Happy birthday wishes Scorpio

Your sense of humor is without equal. Your ability to find something funny in every situation makes you a gift to be around. Happy birthday, you superb Scorpio!

Your beauty is captivated, I stand stricken with thunder. Among the Scorpions you know, you are the sweetest Scorpio! Happy Birthday

You’re so funny! Most of the time when I’m with my favorite Scorpio, I’m in tears (in a good way). Happy birthday!

You’re fearless. Anything that stands in your way surely stands no chance against your inner drive. Here’s to my favorite Scorpio: happy birthday!

You hold within you a Scorpio beauty that is so colorful, so alive. And your depth: it's infinite and a testament to your kind soul. Happy birthday!

You have not gotten any older in my mind despite the number of birthdays that you have had. A Fabulous and memorable happy birthday to my sweet scorpio.

You are the perfect balance between kindness and bluntness: you see things so clearly, in both realms. You’re a shrewd Scorpio, and I love watching you in action. Happy birthday!

You are sharp, A quick thinker and good at puzzles. Happy Birthday my Scorpio king!

You are resourceful, kind, hilarious and rather foxy. Happy birthday, my sexy Scorpio!

You are powerful. Your inner strength is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You can weather any storm, even the darkest of them all. As a Scorpio, your ability to rise like a phoenix is unmatched. Happy birthday!

You are huge part of my life. When I first met you, I was a different person. You have taught me to stand up for what I believe in, to remain strong in even the darkest times. You are my inspiration. Happy birthday to my dearest Scorpio!

You are fierce, loyal and, I must say, utterly caring. I love you, my incredible Scorpio!

Wow, I have never met a lover as passionate as you. You fill my life with every word you say, and everything you do (especially you know where). Happy birthday to my favorite Scorpio!

Wishing my friend a beautiful day. Hopes and dreams I’m sending your way. May all be good and all come true on this Special Day for you. Happy Birthday, Dear Scorpion!

When you’re happy, you are the cutest person to walk the planet. When you’re mad, even lions should fear you. You are the greatest expression of the depth of emotion, and that means you’re so utterly alive. Happy birthday! What a Scorpio you are!

When you put your mind to something, you’re unstoppable. And you always produce such brilliant and beautiful results. I know full well. After all, I've experienced your magic firsthand. You exemplify the best of Scorpio. Happy birthday!

When Scorpios are in a relationship they want their partner to talk, if their partner is not speaking Scorpio will also stop expressing. Scorpio needs to know what their partner feel about their relationship at every step of their journey. Wishing you a very Happy birthday.

When a Scorpio is tired of doing something they just leave It there without being aggressive, without arguing and sometime they leave even without saying goodbye. And I am not going to allow you to say goodbye ever. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday My dear.

When a Scorpio hugs you it means that they really mean it. Wishing my sweet friend a very Happy Birthday.

When a Scorpio gets angry on you she can ignore you so hard that you can even doubt your existence. And I have been a victim of your anger so many times. Wishing my dear Scorpio friend a very happy Birthday.

What a day! We get to celebrate your awesomeness. You are so full of life, passion and, best of all, love! Happy birthday to an amazing Scorpio!

We have such profound talks together that it thrills my mind. I’m so much better for it. I can now explore my soul without fear. Happy birthday, you wonderful Scorpio!

Truthfulness is the most strong point of Scorpio’s personality. Wishing my friend a very happy Birthday. Wish you a very Happy Life.

Today we are organizing a secret party for your birthday! Everyone knows when but we have kept some mystery about the place. Happy Birthday, Scorpion!

Today on your birthday, I want to tell you that I love you, I respect you, I care for you, and I will always pray for you. Wishing you nothing but the best. Happy Birthday, Dear Scorpion!

To everyone who was born in October And the grown-up, well, the kids, I wish you a lot of happiness! Let them pass you bad weather, Happy Birthday Scorpions!

They say sometimes its hard to understand, but time tells truth. The truth is that I wish you a very happy birthday my dearest scorpio.

Take advantage of how things are so that one day you will take pride in telling how things were. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays my beloved scorpio.

Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. I wish you a wonderful birthday my dearest scorpio.

Sending birthday wishes to a special Scorpio I know! Happy Birthday my friend

Scorpios loves to make money and they hide that from other people because they are afraid that other people will follow their way of making money and they will compete them which could prove harmful for their earning. Wishing my possessive and insecure friend a very Happy Birthday.

Scorpios are very famous about their possessiveness. Wishing my most emotional friend a very Happy Birthday.

Scorpions have a great deal of problem showing off the insecurities. They tend to forget that all humans have to deal with anxiety. Perhaps, this is why they find it infra-dig to approach people for a favor. Confiding in others and seeking their help will not make them any small.

Scorpio treats a person who is very close to them with bigheartedness, faithfulness and kindness. Wishing my caring friend a very Happy Birthday.

Scorpio is tremendously determined, continual and motivated with a controlling attitude. Wishing my best friend a very happy Birthday.

Scorpio is the straightforward person with intricate mind. Wishing my special friend a very Happy Birthday.

Scorpio is the independent sign. They are completely suitable to being on their own. Wishing my independent friend a very happy Birthday.

Scorpio is self-protective type of start and they do not usually share their stories with anyone because they know that sharing everything is a sign of weaknesses and Scorpio are not weak at all. Wishing my strong friend a very happy Birthday.

Scorpio is not easy to handle but it is very effortless to please them. Wishing my nice friend a very Happy Birthday. May you live long and prosper.

Scorpio is good at dealing with any matter or person but they don’t like to deal with dishonest person. Wishing my Scorpio buddy a very happy Birthday.

Scorpio grows in maturity and intelligence. Wishing my intelligent friend a very happy birthday.

Scorpio always knows more than they tell, they imagine much more than they talk and a Scorpio judge more than everyone else understands. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

People first think that Scorpio is unapproachable because they first look silent and sober. And I am really happy for our friendship. A very happy birthday to you my dear friend.

Our hugs to warm you up and more hugs for your birthday! Happy Birthday my dear Scorpio.

On this birthday of yours, let’s spoil ourselves with an amazing dinner in a luxurious restaurant & prove everyone how classy we really are! Happy Birthday Scorpio

Nobody can match your powers of observation and deduction. Not a single person can hide their true nature from you. You see it all. Wow. Happy birthday to an impressive Scorpio!

My Scorpio friend I know that you have a limit of being mistreated and I sorry for my rude behavior. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

May you find good times and friends on whichever path you follow. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays my dear scorpio.

May life’s brightest joys illuminate your path, and may each day’s journey bring you closer to your dreams! I hope your birthday wishes come true my sweet scorpio.

Known to be rather passionate, Scorpios are said to do so much for those they love, even those they hate. The only thing: the "so much" you do differs between the latter and the former. You seem to have forsaken the second part, only focusing on love. I respect you for that. Happy birthday!

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