Happy birthday wishes Pisces

Your belief could keep the Universe itself alive, my incredible and kind Pisces. Happy birthday!

You’re the spirit of humanity, expressed to the fullest! You are the proof of our beauty as human beings. Happy birthday, my dear Pisces!

You’re the combination of all the signs: you embody the greatest qualities of the zodiac. Wow! Happy birthday, you amazing Pisces!

You’re like the rainbow itself, expressing the fullness of each shade. You are a Pisces sight to behold! Happy birthday!

You’re aware of the emotional states of others, and you don’t use that to manipulate them, which is great. Instead, you empower them! Happy birthday to a wonderfully superb Pisces!

You’re an amazingly kind person who always considers everyone's feelings before your own. And that's not just as any Pisces would — even more so. Happy birthday!

You see the world through beauty, which comes naturally to you. And that is unique. So unique. Just like you. Happy birthday to a grand Pisces!

You know how to love, and how to care. I’m so glad you’re in my life! Happy birthday to a super Pisces!

You have such creative juices flowing through you! Every word you speak or write is art. Happy birthday to the most creative Pisces EVER!

You have a "joie de vivre" that is contagious! The people in your life (including me, my dear Pisces) are so blessed by your presence. Happy birthday!

You dance with such joy, live with such life and love with abandon! You are a Pisces filled with all the best things in life. Happy birthday!

You are the sea of emotion itself — your emotions go deep. You really have what it takes to be incredible. Happy birthday to a great Pisces!

You are so beautiful in your innocent outlook to life, seeing the best in others and not in yourself! You should, you magnificent Pisces! Happy birthday!

You are brimming with the waters of an infinite sea. You are capable of anything and everything. Happy birthday to such a wonderful Pisces!

You are always in a "feeling" mindset, and it paints a colorful world wherever you go. Happy birthday, to the artist, the #1 Pisces I know and love!

We are all waves in your ocean, and you are a sea of love! To the best Pisces I know, happy birthday!

There are so many facets to your personality! Your emotions are everywhere! You encompass everything that is wonderful about our glorious universe. This, of course, can be good and bad, but it's practically all good when it comes to you, my dear, dear Pisces. Happy birthday!

I’m so glad to have you in my life. You have shown me a perspective of the Universe I could never have dreamed of. Happy birthday to the most profound Pisces I know!

Here's to you, my favorite Pisces! You are so kind, considerate and caring of other people’s emotional states (whatever state you're in). Happy birthday, my generous Pisces!

Happy birthday to you! You are the most intelligent Pisces I know. In all ways: emotional, rational (most of the time, LOL) and creatively! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Imaginative Pisces!

Each and all about your Birthday will be worth enjoying. Take it all in little by little, bit by bit, and make the amazing last and last. Happy Birthday to my sensitive Pisces!

Because it’s your Birthday, I wish that you have all of the incredible days that can fill your day and your year. Happy Birthday Caring Pisces!