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People like you (people born under the sign of Gemini) have one very special and incredibly endearing thing in common: you're all dedicated to mending our little world and the world around us. Our world wouldn't be the anywhere the same without you. Happy birthday!

It makes sense that Geminis need excitement, variety and passion. That's what you need and, better yet, provide to everyone you know and love. I'm just glad that you take me along on your many exciting trips to the unknown. Happy birthday, my favorite Gemini!

If you’re born under the Gemini symbol, many people look at you as a backstabber. Many people misunderstand you as a traitor.

If I wasn't born under the sun sign of [insert your zodiac sign], I would want to be born a Gemini like you — a kind, curious, loving and flexible friend. My life would be incomplete without you. Happy birthday!

I predict that your birthday celebration will be epic this year. After all, it's in the stars. That's how I know you're an incredible Gemini in every way. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! You're flexible, inquisitive, fun-loving, born with a desire to experience everything and anything in this world of ours. To me, this makes you the most interesting and exciting Gemini anywhere.

Happy birthday! I've read that anybody born under the sign of Gemini shines in anything creative, artistic and imaginative. When it comes to you, I certainly agree. You should be a role model for every Gemini in this world.

Happy birthday! From everyone I know born under the sign of Gemini, you're the best. That's the reason you also have so many people who think you're truly extraordinary.

Happy birthday to the world's greatest Gemini, one of the most fascinating signs of the zodiac!

Gemini’s constantly need new interests in their life to keep from getting bored.

Gemini’s are masters at procrastination, persuasion, mind games, sarcasm and mixed signals.

Gemini people are easily misunderstood and they really don’t do themselves any favors by the way they handle such misunderstanding. In many case you expect the world to understand you and you really don’t want to put in too much effort in understanding the world.

Gemini may not always understand what they feel or be in a good mood but they will make sure they keep it cool in front of people.

Gemini – you know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Do not allow yourself to feel that you have your Gemini friend or lover completely figured out because you’re in that deep bonded zone.

As a Gemini, you're ready at the drop of the proverbial dime or hat (or both) to "give your life" for your family or friends. That's what makes you so special to me. Happy birthday!

You're dependable, understanding, sensible and, best of all, loyal. You're the most incredible Taurus I know and the best friend I have. Happy birthday!

You're a real-life example of an incredible Taurus — your tender heart makes you a wonderful person and an even more wonderful lover. I love you. Happy birthday.

You come by your tender nature honestly. It's what makes you a standout Taurus. You have what it takes to be an outstanding chef, gardener, companion and artist. Happy birthday!

You are as dependable, uncomplaining, sensible, loyal, accountable, unwavering and well-grounded as any Taurus aspires to...and then some. Happy birthday, my Taurus buddy!

You amaze me. No matter what crisis takes over my life, you have the ability to bring a strong voice of reason to my chaos. Like any exceptional Taurus, you can turn any crazy situation of mine into a loving life lesson. Thanks for always being there. Happy birthday!

You always feel the need to be surrounded by love and beauty. Now I know why. You're a Taurus and, most of all, you deserve all the love and beauty you can take and make. Happy birthday!

Tonight, the stars are aligned so perfectly, just like the day you were born! Happy birthday to my favorite Taurus!

This will be the theme song for the Fixed Sign of Taurus this year. As a Fixed Earth Sign, Taurus loves to hang onto things.

Thank you for being my buddy. May all your birthday desires come true! Happy Birthday to my loving Taurus!!!!!!

Some folks think that anyone born under the sign of Taurus are just too stubborn. That's not you at all. What others may think is stubbornness I see as a true commitment. Your ability to see anything to the end is strong and, well, uncanny. You are great. Happy birthday!

Out of all the people I know born under the sign of Taurus, you're the tops. I guess that's why you make me love you so much, so easily. Happy birthday!

My favorite Taurus pal, the stars in the sky love to shine their brilliant light on you. You are brilliant, after all. Happy birthday!

It makes sense that the ruler of Taurus is Venus, the epitome of love, attraction, beauty, satisfaction, creativity and gratitude. I'm so blessed to have you in my world. Happy birthday, my dearest Taurus!

If I wasn't a [insert your zodiac sign], I would want to be a Taurus just like you — a dependable, level-headed, committed friend. I'd be incomplete without you in my life. Happy birthday!

I'm certain that you will have the best birthday ever this year. Besides, it's in the stars, my amazing Taurus! Happy birthday.

I dedicate this special day to you, my favorite Taurus and pal. Your sign makes you one of my "bestest" friends. You've always been there for the people you love, including me. Thanks, bud. Happy, happy, happy birthday.

Happy birthday! Wishing you all the things that make people born under the sign of Taurus happy, healthy and prosperous — love, beauty and creativity — on your special day... and every year of your life.

Happy birthday! Whether you are your reliable, patient, devoted or well-grounded self, you are so much more than a good Taurus. You're a great one! The best kind of Taurus.

Happy birthday! May the next 12 months of your journey around the sun surround you with all the love and beauty every Taurus needs to experience happiness, passion, peace of mind and, above all, exuberance!

Happy birthday! I've read that people born under the sign of Taurus make great employees, friends and partners, always there for their loved ones. I agree. You should be a role model for every sign in the zodiac.

Happy birthday to the world's best Taurus, one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac! Just like you. You are amazingly stable, ready to stick to your convictions. Anybody would consider you inspiring.

Happy birthday to my best friend, Of all the things I got to see in life, You are the most treasured one Happy Birthday Messages for best friends in Taurus Sign Best Zodiac Birthday Text Messages So, wish you a lovely birthday, Stay blessed!

Friendship can exceed and grow to be something very precious, let us try to increasingly change fear into something amazing, a permanent love. Happy Birthday to my Taurus!!!!!

As a Taurus, you're reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable and well-grounded, making the fun we do together so predictably perfect. Happy birthday!

You're lively, confident, bold and very spontaneous. You're the most amazing Aries I know. Happy birthday!

You're courageous, clever, daring, honest and full of passion. All these wonderful qualities — and much, much more — make you a great Aries and an even greater person. Happy birthday!

You're as fiery, warm, passionate and expressive as any Aries can be...and then some. Happy birthday!

You are so adventurous, so smart, so full of life. I'm so blessed to have you in my world. Happy birthday, my dear Aries!

Wishing you a day filled with love and cheer. Hoping your day will be as special as you are. Have a delightful birthday my sweet aries.

Wishing a very special person a very special day. Have an amazing birthday my beloved aries.

Wish you a wonderful year ahead as well as lots of love and happiness. Have a delightful birthday my sweet aries.

To my favorite Aries and person, I only have one wish: may the fiery warmth, passion, love, joy and self-expression that blazes inside you burn forever more on your birthday.

This year, I just know you'll have an amazing birthday. After all, it's in the stars, my dear Aries! Happy birthday.

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best on your birthday my dear aries.

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