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Your smile has the potential to give a new life to a died man. Always keep smiling, people badly need it. Happy 25th birthday daughter.

Your presence makes my black and white life colorful and I love to enjoy life with you. Wish you all happiness in the life. Happy 25th birthday dear brother.

Your passion can only be the element which can be discriminated in your job and career. So make your career more passionately to get the highest level of success. Happy 25th Birthday darling.

Your life’s story should revolve around two mottos ‘I can and I will’ wish you all the best for your future. Happy 25th birthday.

Your growing age makes your personality more rejuvenating and adorable. Have a sparkling 25th birthday.

Your dreams are soon to be accomplished since you have turned on 25, your dreamy boy will come and take you away. Happy birthday, best moments are waiting for you.

You make me happy, you make me proud and you make me smile each and every day. I’m here for you and I hope your 25th birthday gives you more reasons to live.

You have taught me how to love, keep close and hold dearly the things I love most. So whatever the case, I will always be by your side, happy 25th birthday love.

You have crossed the 25th ladder of your life and I wish you see prosperity, success, honor and opulence in the rest of your life. Have a great birthday!

You have changed so much from the last time I saw you, you are really growing up so fast that the number really looks impossible to me. Happy 25th birthday dear.

You deserve more, want to make your birthday adore. Have a blast on your special day; people can go away if they are getting bored. Happy 25th birthday. May you have many more!

You are turning 25 now; I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be sharing this day with you. I do wish you entirely the best darling, from the deepest part of my heart.

You are the most outstanding 25-year old that I know; I hope you improve on your potentials as you grow older, happy birthday to you.

You are the most beautiful gift in my life from my God. Enjoy your 25th birthday to its fullest. These days will never back again.

You are the coolest, energetic, outgoing and sharp boy with full of intelligence and excellence. Have a wonderful 25th birthday.

You are standing in that pace where your future belongs to you, predict it and then depict it. Wish you the good luck and success in your life. Happy 25th Birthday great bro.

You are now 25 years, I hope you know you still look beautiful, but you are more jovial now. I hope you enjoy this day with all that comes with it. Happy birthday love!!

You are included in those lucky persons that what they want for, they can easily achieve it. Wishing you a very delightful 25th birthday. May you get the most of every moment.

You are brighter than stars, cool like breeze, precious like a diamond, and sweeter than sweets. Wishing you the best wishes. Happy 25th birthday.

You are born to fly my friend, live every bit of this year like an eagle, and celebrate every day you live. May you be blessed beyond curse. Happy 25th birthday.

You are as cute as you were in the year two. May your cuteness and liveliness always be sparkled like a star. Happy 25th birthday.

You are an awesome friend, a brave partner and my other half, I am complete with you. Today, I celebrate you and all the moment we are yet to have. Happy 25th birthday love!

You are an amazing person and I am so glad that I get to share your 25th birthday with you. Wishing you the best as you turn a new age.

You are always beautiful in my eyes. You make each day worth looking forward to and each moment special. Happy 25thbirthday my angel!!

You are all I ever wished for; you remind me that I have so much with you each day that goes by. I love you so much and wish you a great 25th birthday.

You are a girl with happy go lucky nature; no one can even bore in your company. My sweet birthday wishes for the very young lady. Happy 25th birthday.

You are 25 and even more beautiful. I wish you love, luck, health and wealth as you celebrate this special time. Thinking of you always!!

Wishing you the great 25th birthday. All you need is to love yourself.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday. May this 25th year of your life take you on the right track.

Whatever come with this age must be embraced with compete man strength. But never forget to enjoy all the moments in it. Happy 25th birthday.

What an age it is that you clocked today! It’s really worth celebrating because you are alive, hale and hearty. I wish you many more years. Happy 25th birthday.

What a good life you have lived in this first 25 years of yours! No wonder younger ones want to be like you. Keep setting the pace. Happy 25th birthday my angel.

We are really blessed to have you till now, we pray and hope that we will have you till forever. Happy 25thbirthday son. Have lots of fun.

Today is your special day, it is a day about you, for you and I’m happy to be privileged to share the day with you. Have a hearty 25th birthday dear.

To my beloved daughter, you are my joy and my pride. I wish you many more years to come. Happy 25th birthday.

This is the period you must enjoy being with friends because you are young and grown. It’s a beautiful period in your life, enjoy it to the fullest. Happy 25th birthday.

This is the best age to enjoy everything that youthfulness has to bring. May you enjoy it more than your dress contains. Happy 25th birthday sweetheart.

The only thing that constitutes a great birthday celebration is to have friends around to felicitate you. And I guarantee you that we will storm your birthday party. Happy 25th birthday buddy.

The most exciting event of your life is your birthday and it will be celebrated by your friends when you don’t know about it. So Happy 25th Birthday, my friend. Enjoy your party at the end.

The best youthful age is the age you clocked today. May your life become better as you clock this wonderful age. Happy 25thbirthday.

The best wishes for a 25-year-old man is to have a working plan for the present, organized life and a perfect health. I wish you all of these. Happy 25th birthday my grandson.

Success by luck or hardworking, it will definitely come, never lose your hope and determination. Wish you all the best and happy 25th Birthday cute sis.

Sometimes your cuteness masks all your stupidity inside you. Think wisely and take rational decisions in order to make your bright career. Happy 25th birthday.

Smile and merry than everyone else today because you are 25, not all your mates are alive to witness another great event such as the celebration of your birth.

Slow and steady wins the race, you managed to survive 25 years, let us see how long you will last in the game where no one comes out alive.

Say to the moon, come to the earth from the sky as it’s the birthday party of my handsome guy. Wish you lifetime happiness and joy. Happy 25th Birthday, my love.

Remember to stay strong when challenges arise, never back down and never concede defeat when you are pressed, be of a good courage always and you’ll be victorious. Happy 25th birthday nephew.

Quarter of a century is not an age to laugh about, it is really a beautiful and glorious age, I hope you will enjoy every day in it. Happy 25th Birthday.

Once there is a young boy who rules on my heart and calls me ‘mom’. Have a fabulous 25th birthday my dear son. May all your silver dreams come true.

Oh my pretty child, you are getting old little by little, your smile is very beautiful to gaze upon, I hope that doesn’t get old. Happy 25th birthday child, enjoy your glorious day.

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