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"Growing up with you has been so much fun. Now that we both have our own families, raising our kids at the same time is our next big adventure. I love you so much, my dear sister. I wish you all the best in this world and everything that’s beautiful and amazing in the coming months. Have a happy 45th birthday!

Growing old very fast has never stopped you from working so hard to ensure that your family stay happy. You are a role model dad. Thanks for everything. Happy 45th Birthday.

Grey hairs are really bad for people who want to look forever young, but it seems you have beat that somehow. Lols. Happy 45th Birthday dad. Grey hair are still on the way. Hehehe.

"From the morning hours and into the night
May you birthday celebration be just right!
Happy 45th Birthday!"

Experience comes with age. No matter you are getting old but your wisdom and knowledge are also growing. Wishing you very happy 45th birthday.

"Every birthday is special because I get to celebrate the amazing and beautiful person that you are. I wish you a very happy 45th birthday. You don’t look your age, my love. Even if you do, it doesn’t matter. You are beautiful in my eyes. Period. I love you!

Enjoy your life. You are the sole owner of it. May your 45th birthday bring a lot of happiness and joy.

Don’t make your birthday bore. We are all here for celebration on the floor. Eat anything you can. Take a glass of water and enjoy your day in the rain. Happy 45th Birthday.

"Don’t be upset that you’re turning 45.
There are plenty of older people just glad to be alive!"

Dolphins are not as big as whales, but they shine bright in their territory, you’re not the most popular or most influential, but you shine so bright in the community. Happy 45th Birthday role model.

Do not worry about life’s mishap. They only tease you nothing to give you back. Be bold. Happy 45th Birthday.

"Come to think of it, 45 is not really that old. Remember that age is just a state of mind. You’re only considered old when you start thinking that you are! To my dearest and most amazing friend, a very happy 45th birthday!

Birthdays are times for making memories with those we love. I’m so thankful that you would consider me worthy of spending time with on your special 45th Birthday!

"B is for Blessed
I is for Inspired
R is for Right on
T is for Terrific
H is for Happy
D is for Dream come true
A is for Awesome
Y is for You–because I hope all of these words describe your 45th birthday!"

As you turn 45 I hope you’ll enjoy new adventures, new joys, and soar to new heights! Have a great birthday!

As ambitious children, it often looks as if we forget our parents, but it’s not true, we always have them in heart. Happy 45th Birthday to the woman who sacrificed a lot for us.

A simple glance at you is enough to write an epistle about you, a man with so much and yet possess every appearance of a humble man. Happy 45th Birthday sir. You’re loved.

A man who has a heart for every of his children, you’ll never let anyone of us wonder away, you are a man with lots of love. Happy 45th Birthday dad. Remain in good health.

45th is the age of life’s settlement. And I am glad to see you as successful as I want to see. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

"45 candles on your cake,
45 wishes you can make.
If I could choose, my wish would be
Many more happy years for you and me!"

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