Happy birthday wishes Capricorn

Your organizational skills are the best I’ve ever seen. You can be a CEO right now if you pleased, and you’d do one heck of a job. Happy birthday to a powerful Capricorn.

Your determination is a sight to see. When you put your mind to something, you don’t stop until it's done well, even if it takes months. You are an incredible role modelto those who wish to accomplish anything great. Happy birthday to a Capricorn I respect!

Your ambition is without equal. You have reached such heights in so little time. You exemplify success, even among other Capricorns. Happy birthday!

You’ve always been a step ahead of the rest wishing you continued lead in everything you do on your birthday. Wish You Happy Birthday Capricorn!

You’re so sincere in everything you say and do. There is this genuine nature in you that I can’t get enough of. Happy birthday, kind Capricorn!

You’re a steady friend, and by steady I mean you stick around through everything, supporting me and my craziness. You’re a great Capricorn and friend! Happy birthday!

You work hard. This I know very well. Your seriousness in this regard is inspiring. Happy birthday to an awesome Capricorn!

You keep rising higher and higher. Soon, you’ll be the head of Google! I only wish the best for you, because you’re as kind as you are ambitious. To my most beloved Capricorn, happy birthday!

You don’t need to keep giving and giving. I’m so full of your love that I think it’s my turn to give back to you, my wonderful Capricorn. That’s what this day’s for, and many more to come. Happy birthday!

You are someone who makes the most out of every occasion. To a Capricorn like you, I wish for you only the best of all occasions, especially a very special "happy birthday" today!

You are our leader. Through your guidance, we have flourished, and so has the work we all care about. You are a special Capricorn, through and though.

Wow! You are actually really funny! I wasn’t expecting that. When I’m with you, oh dear Capricorn, my sides hurt (in a good way, of course). Happy birthday!

Wow, your knack for success is astounding! Everything you touch turns to gold. Bravo to a truly amazing and dear Capricorn! Happy birthday!

Wishing you warm hugs and kisses on your special day. I wish a smile always stay on your face and no problem could ever make you sad. Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

When I’m with you, I feel so utterly calm. Whatever comes your way or mine, I trust you to deal with both smoothly. Happy birthday to my love, my Capricorn.

When a Capricorn is told they cannot do something, it only means they will put even more effort into doing it. Happy Birthday my dear Capricorn

What a Capricorn you are. Here’s to you, a wonderful individual who wants to help others under any circumstances. Your desire to help your friends and family makes you great! Happy birthday!

Thoughtful, goal-oriented, and filled with potential: that’s you, my dear Capricorn. Happy birthday!

Those who know you see your warm heart and your undying ambition. We’re privileged to be a part of your journey, and we wish you the best on this very special day. Happy birthday to the sweetest Capricorn I know!

My favorite place on this earth in your spirit and on your birthday I would like to inform you that you are the blessing in my life. Happy Birthday my Dear Capricorn!

May each day of your life that passed to be full of love, pleasure, strength, and merciful… Happy Birthday to my Strong Capricorn!!!

Look at you! You are such a great person! You care so much about giving back, and you really look after those you love. Happy birthday to an awesome Capricorn!

Happy birthday my dear Capricorn friend, may the bright colors paint your life and you be happy forever. Stay blessed.

Happy Birthday my dear Capricorn Friend, I wish you always stay happy and many many happy returns of the day.

Capricorn’s tend to stay in relationships or jobs. Even if doing so brings them unhappiness. They don’t like to give up, even when they should. Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

Capricorn are known for even-tempered and gregarious. I am extremely lucky to have a Capricorn friend in my life.

Anything you work on flowers beautifully, from your hard work to your planning and all-around work ethic. It's all so inspiring for me. Happy birthday to my favorite Capricorn!