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If 40 is over the hill, then 50 must mean you’ve only started up the mountain. Congratulations – you’re on the rise again!

I wanted to find you the perfect present for your birthday. Then, I realized you are so old now that you certainly have everything you could ever want. No presents for you! Happy 50th birthday!

I used to think 50 was old, but now you’re 50 and you’re not old, so I must have been wrong.

I hope the next 50 years are as happy, as memorable and as full of love as the first 50 years.

I heard you turned 50 today! Days like this make me so happy I am younger. Happy birthday!

I can’t believe you’re 50. You’re way too hot to be half a century old.

I can’t believe you’re 50! I don’t remember you being that much older than me when we were kids.

Here’s to you, my dearest friend. I thank God for you each and every day. You are truly appreciated. Happy 50th!

Here’s to you on this momentous occasion! 50 years young! Just remember to start going to bed earlier and drinking more water. Otherwise, next year we won’t be able to continue to pretend you are 35 anymore!

Have you ever noticed the number “5” looks almost identical to the letter “S”? Now that you’re turning 50, it’s just your body’s way of reminding you that you are “50” (SO) Old!

Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 50 years, thanks for all you do for our family!

Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 50 years, so here’s wishing you many happy returns.

Happy birthday! Remember last year when we… Oh, wait. I forgot. Now that you’re 50, your memory is sure to fade faster!

Happy birthday! I hope your day treats you well. When I turned 50, I woke up feeling like I was a part of a car accident I didn’t know about.

Happy Birthday! Don’t worry about turning 50. Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

Happy Birthday, dad! I can love you twice as much in the next 50.

Happy birthday, Dad! Grandma always says that these past 50 years have been the best years of her life. I feel the same for my years. You are loved!

Happy birthday to you! We hope you have a wonderful 50th birthday and that you are truly spoilt on your big day!

Happy birthday to the kindest, most generous person I know. I hope you have a fantastic 50th birthday and that the years ahead are long and full of many blessings to you and your family.

Happy birthday to a guy/gal who’s turned 50 but still hasn’t grown up!

Happy 50th birthday. Congratulations... from now on you’re officially old!

Happy 50th Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful day and a fabulous year being fifty.

Happy 50th Birthday! If life is a test then you are still getting an F.

Happy 50th birthday, friend! Here’s to you enjoying 50 more!

Happy 50th birthday, dear friend! This year, we might have to scale back your party so you don’t break a hip on the dance floor in your old age.

Happy 50th birthday, Dad! You’re not just another year older today, you are also another year… no, wait. That is it. You’re just a year older.

Happy 50th birthday, Dad! Try to stay awake for your party, old man!

Happy 50th birthday to you and to me, because I am so lucky to have known you all these years.

Happy 50th birthday to the man who has taught me age truly is just a number! I love you, Dad.

Go with the flow on the big five-oh! I hope you have a fabulous 50th birthday.

Friendship with you is a life-saving grace. Whenever I have needed a shoulder to cry on or hand to hold, you have been by my side, not to mention the joyous moments as well. Thank you for being the one I need. Happy 50thbirthday, dear friend!

For your birthday, I got you a gift card to the local medical supply store. You never know when you’re going to need a walker or bed pan! Happy 50th birthday, old timer!

For your 50th birthday, I wish you only the best. It’s what you deserve because it’s what you are.

Fifty years of love and devotion to the one thing man creates. Dad you are the architect of my world. Thank you for everything you ever did for me. Happy Birthday and have the best day with us!

Don’t waste time worrying about getting older. It’s going to happen anyway. Happy 50th Birthday!

Don’t fret over any wrinkles. They’re just proof that you’ve smiled a lot in the last 50 years.

Deepest sympathies on your 50th birthday.

Dad, you are not only my father but also my friend. You have coached me in making wise decisions and shared in both the struggles and fun moments of my life. You have become instrumental in my success and happiness. I love you with all of my heart. Happy 50th birthday!

Congratulations! You’re 50! Smile... while you still have teeth.

Congratulations on your 50th birthday. Wishing you many happy returns for the coming years ahead.

Congratulations on your 50th birthday! Wishing you many good things for the years ahead, starting with your birthday vacation. Enjoy yourselves on such a well-deserved break!

Congratulations on your 50th birthday! What a great opportunity to stop and reflect on how much you have achieved so far in life, you are an inspiration to all of us. May your future be bright and full of many blessings!

Congratulations on turning 50! You did a lot of crazy stuff in the first half of your life, why stop now?

Congratulations my dear friend on your 50th birthday! May the day be a blast!

Be grateful for your first 50 years and make big plans for the next 50. Happy Birthday!

Are you feeling old already at 50? Give me a call once you reach 75. Happy birthday!

Although we might not have been friends since birth, our years of friendship have become the most valued relationship in my life. You have held my hand in sadness and danced with me in joy. Happy 50th birthday to the one who gives my life energy! Here’s to more memories to be made!

Adam lived 930 years. Biblically, you’re still a baby. Happy 50th Birthday!

50 years young! Time for that mid-life crisis of which you’ve always dreamed!

50 years of memories, 50 years of fun! Happy birthday to the best dad around!

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