23rd happy birthday wishes

Let these become the basis at which you operate in life, love and truth. Anything outside these will always give you stress and a charming girl like you doesn’t need stress. Happy 23rd Birthday daughter.

Just refresh your inner beauty by deleting all your problems and save the happiest moments of life. Wishing you a very happy 23rd birthday.

Just find the courage to let the things go that you don’t have. Be happy and positive. Happy Birthday, 23-year-old!

Just enjoy life with new chapters and events come into it. Wishing you the fabulous 23rd birthday.

It’s your time, your day, your everything and I hope you enjoy each and every moment of it. Happy 23rd Birthday my dear, I will always be here to cheer you on.

It’s your 23rd birthday, have fun as you celebrate it dear, you are loved and I hope everything works out for you. Have fun on this special day.

It’s your 23rd birthday, finally! You have been planning for this birthday all year long; I hope it turns out to be perfect darling just as you!

It’s an age that nobody wants to outgrow because of the available strength and the joyful moments. I hope you’ll enjoy it in the best possible way that you can. Happy 23rd Birthday.

It’s a beautiful day of my life because today’s the birthday of my beloved one. I wish you all my love and best wishes. Happy 23rd Birthday.

It is really a glorious year, now life is really active and it’d looking at you in the face. Make sure to be careful about it and live life well. Happy 23rd Birthday.

It is a great pleasure that you’ve passed under our tutelage, because you’re a great representative of this great and awesome family. It’s an honor to have bring you up. Happy 23rd Birthday son.

Instead of criticism, I think the society should always appreciate and encourage young people of this age; this will make them get better. Happy 23rd Birthday daughter. Keep getting better.

I’m your sky and you are my clouds, I’m the prayer and you are my wish, I’m the flower and you are my fragrance. We have an amazing combination of love. Happy 23rd Birthday.

I’m happy to be part of this day, I can’t believe you are now 23, may this day go as planned. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!!

I wouldn’t have it any other way, you are my greatest friend and I am honored to be at your 23rd birthday, so let go of all the fears and let’s have fun my dear!

I wish I would be the first person to wish you on your birthday but I know I am the person who can take good care of you. Have a wonderful 23rd birthday.

I will always be here even when you turn 101 with no teeth and faded hair, happy 23rd birthday darling, have fun!

I was there when you were a child and now I get to see you grow into this fine person and I cannot help but feel older each time. Happy 23rd birthday, you always continue to shine!

I want you to know that the world is to be full of possibilities; it is left to you to possesses a strong sense of whatever you want and then chase it. Happy 23rd Birthday.

I understand what it means to be on the brink of failure because I’ve been there many times, but your ability to get back to winning ways is encouraging. Happy 23rd Birthday dear friend.

I never cared for the world if you are with me, even though I have to sacrifice my life for you. I’m ready to do it. Happy 23rd Birthday, my sweet love.

I may search but I will never find someone as great as you. You are my number one reason to live, happy 23rd birthday my queen.

I hope to be the reason you’d want to wake up when you have a gloomy day, happy 23rd birthday sweetheart, may your day be filled with blessings!

I have fetched a wonderful yummilicious cake for you as it is your special day and I want you to celebrate it. Wish you a life blended with beautiful colors. Happy 23rd Birthday.

I feel so proud that you are my son. May you become successful in every field of life. Wish you the 23rd birthday filled with happiness and joy.

I accept you with all your flaws, smiles, laughter, tears, giggles, jokes and scorn. I just want you. You are my best friend. I love you loads. Happy 23rd Birthday.

Having too much of dreams don’t kill nor benefit people, what kills is not having the courage to push through with making those dreams come to reality. Bravery is key. Happy 23rd Birthday darling daughter.

Have the best 23rd birthday ever, you are an amazing person and I’m glad I have the chance to celebrate you. Have fun!!

Have a hearty 23rd birthday my queen, you are better than the rest and you make me the happiest person in the world. Have fun and don’t get drunk.

Have a great 23rd birthday, may your friends make you laugh, may your family give you love and may those around you make you glad.

Happy 23rd, may it be bigger than the last, happier than the last and may you have more than the last, you are my one true love!

Happy 23rd Birthday, you are a great person and I hope you get to live longer than any member of your family!

Happy 23rd birthday, my sweet daughter. May all your wishes and dreams come true and you have good fortune. Have a wonderful day ahead.

Happy 23rd Birthday to the smiley girl. Your smile casts a magic and I lost my senses. Have a great life ahead.

Happy 23rd Birthday to my one and only true friend. I hope that you will enjoy all the gifts and surprises you get. May you grow to be the best this world needs.

Happy 23rd Birthday my love, you are the reason for the celebration. Have a hearty birthday and don’t be mean with that cake.

Happy 23rd Birthday dear, the older you get the prouder I’m of you and the happier I get to share in these events. Have fun my dear.

Happy 23rd Birthday darling, you are the most amazing person in my life and I appreciate you in so many ways. I love you so much, have fun.

Happy 23rd Birthday and happy ending of your graduation. Wish you a wonderful and successful life.

Happiness comes when you start living happy what you have and being grateful for it. Wishing you a very happy 23rd birthday with lots of fun and pleasure.

Good mind gives happy life. Be positive in your dealings. Have a blissful day. Wishing you the fantastic 23rd birthday.

Forgive, forget and love each and every past memory, it’s your 23rd birthday, have a great birthday and have fun.

Enjoy your 23rd birthday with much love and prosperity. You deserve nothing but the true happiness of life. I’m glad you have been strong through all life bends. Happy Birthday, 23-year-old!

Enjoy every moment of life. Because tomorrow never comes. Have a wonderful day ahead. Happy 23rd Birthday.

Don’t waste your beautiful moments of life for the sake of this ugly ego. Forget it and move on to your life. Happy 23rd Birthday.

Don’t take for granted the need to have strong and valuable faith in yourself as you climb this ladder of adulthood. Enhance your talent through your persistent faith. May God help you. Happy 23rd Birthday.

Don’t indulge yourself in making your life perfect, indeed. It’s better to live happy whatever you have. I wish you a safe and secure future. Happy 23rd Birthday.

Discipline is what this generation lacks, and it might actually be the way out of our many problems. Remain a disciplined kid always my son and keep representing good values. Happy 23rd Birthday.

Beauty lies in the positive attribute of mind not the good looks with the nasty mind. Wishing you the joy, happiness and prosperity come in tour life. Happy 23rd Birthday.

Beauty ends with you. You are a perfect package from God to me. Wish you a wonderful day. Happy 23rd Birthday.

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