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Your nature makes me want to know you more, so I can be the only one you can really talk to and communicate with. Have a great 26th birthday, may it open closed doors.

Your kind heart and good grace make you the best giver I have ever known, may you never have a doubtful day. Have a fun 26th!

Your birthday is the perfect time to wish you favorite memories, dreams, and goals that bring happiness. Happy 26th birthday.

You might be one of the best persons I have ever met in my whole lifetime happy 26th birthday.

You make me sing with joy every time I think of you, and right now I think of you most for my wishes to you are abundant. Love you beautiful 26 year-old!

You have made me laugh for 25 years and today, you add another year full of laughter. Happy 26th, you are the reason I smile most times.

"You have been a blessing to so many in so many ways. Know that you are celebrated with love and joy today on your birthday. God bless you always. Happy 26th birthday, sweetheart!

You are the world’s most awesome person I know at 26. Happy Birthday to you.

You are the bravest person I know of, you never let your size stop you from achieving big things, happy 26th birthday my skinny friend, I hope the cake makes you fat.

You are still looking like a sixteen-year-old. Wonderful how life is beautiful with you in it. I will always be there when you need me. Happy 26th Birthday. May your dreams come true.

You are one of the most brilliant men I’ve met, 26 will definitely suit you well. Have fun as you celebrate another intellectual year lass.

You are a superstar; an awesome personality full of great potentials. Happy Birthday, 26-year-old!

You are a person I hold dear in my heart, a friend I respect, and a man I admire. Happy 26th birthday, enjoy life!

Words cannot express how joyful I am celebrating another year of your life with you. I wish you good health, long life, and prosperity. Happy 26th birthday.

"With every year that passes, know that I will just love you more. The best years of your life are still ahead of you. I will be here for you through all the ups and downs and everything in between. I love you! Happy 26th birthday!

Who would have guessed we would be friends until now, I wish you best, happy 26th birthday.

Today may be rough for you because being twenty six comes with responsibilities, enjoy today.

Today is surely a new chapter in your life and you should turn the page, happy 26th birthday.

"To my beautiful and amazing friend, I wish you all the happiness and joy that your heart can hold. Cheers to another great year of life! I hope you have the best time celebrating your birthday today. Happy 26th birthday!

Time is precious but yet so limited, 26 is an age to take charge of your own life and be responsible for everything that happens in it. Have a fruitful year.

There’s no perfect sunshine without a rain, after all the challenges, I wish your 26th Birthday will bring you to the perfect sunshine of your life.

There are many days and many things that you can achieve. This is just the beginning of wonderful things to come. Happy 26th birthday.

The whole world can see how well you’ve grown in wisdom and in its proper execution. Thanks to God for making you witness your 26th Birthday. Happy Birthday son.

Thank you for your love, time and support. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Happy 26th Birthday to you.

Remember these three words at this age, work! Work! And work! Don’t ever do a day without it, work on yourself and you might be greater than you think. Happy 26th Birthday.

Reach for the Peak, work hard to achieve your dreams, your life has just taken a phase. Happy Birthday, 26-year-old!

"On your 26th birthday, I wish you a fun and happy day that you will remember for a long time. I also wish that you will finally realize just how great you are! Enjoy your special day with your loved ones. Happy 26th birthday!

"On your 26th birthday, I wish that there will always be laughter to touch your lips and sunsets to make your heart happy. I wish you pretty rainbows right after bad storms, and genuine smiles when you’re feeling a little sad. I wish you confidence when you’re filled with doubt and faith so that you will believe. Most of all, I wish you love today and every day of your life. Happy, happy 26th birthday!

"On your 26th birthday, I pray that God will bless your life with a lot of love and plenty of good luck and the best health. I love you! Enjoy this day to the fullest.

Numbers count, but age is not in numbers, it’s in how much you’ve actually grown in your mental strength. No better age than 26 to start something great. Happy Birthday.

No one has ever been this awesome. In all my years of knowing you, you have been a special, loving and caring friend. Happy 26th Birthday to you!

My general complement for you is that you’ve done excellently well so far and at this age of 26, I believe there’ll be more to do. Enjoy your birthday.

My dearest son, I am so proud of all that you have achieved to this day, happy 26th birthday.

Music does you good; sing for joy for today you dance to your plus one. Happy 26th birthday darling, I hope you have fun!

May your 26th birthday make you the happiest person alive, may it bring you 26 times of everything and much more. I love you.

May your 26th Birthday bring positive dynamicity into your life. Happy Birthday wife, I have no gift for you because I’m your gift and you already have me. Have a lovely day.

"May God bless you and keep you. May He shine His love on you and be kind to you always. May He fill your life with peace, love, and happiness always. Have a happy 26th birthday!

"May every second of your birthday be filled with the same joy and love you bring to all of our lives. Have the happiest and most fun-filled 26th birthday! We love you so much!

May all your dreams come true, may all your hard work reward you and May success never elude you. Happy 26th birthday.

"Life is not measured by the number of years lived but by the footprints left in the lives of other people. Thank you for being my angel here on earth. May you be blessed even more and may all your wishes come true. Happiest 26th birthday to you!

Life is beautiful and so does attaining new heights. As you attain this new age, may you experience overwhelming success. Happy Birthday, 26-year-old!

Life is an adventure, 26 indicates progress. May you experience success in all your endeavors in the coming years. Happy 26th birthday.

It’s your special day. I wish you all the best and many more birthdays to come. Happy 26th Birthday.

It’s your special day but it’s my gift to have you in my life, Greater things are out there waiting for you. I wish you many more years beyond the present 26.

It’s your birthday, count your blessings, not your mistakes, count your success, not your failures. You have a lot to gain from life. Happy 26th birthday.

It’s the perfect time to go after those things your heart yawn after; don’t settle for nothing less on your age number 26. Best of luck. Happy 26th Birthday.

It’s of a great need to know how to handle the pressure that comes with the age; you must live up to it to enjoy it. Go have the best fun for the 26th birthday.

It was unexpected, our meeting but I bet our friendship is pre-destined, happy 26th birthday.

It seems your head keeps getting big as you age, at 26 your head is like that of big show, how will it be when you clock 50. Heheheh. Enjoy your 26th Birthday.

If age was a blooming flower, you would be blooming your 26th, happy birthday my beautiful soul mate, I am glad fate brought us together!

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