15th happy birthday wishes

Life is full of good things and bad ones. Try to make your inner good and everything will become good itself. Have lovely 15th birthday, my sweet boy.

Let’s make this birthday party unforgotten. 15 will be the year they will never forget. Happy Birthday my best friend! Let’s get this party started!

Just 15 hours to throw the best party to the best 15-year-old in this world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIECE!

It’s your 15th birthday, I hope you enjoy every second of it. You are an amazing cousin and I love you very much.

It’s a day to live, love and make new memories, happy 15th birthday dear, may all your wishes come true.

It is really awesome to behold the beautiful mature woman this 15-year-old girl has turned into. It is a splendid joy to see you grow to become a woman. Happy 15th Birthday. Stay blessed.

It is quite obvious, the more birthdays we have, the longer our life span, I hope you will have many more years to celebrate in this lovely world. Happy 15th Birthday boy turning man.

I’m the real big fan of this cute girl. Happy 15th birthday.

I’m super happy that I get to be part of your 15th birthday good boy, may you live longer than the hills, trees and all the old things that surround us.

I’m sending to this wonderful young lady who I know as my very best friend right from the tender age. Thank you for all these amazing years of knowing you. Happy 15th Birthday beastie.

I woke up to the buzz about your 15th birthday, it signifies how great today will be and I can’t wait to experience it with you. We’ll paint the town red today.

I will do everything right by you, for from the moment you came into this world, you became the most important person to me, happy 15th my beautiful daughter!

I will always be here for you no matter what, you are a great brother and I love you dearly. I hope you enjoy your 15th birthday and others to come.

I really hope today will give you an extra of every bit of thing that makes you feel so happy. Happy 15th Birthday sweet daughter, you remind me of my self at your age. Enjoy.

I love you with every piece of me my sister, you light up my days and I’m always glad to be part of each event that relates to you. Happy 15th birthday my amazing sister.

I know that you are excited and you can’t help but want to party. It’s only natural. We want you to know that we love you and we can expect some wild nights from you. Happy 15th birthday.

I hope to have many, many more years by your side; you are a friend worth having. Happy 15th birthday to you, dear! Enjoy every bit of the year ahead of you.

I hope this will be a fun loaded and joy packed birthday, because you deserve to have them all. Happy 15th Birthday. Enjoy your special day with lots of happiness.

I have a great surprise for you today because you have always been a polite girl, here is your birthday present, your car keys are on the table. Happy 15th Birthday lovely daughter.

I have a cute daughter, she is very sweet, cute, intelligent, nimble and obedient. I love her a lot. I wish her a very happy 15th birthday.

I enjoy it when you smile and fall in love especially when the reason is me. Happy 15th birthday, sweet girl.

I can’t believe you are now 15; it’s time to kick 14 out and embrace the new age. You are a special child and I love you dearly. Happy Birthday granddaughter!!

I always had worries when you were young and you always fall sick, in fact, it made me lose lots of sleep, but here you are today, strong, hale and hearty. Happy 15th Birthday son.

How fast you grow my nephew, just now I was holding you in my arms as a baby. I hope this 15th birthday turns out to be as special as you.

Hope your 15th birthday become magical for you as what you want from life now and onwards, you will get easily without making any efforts. Have a wonderful day. Happy 15th Birthday.

Here’s an excellent reason to happy for your 15th birthday, many were unable to live this long. We pray for numerous years of meaning and accomplishments for you.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl that I know to be mine, always having joy for the challenge that arise with every day, you are a different girl. Happy 15th Birthday daughter.

Happy 15th Birthday. I’ve seen a lot of seeds in you, but I’m happy with your honesty. It is actually the best policy to attain the unattainable in the sight of others.

Happy 15th birthday! We are going to make this a giant birthday fest even though we are relatively young. Don’t worry about a thing.

Happy 15th birthday! Now for your birthday, you will not worry about anything. We got you covered from all angles my friend. Excited? You should be! We are!

Happy 15th birthday, my cutest and adorable girl. I wish you have the best fortune.

Happy 15th birthday young man, I’m proud of the person you are growing up to be. I hope to always see the best in you. I love you.

Happy 15th Birthday you troublesome teen! I hope you find a reason to smile today, you are special to me and I thank God for you each and every day my sis.

Happy 15th birthday you are amazing work of God’s masterpiece, you are amazing in each and every way and I hope you know that, enjoy your birthday my love!

Happy 15th Birthday to a girl who keeps growing rapidly and whose transition never ceases to amaze. May you never stop growing into a really beautiful woman. Enjoy your youthfulness.

Happy 15th Birthday my friend. It has been a pleasure knowing you and I hope to continue making this relationship strong. We can start that today!

Happy 15th birthday my dear, you are growing to be a big beautiful woman and I am happy that I get to share in this day, may all your wishes come true darling!

Happy 15th birthday my dear, you are great and I hope you always prosper in all you do. I love you very much.

Happy 15th birthday my dear niece, this is surely a spectacular day and I’m honored to be part of it. Enjoy yourself and all that comes with the day. Best Wishes!

Happy 15th birthday my dear brother, you have gone through a lot in such a young age, but I hope you take heart and find a way to celebrate your 15th birthday gracefully!

Happy 15th birthday my darling, you are simply amazing and I hope you know how much I love you. Enjoy the day my love!

Happy 15th birthday dear sister, you are an amazing girl and I hope as you blow out those candles, everything you had planned will come true. I love you so much, have fun dear!

Happy 15th birthday celebrations, May the years ahead bestow you with happiness and success in all ramification.

Happy 15th birthday bro, I am happy to be here with you, I hope your birthday turns out as perfect as you’d planned it. Have it awesome!

Happy 15th birthday bestie! This is one special day as you have made it to the midpoint of your teenage years. This is one of the best times of your very young life.

Growing in beauty as a 15th year old lady is astounding, while growing in wisdom and understanding is tremendous. Never give preference to one than the other daughter. Happy 15th Birthday. Have fun.

Great man is the one who has mature thinking and positive mind frame. So develop your mental abilities and be a great man. Wish you a beautiful life. Happy 15th Birthday.

For every year past, one should be grateful for the gift of life. So you should be thankful for having lived 15 years today. Happy Birthday my friend.

Fifteen balloons fly to shape your name on your birthday. How amazing thing to imagine! Happy 15th Birthday to my dear cousin.

Every Birthday is to be celebrated specially, and because you are a special lad, you deserve a special gift. Happy 15th Birthday great kid. Keep growing and keep enjoying your growth.

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