17th happy birthday wishes

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Beautiful Pic Of 11th Birthday
Happy 11th Birthday Photo
Happy 11th Birthday Pic
Happy 11th Birthday Picture
Happy 11th Birthday
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Your perfection is in who you are, never seek for perfection in being another person. Be the great you my son, because that’s what I wanna see. Happy 17th birthday loving son. I cherish you.

Your new age looks so good on you that I wish you’ll be so cute and handsome like this forever. May you become great in life. Happy 17th birthday my son.

Your greatest asset today is that you are very young and capable of doing anything. We old people envy that a lot. Happy 17th birthday grandson. Be always a good boy.

Your destination is your achievements, not your happiness. Have a beautiful day with beautiful wishes. Happy 17th birthday handsome nephew.

Your 17th birthday is the indication that one more year is left to move towards the adulthood. Wish you all the best future lady.

You picked on me but I always knew you were there for me. Now you are turning 17 and growing up. I just want you to know I am happy you are my brother.

You mean the world to me, you handsome 17 year old and that is why I will forever celebrate you. Enjoy your birthday and all the good things it will offer.

You make me so proud on so many levels and in so many ways. I’m happy to be part of your 17th birthday, have a blast.

You have given us many wonderful surprises and we hope you will give us a lasting one today by not surprising us with your antics. Happy 17th birthday buddy. Stay blessed.

You are turning 17 and as your bratty older brother I will say, you turned out pretty good for a girl. Happy Special Day!

You are one of the best 17-year-olds this world will come to know, and I know that because I’m the person who believes in you most. Have fun on your birthday.

You are on your way out of being a teenager, I hope you’ll prepare for the adulthood through these next few years. Happy 17th birthday nephew.

You are my younger brother, but you are taller than me and like this I want you to get success and happiness more than me. Have a wonderful 17th birthday.

You are charming, kind and a gentleman with a personality way beyond your years. Happy 17th to my boyfriend. I cherish you!

You are an amazing kid with so much potential. I see big and great things for you and I hope you see them too. Enjoy your 17th birthday kiddo.

Wishing a very special 17th birthday to my dearest friend. Keep smiling, loving life and being the amazing person that you are!

What are the things that will make you happy today aside all the wishes! Tell me and you shall have it. Happy 17thbirthday daughter. Enjoy your special day greatly.

We didn’t always get along, but I was always proud you were my sister. Happy 17th, from your favorite sibling.

Today it’s all about you, my beautiful daughter. Thank you for making my life so amazing in a million ways. Let your b-day party be a special gift from us to you. Have fun and go crazy! Happy 17th birthday!

Through the years, I’ve watched you grow, and now I stand amazed at the young man before me. Happy big 17th Birthday to my wonderful son!

Though you are my little brother but I feel protection when I’m with you. Wishing you the lifetime happiness and joy. Happy 17th birthday.

This day celebrates 17 years of your awesomeness. Happy Birthday to the coolest friend I have ever known! Rock on with your awesome self!

"There are seven miracles of the world but I have the eighth – You.

Congratulations on your 17th birthday. May you always be a miracle. Hug you!"

The years seem to have flown by. It is hard to believe that the little girl who begged for a bicycle is now a 17 year old with her own car.

The sweetest happy birthday to the sweetest 17-y-o girl! It’s amazing how time flies because now you’re such a beautiful little woman. Love you, my dear, and wish you all the best on your birthday party. Have fun!

Still wondering if a thing will change about you when you clock old age, because you are just such a jerk! But a lovely one indeed. Happy 17th birthday my forever friend.

Son, thank you for bringing me joy all these 17 years. In truly, you grow up so fast that I cannot even catch up. So, happy 17th birthday, my boy. Hope all your next year will be fantastic!

Sisters are like extra special friends who share so much. I am glad you are mine. Happy 17th birthday!

Seventeen candles are going to brighten up the room, but not nearly as much as your beautiful smile. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend I could imagine.

People love to enjoy, don’t be the drama queen. Do something that people will motivate themselves by your school of thoughts. Have a blessed 17th birthday.

One thing great about a brother like you is I always knew I could count on you. Thank you for always having my back. Happy 17th!

On this special and awesome day, I wish you joy that you have never experienced and abundant blessings you never expected. Happy 17th birthday, may God honor you in every aspect of your life.

Often it is always rare to see a 17 year old lady with so much of personality that cannot be found just anywhere. You made me feel comfortable raising you. Happy 17th Birthday sweet girl.

Of all the guys in the world, I am glad you are mine. Seventeen is a very special birthday. I hope it is all you could wish for and much more!

Now that you are turning 17, I hope you will still play basketball with me and let me borrow your stuff. Even if not, I still wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Never forget these words of mine my dear daughter. Good things always happen to good people, no matter how long it takes. Seek always to do good. Happy 17th birthday. May God guide you.

Meeting someone like you has made me see how much a 17 year old person should have actually achieved. Even though I’m older, I feel so much under your shadows. Happy glorious 17th Birthday friend.

May you continue to wow your friends and the whole world at large with your achievements and I hope you’ll also keep making us proud. Happy 17th Birthday son. Enjoy your youthful age.

May you be blessed today, tomorrow and days to come, may your youthful days be full of good memories for you to enjoy when you get old. Happy 17th birthday!

May today be the most fantastic birthday ever for the most fantastic guy in school, Happy 17th Birthday, love you.

May this day not only give you a lot of presents, but also a lot of wise words and wild fun, happy 17th birthday my friend. Cheers.

Make your life easier by killing your silly ego. Have a wonderful 17th birthday. May you have many more.

Make your dreams true and the intentions flow. Happy Birthday my dear 17-year-old bro.

Life is a beautiful journey, make it more soothing and smooth by your determination, hardworking and passion. Happy 17th birthday dear cousin.

Let all your dreams guide you through life, girl! Happy 17th Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day

Just remember, life is not the bed of roses. Hurdles always come where there is a way. Be on the right track and get success. Wishing you a very fabulous 17th birthday sweet nephew.

Just focus what your goals are and what you want to achieve. It is the peak time for hardworking. Don’t waste it in absurdities. Wish you a great 17th birthday.

Just because you are turning 17 doesn’t mean you have to grow up! I hope you always keep some of your playful humor that I love so much!

It’s your special day and no one else’s, have an unforgettable 17th birthday dear nephew, you are truly a gem in my life and I love you so much.

It’s your 17th birthday, it is a special day for I get to tell a special someone that they are really special and that they are loved dearly. Have fun cousin.

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