40th happy birthday wishes

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Beautiful Pic Of 11th Birthday
Happy 11th Birthday Photo
Happy 11th Birthday Pic
Happy 11th Birthday Picture
Happy 11th Birthday
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You’re still so young. This year can be the best if you learn to look at it like the sun rising on a new day. Happy 40th to you! May all your dreams come true now and forever.

You’re not getting old, you are just getting better- forty years worth of better. That’s pretty amazing. Happy birthday.

You’re a star to me, no matter what others may see. Happy 40th birthday!

You were the coolest 30 year-old I know and now you will be the coolest 40 year-old ever. Stay groovy. Happy 40th birthday!

You may not be turning any younger my friend but your soul will remain forever youthful. Don’t lose that teen spirit! Best forty birthday!

You can’t turn back time and be 20 again, but you can make beautiful memories and never feel any regret. Happy 40th birthday.

You are strong like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and equally exciting! Happy 40th Birthday!

You are now officially halfway to your 80s, but that does not mean you will to stop having fun. The heart only grows old when you let it. Wishing you a road filled with wonderful and exhilarating moments ahead. Make sure to take a pause if your back or leg starts hurting. Happy 40th birthday.

You are now 20 more years until that sweet pension; 20 more years away from your unlimited vacation and freedom from work. Awesome forty birthday!

You are never too old to start a new hobby, but maybe a bit too old to hang around in the clubs. Happy 40th birthday.

You are forty and just getting started! Didn’t you hear that forty is the teenage part of getting old. Let’s party! Happy fortieth.

You are cool, funny, awesome, charming and smart, times forty, happy h birthday

You are born in a decade where many things, in terms of technology, have flourished; such great a fortune to have witnessed those exciting developments and live to tell the tale. Happy forty birthday.

You are a collection of experiences, a jarful of wonder and strength. You are an album of memories, whether they are black and white or of an assortment of colours. You are a pillar, a support that people can rely on. You are a beautiful canvas of life. Happy forty birthday.

Wow! Now that you’re forty maybe you might finally when that Oscar… or not. Good luck and happy birthday.

With so many wonderful accomplishments under your belt, I am sure that you hold no regrets up to this point of your life. Celebrate this beautiful milestone. Happy 40th birthday!

Who is that old man sitting next to me? Oh, it’s you! Happy 40th Birthday!

When you were 20, you could care less about eating that pint of ice cream all by yourself. Now that you are 40, your kids are the ones finishing the pint for you in a minute or less before you can even finish a tiny scoop! Happy birthday!

What an exceptional 40 year-old! You have more zest than the sluggish 20 year-olds and more passion than the 30 year-old eaten by routine. Stay youthful and energetic. Happy birthday.

We have passed four decades, my love, are you ready for more? I hope to be holding your hand as we stand together in another milestone 10 years from now. Awesome forty birthday!

Wait, how old are you!? No way. You are way too sexy, smart, and gorgeous to be 40. Happy birthday to the hottest forty-year old I know.

Turning forty is not as bad as they say- it means your awesome, cool, smart, and hip, times forty! What could be bad about that? Happy 40th you babe.

Turning 40 makes you an expert in many things – Expert in household chores or work, a sage of wise advices and wisdom, and a veteran in the field of cool and awesome. Happy birthday!

Turning 40 is the start of a new phase in your life! You will bring a fresh approach to all that you do, indicating that the best is yet to come!

Turning 40 is a celebration of life, a milestone of achievements, wisdom and adventures. Look how far you have come. Congratulations! Happy Birthday!

Turning 40 has so many highlights; you have graduated from your kid’s nappy changing and bottle feeding days. You have paid off a couple of loans you have. You have travelled and seen more in your life. You had a couple of promotions and met so many great people in your life. There is no reason to lament this milestone. In fact, every year that you turn a page should be seen as a blessing. After all, life is a gift from God. Happy birthday!

Today, avoid all mirrors. You don’t need that old woman keeping you down. Happy 40th Birthday!

Today is your 40th Birthday! See? I thought of you. You’re welcome!

To the most awesome person I ever known; you look young to be forty. Have a great day

Time does not wait for no man. I am pretty sure you did everything you’ve ever wanted and more. You still have a long journey ahead and the bright opportunity to fill-up the pages of your life with loads of fun adventures. Awesome forty birthday.

They say the real secret to staying young is to just lie about your age. So how old are you really? I guess we’ll never know- anyway, happy 40th (airquotes) birthday.

They say inside every older person is someone younger thinking: what happened!? For you, the right thing happened. Older looks good on you. Happy 40th birthday.

The older I get the more I realize if you think about how old you are it only makes you feel older. So today don’t do too much thinking. Just be. Happy 40th…. Oops. I mean, happy birthday. That’s all.

The great thing about turning 40 is that we have hundreds of greetings received on this special day. We know which friends stayed and who will remain for a lifetime. We have a lot of knowledge and experience that people rely on and turn to. Welcome to this great chapter! Don’t worry, you are not alone! Happy forty birthday.

The good thing about turning 40 is that you don’t look as old as dad do! He has an army of white hair already while you don’t even have one. Best forty birthday, mom.

The arrival of your 40th Birthday is a stunning testament of your identity! It serves as evidence of an individual whose vibrancy and lightheartedness is everlasting!

Starting today, you have to cut-off on the sweets and the fatty steaks, However, just for today, you can have one last bite. Best forty birthday! Stay healthy!

Some say that life is a book and nothing in it makes sense until you turn forty- so maybe Hollywood is where you belong after all. Happy 40th birthday to the only celebrity I know.

Raise your glass to this milestone so great. Another set of adventure awaits you. Are you ready? Best forty birthday!

Our music is now what kids call the classics and the fashion of our youth is getting laughed upon. But hey, those are the greatest moments in our history. Awesome forty birthday!

On your 40th Birthday, you might feel old. You might be right. Happy Birthday!

On your 40th Birthday, may you honor the youthful quality that you possess of viewing life with enthusiasm and initiative!

OMG! You’re the absolute best… I can’t thank you enough for turning forty before I did. I owe you big time, so the cake is on me. Happy 40th birthday.

Ok, now that you’re forty it’s officially time to let go of all those celebrity crushes. I mean, now that you’ve arrived you’re practically a celebrity yourself! Happy birthday to my star friend on your 40th.

Oh Lord, oh Lord, please make my friend famous soon… forty plus un-famous is too much for one person. Amen. Good luck and happy birthday.

Now that you are forty, I say we screw the rules and go party! After all, your never too old to be young, right? Happy 40th to my youngest old friend.

Now that you are forty what better time to knock things off your bucket list? You better do it now before you actually kick THE bucket. Happy fortieth.

My friends always mistake you as my older sister. You are allowed to feel deliriously happy today, mom, that’s why I said this. Happy forty birthday!

Mom, you are the best friend, shelter and the number 1 cheer leader, a college girl could ever ask for. I wouldn’t be here if not for your patience and understanding of my crazy behaviours when I was in high school. I know I will always need you mom and knowing you are always there gives me comfort. I will do my best to make you proud. I love you! Happy forty birthday!

Mid-life crisis officially begins in this chapter. I sincerely think that there is nothing you can’t handle at this point. With so many challenges that you have stumbled upon your way, you learned how to gracefully handle every struggle. Happy forty birthday.

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