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Happy 11th Birthday Pic
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Happy 11th Birthday
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"You’re officially retiring your twenties, and it’s time to welcome your thirties! There are a lot of things to look forward to, and still a lot of things to be done. I know that you’re going to be phenomenal with all of them. You’re great at everything you do, so I know that you will be great in your thirties, too. I hope you have a fantastic 30th birthday. See you soon!


You have just entered into a new phase of your life. Don’t be scared to explore what it has in stock for you. Happy 30th birthday.

"You are the most terrified 30-year-old I have ever seen. Don’t let turning thirty put a damper on your life! Your life is only about to get better, so embrace all the changes, experiences, and challenges. You know that I will be right here with you to explore the great unknown. I love you, sweetie. Happy 30th birthday!


You are my special friend, my unique blend; and, for our friendship, there is no end! Have a Merry 30Th Birthday.

"You are finally thirty and we couldn’t be more thrilled for you. It’s an exciting age to be, because you can take the experiences and lessons of your twenties and use them with your dreams and ambitions of your thirties. I just know you’re going to be sensational because you are sensational at any age. I love you dearly. I hope to see you soon! Happy, happy 30th birthday!

Yay! This is your third decade on earth! I hope all the plans you have made for yourself begin to materialize before your eyes. Enjoy your 30th birthday to the max.

Wow! We better celebrate this new age of yours. Happy 30th birthday

"When you’re feeling a bit blue about turning a year older, just remember that it’s the universe’s way of telling you to have more cake! Happy 30th birthday!

"Welcome to your thirties! From here on out, your focus will be on how young you feel and not on how old you are. Happy 30th birthday!

Welcome to 30! The age when you should know better, but really don’t!

Turning 30 is not bad; just make it better and meaningful. Have a great birthday

Turning 30 is a milestone that allows you to feel more confident in your abilities and continue to go after what you want. My wish for you, dear friend, is that your worth is acknowledged and the drive that you have never ceases!

Today marks the 30th year you have been a blessing to mankind. I’m so proud I can refer to you as the man of my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May all the most cherished desires and aspirations of your heart come true.

"To the woman I wish to spend the next thirty years of my life, and thirty years more after that, a very happy 30th birthday! My love for you just grows with every year that we share. You have no idea how happy you make me. I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

"To the best, handsomest, coolest, and funniest birthday celebrant in the world, a very happy 30th birthday! I wish you more success in life, and may you always be happy and healthy. You have made me such a happy girl because you love me so much. I want you to know that I love you very much, too. God bless you more, honey. Happy 30th birthday!

"Thirty years old is not that old. The best years of your life are only just beginning. You can make a brand-new start right now and just take all the valuable lessons of the past decade with you. I toast to you and your fabulous thirties. Happy 30th birthday!

"Thirty is a good age to start working on your dreams and making them come true. I hope this is the year that everything wonderful happens for you in all aspects of your life. Have a great 30th birthday!

They say 30 is the new 20. They say a lot of things.

"There’s really no huge change when you become 30 years old. Oh right, instead of moisturizer, you need an anti-aging cream now. Happy 30th birthday to one of the most beautiful women I know.

"There’s no need to get all wound up just because you’re thirty years old. You look as young as you did when we were in college, so I don’t understand why you’re all panicky at thirty. Happy 30th birthday!

The number 30 signifies a circle, meaning absolute completion and infinity. As you mark your 30th birthday today, it also marks the sealing of absolute completion and infinite love in our relationship. Happy Birthday, the apple of my eyes.

"The more you celebrate your life and add great years to it, the more you will enjoy and appreciate it. Have a terrific 30th birthday!

"The love that we share makes every day a celebration. Here’s my birthday greeting full of love, happiness, and devotion. I wish that all your wishes will come true this year, and that God will bless you with many more happy and healthy years. I love you, now and always. Happy 30th birthday!

The love and support you give me always astounds me. I can’t thank you enough for being such an extraordinary blessing in my life. Happy 30th birthday, my dear.

The greatest people that ever lived kick-started the journey of their greatness at 30. This will also be your portion as you celebrate your 30th birthday today. Happy birthday!

"The day you’ve been dreading is finally here. You are finally saying goodbye to your twenties and welcoming your thirties. I hope you are good to your thirties so that they will be good to you, too! Happy 30th birthday!

"The best part of being thirty is that you have gained the experiences and learned the lessons that you need to finally be successful in life. You had your twenties to try out new things, love the wrong people, and fail as many times as you want. Now that you’re thirty, it’s time to be serious about your choices and decisions. It’s time to work hard for the life that you want to have for the next decades of your life. I know that you can do it because you are brilliant! Happy 30th birthday!

The 30th year of your life is rich with significant changes. My wish for you is that every one makes you smile!

Thanks for your 30 years of existence. Happy birthday.

Thank you for being the darling man in my life all these years. Happy 30th birthday.

Thank God I listened to my instinct and said yes to you. My life has known greater meaning through the power of your love for me! I will still be by your side for another 30 years, and another 30 years…to eternity. Happy Birthday, my love.

Sweetie, let’s not blow off 30 candles today, let’s keep all of them burning, as a mark of our love that would burn for another 30 years and even beyond! Happy birthday, my one and only.

Sweetheart, I wouldn’t want to give you flower, because it will eventually wither. I give you something that will never wither on this special day, and that is my undying love. Happy 30Th Birthday, sweet.

"Sweetheart, I don’t see ugly wrinkles

What I see is lovely twinkles

That will never go away no matter how old you become

Even the best anti-fade cream will never fade this outcome

Because it is rooted in the power of love

Happy 30th Birthday celebration, my love."

Some people believe that the most important events in life occur before 30. You and I both know that each life is unique and often, the best is yet to come. May your 30th birthday bring more possibilities for the future!

Sending you oceans of best wishes on your 30th birthday Day. Sweetheart, thank you for all the wonderful and priceless memories that you have brought into my life.

"On your 30th birthday, I just want to wish you love and happiness. When you have these two things, you can never go wrong. Everything else will just follow. Ever since I had you, my life has just been filled with love and joy. I love you so much, my dearest daughter. I hope you have the best day with your friends and your boyfriend. See you soon. Happy 30th birthday!

"Now that you’re thirty, I just realized that we have been friends for over twenty years. That means I know all there is to know about you. I seriously need to be included in your last will and testament. Happy 30th birthday, my dear friend!

"Now that you’re finally thirty, I wish you a life doing what you really love and not what others expect you to do. I love you! Have a wonderful 30th birthday.

"Now that you’re 30, it’s time to let go of your negative feelings about things you did in your twenties. What’s important is how you’re going to live your life moving forward. I hope you have a great 30th birthday!

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that such a wonderful woman like you is totally mine and I’m totally yours. I’m so proud to call you my wife and best friend. Happy 30th birthday.

"No matter how old you get, we are always the same age inside. You are stunning at 30. I love you! Happy 30th birthday!

My sweet love, on this special day of your life, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me what true love really looks like. Happy 30th birthday. May you keep on making astonishing strides in life.

My beloved wife, two things are responsible for filling my world with sunshine and putting happiness in my heart. The first is you, and the second is your love. I would be totally nothing without your love, and that is why I have vowed to love and care for you until the end of time. Happy 30th birthday.

May your 30th birthday mark the beginning of extraordinarily great achievements in your life. Have a great one!

May today mark the beginning of extraordinary achievements in your life. I fall for you more and more with every second that passes by. Happy 30th birthday, my love.

May the candles on your birthday cake shine brightly, as you celebrate 30 years of a fantastic life!

May memories of your 30th birthday be reflected on, in the coming years, with joy and laughter!

May each and every step you take from this day onwards bring you closer to greater achievements. Have a fun-filled 30th birthday.

Many friends have come and gone, but you sticked with me all through these years, through thick and thin, rain and shine. You are my friend indeed. This is why I will shout for the whole world to hear – it is MY FRIEND’S 30th BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!

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