom.

Wherever you are, at any time, people will fall in love with you. You are a very sociable person and one of the best persons I have come across in life. Happy 14th birthday.

Whenever I see you, I get excited because you’re the little version of me. Happy 14th Birthday to the little me. Enjoy your special year in good health and sound mind.

When I had you, I wished I had caused my parent less problems. Because it seems as if I’m reaping what I did while I was young too. Happy 14th Birthday naughty son.

When I first heard you cry, I was filled with tears and smiles. You have grown to be my golden rose in the midst of all roses. It’s your 14th Birthday enjoy your homework.

We just want you to know that it is every wonderful to see you grow so quick. Happy 14th birthday my granddaughter. May you grow to be toothless like granny.

We do have little fights over our toys. But that won’t stop me from loving you my partner in crime. Hey, we got a job today. Operation candies and cakes. Happy 14th Birthday, be blessed.

We are all happy to have you as our classmate. You have been a true friend for us all and we want to wish you a Happy 14th Birthday.

Today is your day. Enjoy this day to its end. Happy 14th Birthday, my friend.

Today is the day to rejoice, for it’s my daughter’s 14th birthday. Enjoy every moment, every day of your life. Happy Birthday to you my sweetest apple pie. From Daddy.

Today is not just your birthday, it’s a big celebration day for all of us. As you become 14 today we are so proud of what you have become and wish you excellence in whatever you do.

Today is a joyful day for you, but more for me because you’re my source of joy. Happy 14th Birthday my little boy.

Today is a big day for this family, as we celebrate the birthday of our unique and a fast growing boy. Enjoy your special day boy. Happy 14th Birthday.

To the most fashionable 14-year-old lady, you could be the world’s youngest model if you wanna go in that direction. You are really good at that. Happy 14th Birthday to you sis.

To an extremely cool, young and cute lady, may your 14th birthday bring you closer go greatness as you move through the course of life. Happy 14th Birthday.

To an extremely cool, young and ambitious individual, I say happy birthday. I pray your birthday brings you closer to your greatness in life.

There are a lot of special things to a woman, having kids is one. She becomes really glad when she sees them grow. Happy 14th Birthday son. I’m happy to have you.

The Warmest birthday wishes to the most talented super kid. Approaching the second year of your teenage, I wish you total greatness and may all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday, 14-year-old!

Since your birth I have never remained the same, you cause a spontaneous change to happen to me. it’s a thing of joy and pride to have a son like you. Happy 14th Birthday son.

Share the cake; keep the memories in you forever, never change who you are to try and impress anyone as I’m proud of whom you are now. Happy 14th Birthday my best friend.

Sending you kisses hugs and wishes to grace your sweet 14th birthday. As your lovely father, I present you the best gift of all, unconditional love. May you grow in health and success. Happy Birthday.

Right from your birth I saw a sign that you were special and up till now, you are still. I hope you’ll forever be special. Happy 14th Birthday my sweet niece.

Right from the first day we became friends, I knew we would have a great relationship together. You are courageous, funny, and smart. Happy Birthday.

Precious memories we have shared together with you. They are more valuable to me than gold. It’s your God made day today I want to wish you a happy 14th Birthday. Kisses.

Physical and observable changes are actually the evidence of progress. It’s a pleasure to watch you grow up from stage to stage. Happy 14th Birthday special son. May God bless you.

Our blessings are always with you. May God shine his face upon you and your family. May God give you good health and knowledge. Happy 14th Birthday, my Grandson I love you.

No one can measure my love for you. I love you so much, my best friend. Wish you a very happy 14th birthday, my precious friend.

No matter what happens, you will always be the 14 year old I am proud of, speak your mind, have fun and most of all, learn what you can. Happy Birthday!

My sweet and adorable daughter, hope all your wishes, dreams and desires come true. You get everything in your life. Happy 14th Birthday.

My son – my world. You are the most beautiful happening of my life. I pay thank all time to God. Wishing you a wonderful Happy 14th Birthday.

May your birthday bring prosperity, joy, and more success. Have a wonderful life ahead. Happy 14th birthday!

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