15th happy birthday wishes

Do not depend everything on luck as hardworking can change your luck. Adorn more dreams than memories. Wish you a wonderful happy 15th birthday. May life makes you happy all time.

Do not act like a dumb kid. You are smart enough to rejoice the birthday. Hope your everyday becomes beautiful and tension free. Wish you the birthday filled with memorable events. Happy 15th Birthday.

Did you know what it means to be 15? It means to be wild, young and free. No fear. No stress. No tears. Happy Birthday dear nephew!

Birthdays are as sweet as honey, may your life after your 15th birthday yield only good and sweet memories.

Being with you today makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world, I hope your 15 birthday is the best, I love you and only want to see you smiling!

Being friends with you has changed my academic stance; you are a positive influence on every aspect of my life. Happy 15thBirthday a friend to keep forever. Enjoy it a lot.

Because of you there is joy everywhere. May the joy that envelope this day, envelope the rest of your life on earth. Happy 15thBirthday daughter. Keep growing in wisdom and favor.

At 15, you are grown enough and quite sensible to handle any situation. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your beautiful day.

As you turn 15, I hope you know you will never be alone; I am here if you need anything, you are all I need and I am happy to share this birthday with you.

Although you are younger than me, but you are the best friend I can share my secrets with. I’m happy to celebrate the birthday of my lovely cousin. Happy 15th Birthday!

All my wishes for a very cute and adorable girl who has completed 15 years of life. May you have a wonderful life with lots of surprises. Happy Birthday my grandchild!

All my best wishes and warm greetings to the beautiful girl on this planet earth. Have a perfectly blended 15th birthday.

A wonderful journey, outstanding experience, a swift progress and many more favors and opportunities are what I wish you on your 15th birthday.

A great gift for the great person. May you find the best people in your life to inspire you. Happy 15th birthday!

A beautiful sweetest birthday cake for the girl who is so beautiful. Just blow the candles and make a wish on your birthday. Happy 15th Birthday.

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