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May Your Year Be Full Of Fun
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Happy 11th Birthday
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Your steady development is very much important to us and we are delighted that you are growing this way, may God continue to guide you son. Happy 11th Birthday.

Your softness is what you inherited from me, and I hope you’ll not get spoilt if I treat you gently. Happy 11thBirthday my gold. I hope you’ll grow to be great in life.

Your fairy godmother revealed in my dream that your 11th birthday wish would come to pass, all you need to do is believe and keep being a good fellow.

Your determination, consistency, and hardworking can open all the locked doors of success. Wish you a very happy 11th birthday. May you have hundred hours of happiness.

Your childhood is the most exciting and beautiful season of your life. Live it as much as you can. Have a wonderful 11th birthday.

Your ability to understand every message passed onto you is intriguing, I’m proud I have a daughter that obeys all the time. Happy 11th Birthday daughter.

You’ve grown so strong and rigid; I hope you’ll get better in tenderness as you grow up. Happy 11th Birthday son. Enjoy your special day.

You’re one of the kids that never gives problem to parents and I’m sure even at your teenage, you will give us peace of mind. Happy 11th Birthday.

You were chosen by God Almighty to come lift this family from dirt. Since you came into our lives. Things got better. Happy 11th Birthday daughter.

You have been planning for this day all year long, now that it is finally here, I hope you get to enjoy this day with so much happiness it overflows. Happy 11th birthday my love!!

You are the smartest boy as ever I met. I wish you all the best for your life. Have a wonderful day. Happy 11th birthday.

You are the most important thing in life to us, more important than breath itself, because you gave meaning to everything. Happy 11th Birthday.

You are the happiest child of our home. Your presence transforms the desolateness of our home into cheerfulness. Thank you for spreading so much fun in our lives. Happy 11th birthday.

You are still young and immature at 11, so the normal restrictions still apply despite tour birthday unfortunately you cannot fast-forward time.

You are not just eleventh. You are too cute, too funny, and too smart. Wish you a very happy birthday. May all your desires come true.

You are my best little friend and your involvement is precious for me. I wish you a very happy life. Happy 11th Birthday.

You are just eleven years of age, so have lots of fun and party a lot like there’s no tomorrow. You deserve it. Happy 11th Birthday baby. Have lots of fun.

You are getting old too fast. You have covered eleven years of your life as I think you were born this year. I wish you a wonderful life with no worries. Happy 11th Birthday, dear nephew.

You are finally 11, in my eyes, you will always be the little child that I love and adore, happy birthday my dearest one, you are amazing.

You are cute little eleven years old girl and everyone loves to talk to you, spend time with you. Your cuteness is mind-blowing. Happy birthday, my princess.

You are at the growing stage; make your childhood memories as these cannot be taken away from you. Have a great evening. Happy 11th birthday.

You are as lovely as red roses and I feel like plucking you away from your mother, but she won’t want that because she loves you. Happy 11th Birthday cute girl. Enjoy your special day.

You are a smart boy with smart thoughts. I feel so proud that you are my son. Wish you a very happy 11th birthday.

You act more mature than your age yet you are only 11 years old today. I look forward to you performing exploits in your future discipline. Happy Birthday.

Where do I start? You are the most amazing 11 year old I know and I hope you live a long and fulfilling life. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

We want you to grow up well and grow in the right way, so that when you become an adult, you’ll be a reliable one. Happy 11th Birthday son. Be always good.

Together with you, we want to make your life full of beautiful things that make life easy and convenient. May you find life easy. Happy 11th Birthday.

Today your dad and I will be busy; we hope you’ll have a special time with your friends in school on your special day. Happy 11th Birthday daughter.

Today will be an interesting one for you, birthday cake, party and loads of fun; you deserve it because eleven is not a small number.

Today signifies the 11th birthday of an icon in the making, may you live more years to accomplish your destiny.

Today I’m filled with lots of love in my heart because I never knew I will be able to witness this special day in my niece’s life. I love you girl. Happy 11th Birthday.

This is the age where kids accelerate to adulthood; I hope your acceleration will be for good and not evil. Happy 11th Birthday. Grow well.

The trouble you caused for your mother and I was really tough to bear, I hope the next twelve month will be for peace and not war again. Happy 11th Birthday.

The sweetness of the moment is when you are with me and we both enjoy. Happy 11th birthday.

The power that is found in the unity of a sister and a brother is great, and nothing can break it. I’m glad to have been your sister and friend too. Happy 11th Birthday great bro.

The person who is more flexible possesses massive fruits of integrity. Wish you a very happy 11th birthday.

The perfect place for you to grow up to what God has made you for is with us, thanks for coming to our family. Happy 11th Birthday dear. Have lots of fun.

The most unfair thing I can do is to compare you to an angel because it is your 11th birthday, and we both know you are not.

The best 11 year old of the century is you son, because you know what adults know. Happy 11th Birthday smart kid. Stay blessed.

The affection I have for you my little girl is deep as ocean and high as mountains. I hope nothing will ever come between us. Happy 11th Birthday awesome sis. Have lots of fun.

Thanks to God it’s your 11th Birthday, I hope you’ll hurry and grow up really fast. Happy Birthday. Stay blessed and enjoy every bit of it.

Special people deserve special things. For a special and an excellent boy on his special day, I want to wish you an all-round blessing. Happy 11th Birthday.

Seeing you talk and walk like this made me call up the memory of when you suffered as a kid. I’m glad you overcame all those hurdles. Happy 11th Birthday.

Put a massive confidence in your personality and try to ignore criticism, then you can achieve what you really want from life. Happy 11th birthday, my sweet boy.

Our world is complete because we have each other, you are the sun in my cloud, the star of my night and the fruits on my tree. May God bless you. Happy 11th Birthday bro.

Our love life was almost over, but your coming around into our world, brought about the rebirth of our passion. Happy 11th Birthday boy, enjoy every bit of it.

Our lives are complete because we have you. We love you so much and wishing you a happy 11th birthday. May you grow to be successful in everything you do. Stay happy and enjoy baby.

No one is cuter than you. You are my sweet grandchild. I wish you a very happy life with full of fun, success, and prosperity. Have a wonderful 11th birthday.

My mission today is to make this day unforgettable for you, so put on that 11th birthday smile and let me show you how to have fun!

My day starts with you. Your smile makes me cherish the time. You are the love of my life, my sweet daughter. I wish you a wonderful life. Happy 11th Birthday, baby.

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