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I am sending you cookies and your favorite chocolate to celebrate your special day. Happy Birthday son, 8-year-old!

How amazing you are, you were born after the number of perfection seven (7) meaning you are destined for greater heights. Happy 8th birthday friend.

Have a hearty 8th birthday, you have been the greatest gift in my life and I hope I someday will be the greatest reminder of how much fun you had today.

Have a great 8th birthday, share your cake with your friends and make memories meant to last an eternity.

Happy Birthday twins! It’s your 8th birthday today. Wish you both, joy, peace, blessings and all good things in folds. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday sweetie, enjoy today with the thought that I’ll always be here for you because you are my one in a million. Keep growing in total grace. Happy 8th Birthday.

Happy 8th Birthday. Having you as my child is the best gift I have ever received from God in my life. I celebrate you this special day.

Happy 8th birthday to you! You make me a complete adult. You are special. Have fun.

Happy 8th birthday sweet princess, I can’t believe how fast you grow each day. I love you endlessly and hope you have fun on this day darling!

Happy 8th Birthday my darling, you are the most wonderful baby girl on the planet and I love you dearly, may you enjoy this day and all the gifts that come with it. Have a hearty time.

Happy 8th Birthday mummy’s pet, I will see what you are capable of doing when the time is right for you to leave your mom to go to school afar. Start getting used to it.

Happy 8th birthday daughter, another lucky year with you, I hope it be filled with lots of fun and shared memories, may you never cry and always smile!

Happy 8th birthday darling, you bring the joy in my life and I hope you always have a hearty time wherever you go. I’m proud of you.

Great things have little beginnings. Watching you grow over the years have given me great joy and fulfillment. You are a precious jewel. Have a wonderful birthday.

Great things happen, but there is no greater thing than seeing you turn 8 on this special day. With lots of love, I say Happy Birthday.

Fortune favors the bold, opportunity favors the prepared, success favors the persistent and happiness favors the contented. These are the golden rules of life. Yours is the Earth and everything in it. Happy 8th Birthday.

For each of the 8 candles on your cake today, I hope a wish comes true! You deserve the best of the best and I want you to always remember that. Happy birthday!

For all the times you have looked out for me, I say thank you. Happy 8th birthday.

Fear is not real. It simply gives a big shadow to small things. And you know what? We’re always going to be here with a giant light to vanquish that. Never forget that. Happy 8th Birthday.

Everywhere smells good. Balloons and flowers are all over the place. People from afar and near are here to celebrate you. Happy 8th Birthday dearie! I celebrate you greatly.

Every year, we all get-together and share memories of your entrance to this world. We are blessed to have you. A wonderful Happy 8th Birthday to you my niece, be sweet and stay out of trouble.

Even though 8 is considered to be the number of balance, you, my dear, are the most unbalanced 8 years old there is. I still love you just the way you are though, and I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

Even if I lose everything today, having you alone is enough to secure my future, happy 8th birthday son.

Dearie, I cannot begin to describe the joy I feel in my heart when I look at you and what you have become, you are 8 now and I could be more proud of the person you are. Have the best birthday.

Congratulations! Life is running so fast. I’m proud to have you smart, intelligent, and fun-loving nephew. May you feel the touch of love everywhere you go. Happy 8th Birthday. Have a lovely day.

Chocolate, sweets, and pizza are no matches to the sweet love you show me as your father. You are indeed a great child. Happy 8th birthday my daughter.

Bright is the day. Blue is the sky. Beautiful is the sun. Everything seems to be bright and beautiful today. Why? Because someone special was born today. Happy 8th Birthday dearie.

Boys of age 8 are seen as boys who care less about some things and care more about playing, but you’re a different young man, who cares more about excellence. Happy 8th Birthday my little man.

Birthdays come and go every year. So make sure you enjoy this particular one. I wish you a blissful and beautiful 8th birthday!

Because it is your birthday, I am sending you a pack of chocolates and goodies just to express how much I love you. Happy 8th birthday to you my friend!

Beautiful as an angel, graceful as a dolphin, elegant as a swan, and smarter than Einstein. No, I am not describing the perfect human being, just the perfect child that turned 8 years old today! And you still have so much room to grow! So don’t give up, keep surprising the world, my love. Happy birthday!

Baby, life can be cold and intimidating. But through it all always smile as bright as you’re doing today. Your smile will always attract positive people as your sun. Never lose it. Happy 8th Birthday.

As you start a new year, I pray that you’ll be successful in all your doings. You shall grow and go higher. 8 years and still counting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!

As you have seen this day, my prayer for you is that you grow up to fulfill all of your dreams. Happy 8th birthday to you nephew!

As you approach the end of your first decade on earth, and slowly approach independence, do see the world in a new light for she holds the best for you. Happy 8th Birthday honey.

As I look at you today my worries melt, my heart skipped like a growing kid that you are, just because you are my most precious being, I’ll do anything for you. Happy 8th Birthday.

As 8 signifies completion, my prayer for you is that you stand perfect and complete in all of God’s will for your life. Have the best birthday nephew.

All your life I’ve always watched you closely. You laugh; you play, and always declare how happy you are, I hope you will stay like that forever. Happy 8th Birthday cute son.

Age is just a number, but life will always treat you the way you want, live smart, have fun and most of all, don’t act older than you are. Happy 8th birthday to you brother!

8 years makes me feel like time has flown fast and my only hope is I have never missed a single moment. Have a hearty time.

8 years ago on this exact same day, I became the happiest person on earth, today, you make me doubt if this day is even more exciting than seeing you cry for the first time. Because it is your laughter that makes me happy, it is the happy times that make us feel excited. And today, the day you turn 8, is one of these times. Happy birthday!

8 marks Infinity and everything good, so you shall experience good things as you grow up. Happy 8th birthday!

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