18th happy birthday wishes

I’ve watched you grow up from the time you were so little until you have finally reached adulthood. 18 years is a long time and I’m glad I’m here for it.

I wish that your 18th birthday will be filled with so much fun that it will become an annual event. So let’s act like we are 18 for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday!

I really cherish the kind of person that you are, you are my lifelong and destiny friend. Today you clock 18 I hope when you clock 100, we’ll still be together. Happy birthday best friend forever.

I know you’ve been looking forward to this and I’m so happy to see you finally turn 18 and be an adult.

I know you’ve been itching to turn into an adult and I’m so happy to be here with you on your 18th!

I have been here, the temptations the changing but the best part of it all was the excitement. I hope you get to enjoy your 18thbirthday dear.

I couldn’t imagine growing up with a better friend; you know just what to say to bring my spirits up. Good times or bad, you’re always there. Wishing you a beautiful day and happy eighteenth!

I can’t be happier seeing you turn 18, you were just a like the other day. Although this day makes me feel old, I wish nothing but the best for you. I love you sweetheart, happy birthday!

I am wishing the best for you during your 18th year. I know you’ll be great at being an adult.

I am surely blessed to have you with me, to be part of this exciting day where I see you turn 18. My only wish for you is that you may be a person worth looking up to. Have fun.

I am so proud and honored to be part of your special day, may this beautiful day usher into your life every good thing that you’ve always dream of. Happy 18th birthday buddy, have lots of fun.

Here’s wishing you all the love and best wishes on your adulthood! I hope that your birthday will be very special. Happy 18th birthday!

Happy eighteenth birthday! Thanks for being a great friend. This friendship is truly forever. Whether it is your 18th or 100th birthday, we will always stay together. That, I promise!

Happy eighteenth birthday, this the top most time to achieve your goal, never waste your life to do something stupid as it can make your future darken and all life’s disappointments. Happy birthday!

Happy eighteenth birthday – the beginning of your bumper youth. Trust your own abilities, everyone masks creativity inside him!

Happy birthday! You are truly special and that’s why I love you. May your 18th birthday be filled with so much joy and happiness that you deserve!

Happy birthday to the most beautiful 18 year old lady that I know. You are truly a great lady and I know you can do even better when you start journeying in the world of adulthood.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful 18 year old I have known. You have been a great kind and I know you will become that perfect adult I have envisioned.

Happy birthday to the greatest 18 year old that I know. You’ve been a wonderful kid and I know you’ll be the perfect adult.

Happy birthday to a wonderful 18 year old. This is truly a fun time to celebrate your life, so enjoy!

Happy birthday to a great 18 year old. This is a fun time in your life, enjoy it.

Happy 18th! Welcome to the wonderful world of adults. It is a crazy world, yet, it’s filled with so much happiness that you sure will look forward to!

Happy 18th! Prepare yourself and be ready to fit right in this crazy world of the adults. Enjoy yourself but do not go overboard.

Happy 18th! May you live the kind of life like it is your birthday every single day!

Happy 18th to you! Your adolescence is now finally over and there will no longer be any teenage angst to deal with. The best is about to come. Enjoy and be grateful, you are finally an adult!

Happy 18th to you! You are now an adult and you can finally do things legally. These are the things that you were prohibited to do when you’re still a kid.

Happy 18th to the best brother a girl could ask for.

Happy 18th birthday. It’s finally the start to act like a grownup. So start now… bring out the booze and let’s be merry until we’re weary.

Happy 18th birthday! I only have one advice for you – every time someone will give you advice on life, never ignore it.

Happy 18th birthday, there are many places come in the way of your life which will take your assessment and you have to prove yourself.

Happy 18th birthday to you! As your birthdays will come and go, may you always remember that growing old does not really mean growing up. It just means staying young.

Happy 18th birthday to a wonderful friend I know. Thanks for being my best friend. You truly are a God’s gift to me.

Happy 18th birthday princess, you deserve the time off, you are a hardworking, lovable and amazing person and I wish you nothing but the best as you get to celebrate this day. Happy birthday!

Happy 18th birthday my sweet brother, new hopes, new desires, new expectations and new beginnings of life are on the way.

Happy 18th birthday my dear, you surely deserve the best out of this day, may you have it all my dear, the good life begins today and it begins with you my dear, you only live once (YOLO).

Good friends are hard to come by, lifelong friends are even harder. This friendship is forever whether it’s your 18th birthday or 100th, we’ll always be together.

Girlfriend, it’s your special day. Let’s spend the day together and have some fun. It’s not every day you turn 18.

Eighteen years ago today our lives changed forever. We were blessed with the most precious and kindest daughter. Happy birthday.

Eighteen is the age where you can take a start for the execution of your dreams by your endless hardworking and enthusiasm. I wish you a very happy 18th birthday.

Each year with you has been a blessing, I hope your 18th birthday revives more than just sweet old memories. Have fun as you celebrate a new age.

Each day with you is a blessing and 18 is no exception. Have fun on your birthday and enjoy each gift the day has in store for you.

Don’t let your expectations and goals taken as granted; try to achieve them at any worth. Have a stunning 18th birthday my brother.

Do not believe if people will tell you different things. Turning 18 is actually one of the best things on earth. Happy Birthday!

Dear, happy 18th birthday to you! Let us go and have some fun on this special day of yours.

Darling, I can’t find the words to express the joy I feel in being part of this memorable day. I hope you get to enjoy yourself, to have all the good and wonderful things flow you way, that is my only wish for you as you turn 18.

Congratulations on reaching your first birthday being an adult. Happy 18th birthday!

Congratulations on finally turning 18. It’s been a long road and I know you’re excited to see where your life is going to take you from here.

Best understandings of things come with practical and experiences. Put a positive attitude and achieve your aims. I wish you a very happy eighteenth birthday!

Best friends since birth. We shared a crib, sandbox, crayons, and everything else. Eighteen years together and I hope for at least another eighteen more.

At this age obstacle will arise, challenges will come and showcase itself but never have doubt and never give room to fear or panic because bravery is the first step to achieve success. Happy 18th birthday.

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