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I feel privileged to not only be the son/daughter of a wonderful man like you, Dad, but also to be the recipient of your amazing love and support. Wishing you a truly spectacular 80th birthday and life.

I bet I would have gotten lost a long time ago without you here now, happy 80th birthday dear.

Hoping all the 24 hours of this milestone birthday of yours are as wonderful as you have been to the entire family. We love you so much, Grandma. Happy 80th birthday.

Hope your 80th birthday is a wonderful celebration of you.

Hope your 80th birthday is a wonderful celebration of the amazing you.

Happy birthday! Time definitely flies when you're having the time of your life. I bet you can't believe you're already 80. I definitely can't — you look and act so young for your age.

Happy birthday to the youngest looking 80 year old I know.

Happy birthday to an amazing 80 year old.

Happy birthday to an 80 year old who acts half his age (that’s a good thing, by the way).

Happy 80th birthday. You don't look a day over your 70th birthday, let alone a decade.

Happy 80th birthday. Never will I stop loving and appreciating your presence in my life, Grandpa.

Happy 80th birthday! You're the best example of 80 being the new 60.

Happy 80th birthday! You seem so young that I can honestly believe you're turning 20 for the fourth time.

Happy 80th birthday! When I look at you, I don’t see an 80 year old. I only see the gleam in your eyes — and the look of pure joy on your face.

Happy 80th birthday! To the world, you may be 80 years old. To me, you're eight decades young.

Happy 80th birthday! May happiness spend quality time with you not only on your birthday but also on all the days of your extraordinarily beautiful life.

Happy 80th birthday! Hoping your second 40th birthday is more exciting than your first 40th (minus the mid-life crisis, of course).

Happy 80th birthday! Hope you spend each day of your life in the company of true friends, family, and most importantly, true happiness.

Happy 80th birthday, thank you so much for always being my partner in crime, all the time.

Happy 80th birthday, please keep on guiding me all the time, there is nothing I want more too.

Happy 80th birthday, Mother! May good health and real joy accompany you every step you take in life.

Happy 80th birthday, may you keep your optimism even as you grow older, enjoy our day now.

Happy 80th birthday, looking back now I see that you’ve really gotten prettier and wiser too.

Happy 80th birthday, I feel like the luckiest person alive to be your son, I love you Mama dear.

Happy 80th birthday, I consider you the closest person to me indeed, knowing all my secrets.

Happy 80th birthday, for me you will always be the prettiest, the smartest and my only love.

Happy 80th birthday, do remember & reminisce all the time we shared together, my dearest.

Happy 80th birthday, dearest Grandma. For me, it’s an absolute honor to call myself your granddaughter/grandson.

Happy 80th birthday, Dad. May God Himself come down and watch over you on this special occasion of your life. I love you so dearly.

Happy 80th birthday, beloved aunt. I appreciate this special day because it reminds me of how lucky I am to be blessed with an amazingly loving and beautiful aunt like you.

Happy 80th birthday to my bottomless fountain of youth. When I'm with you, I can't help but feel the joy of my younger years.

Grandpa, I hope that this special birthday of your fabulous life will bring you good healthy, plenty of cheer and a lot of great blessings. Happy 80th birthday.

Grandpa, congratulations on making it to 80 in such grace. You’re such a remarkable inspiration to me. Happy birthday.

Grandma, may God bless you with the key to unlimited happiness on your 80th birthday.

Granddad, I have only one important wish for you as you mark 80 years of being a blessing to this world. Be forever happy and healthy!

For bringing me more bliss than I ever dreamed of, may the heavens sprinkle blessings of everlasting happiness on you as you celebrate your 80th birthday.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been hearing endless stories about you when you were younger. Today, that legend from the stories turns 80! Ready to conquer more adventures Happy 80th Birthday!

Even though you’ve lived for 80 years, you look like 20 and have the wisdom like you’re 1000! Happy Birthday!

Dear uncle, on your 80th birthday, celebrating, drinking and partying is on me because I would feel cheated if I weren’t able to spend this beautiful day with you. Happy birthday.

Dear Grandma, you are the closest thing to an angel I ever met, and I would be honored to spend this great day of your life with you. Wishing you a fantastic and blessed 80th birthday.

Dad, on this milestone birthday celebration of yours, I want to thank you for all the incredible sacrifices you’ve made in the advancement of my happiness in life. Happy 80th birthday.

Dad, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a truly joyful 80th birthday. Thanks for always being more than a father to me.

Congrats to you for reaching 80, just keep enjoying life, age surely looks good upon you now.

By the time you're 80 years old you've learned everything. You only have to remember it.

At the age of 80 statistical studies prove that there are 4 women for every man. Hell of a good time for the lucky guy to get odds like that. Happy 80th Birthday

At 80 years old your bones get softer and your arteries get harder to balances out! Happy 80th Birthday!

At 80 years old you know everything, but nobody asks you!

At 80 years old you can still chase girls although you wouldn’t remember what for, but you are still chasing them. Happy 80th Birthday!

A lot I want to say to you, but nothing can ever compare to my love, happy 80th birthday, love.

80 looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Hope your special day is as incredibly gorgeous as you are.

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