29th happy birthday wishes

Even if nothing is right yet, I hope your birthday will raise your spirit and make you feel good. Happy 29th Birthday. Enjoy the goodies that comes with the age.

"Drive away your fear with worthy friends and family, then you’ll realize that all is not too difficult after all. Happy 29th Birthday buddy, it’s a groundbreaking year for you.

Don’t ever try to make decisions that could screw your life, you’re at a time where such is not allowed. I want to wish you a prosperous life journey without much of mistakes. Happy 29th Birthday.

Don’t ever forget that this is your life and even though you’re still young, it can end at any time. Do get serious at everything you do. And success is near. Happy 29th birthday to you!

Contributing to others joy and happiness will bring complete meaning to your own life, pursue the right thing. Happy 29th Birthday buddy. Special year it’ll be.

"Cheers to the first of your many 29th birthdays! Have a great birthday celebration!

At 29, I bet you still feel the need to prove yourself, I am telling you that you need not, dearest.

"Are we celebrating your 29th birthday again? Alright then! I can’t wait to party again with you like 29 is going out of style! Happy 29th birthday!

"Another exciting year awaits you. Let’s celebrate your special day with fun and cheer and plenty of booze! Happy 29th birthday!

"Always remember that age is just a number. You don’t look a day older 29 and I’m not even kidding. Happy 29th birthday!

Already 29, time really does fly fast, I hope I never miss a moment of your awesomeness; you are loved, appreciated and important in our lives!

All the words in the cards can never describe how happy you make me feel. Have a hearty 29th birthday dear, may you live longest!

A 29-year-old person should have the boldness to risk everything, don’t hesitate at any point. Live life to the point of tears and the point of success eventually. Happy 29th Birthday.

29th Birthdays are filled with lots of thoughts, but much more than all the thoughts in the world, I want you to take time to enjoy this good day. Remain blessed dear.

29 suits you well, it makes you blush more, laugh more and definitely live more. I am glad to be part of your 29th birthday dearest!

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