Happy birthday wishes Aquarius

You’re sense of humor is so uniquely disturbing, I just love it! It tickles all the right spots, my dear Aquarius. Happy birthday!

You’re highly bright. Your knowledge is vast, and you apply it excellently, in good times and bad. Happy birthday to a smart Aquarius!

You’re funny, quirky and all-around fun. We go on the best journeys together! There is no Aquarius I’d rather be with! Happy birthday!

You will always be my favorite. I’ve shown you my deepest self, and you are like “ya, you’re beautiful” (so cool, in my books). I can’t share myself with others like I do with you. You are my confidant Aquarius. Happy birthday!

You tell the truth and, in this world, that means a lot. Not only do you tell it, but you’re kind about it. Happy birthday to an amazing Aquarius!

You show your love in such unique ways. There is a knowledge of love that exists with you, and you don’t need to do anything for others to feel it. Happy birthday to the Aquarius I love!

You see the world through your unique lens, and you shape that world. Your perception is our perception, and we work so well together. Happy birthday, you wise and wonderful Aquarius!

You make things so fun! You have an adventurous spirit in you that is balanced by your satisfaction in the here and now. To you, to the the lion-hearted Aquarius, happy birthday!

You bring to others a clarity of knowledge that is normally in darkness. You take from the dark and make light, like no Aquarius I know. Happy birthday!

You are a creative genius. The inner workings of your mind are as powerful as they are beautiful. Happy birthday to my favorite Aquarius!

You are a bastion of calm and contemplation. When I’m around you, I feel at peace. As an Aquarius, you embody the middle of winter — a cool, safe place to live. Happy birthday!

With a big heart in a big world, Aquarians fils every party with excitement and fun! Happy birthday Aquarian birthday girls!

When I think of you, I think of the music from a music box. You soothe me. Happy birthday to my dear friend and Aquarius!

To my favorite Aquarius I must say that you are grand, you are glorious, and you are majestic. Happy birthday!

Time and again you have just created the most beautiful masterpieces (figuratively and literally), and I am privileged to see them...to see what's inside of you. So much beauty. Happy birthday to a superb Aquarius!

Through your art, you display your inner world, and its grand, intricate and beautiful. Happy birthday to a creative Aquarius genius at everything!

There is a kindness in you that is indestructible. You know how you wish to lead your life and you live it, Aquarian style! Happy birthday!

There is a grace to you that is unlike any other. You move through life softly and strongly. Happy birthday to you, my dear Aquarius!

Naturally endowed with the faculty of art and creativity, the Aquarians shine like stars among others in the crowd. They very easily gain recognition because of their talents.

I’ve known you for so long, and your ability to bring a whole community together always astounds me. You’re the coolest Aquarius I know! Happy birthday!

How lucky I am to know you: you have expanded the limits of my mind. No, you destroyed those limits. Thank you! Now, I can see infinity. Happy birthday to the greatest Aquarius I know!

Happy Birthday My Unique Aquarian’s!!!!

Happy Birthday Aquarian’s!!!! You are unique in my life, not just for being my charming sister, but also for being one of my best friends. Without you I would not complete this far.

Elegant and determined, you achieve excellence beautifully. Happy birthday to such a fabulous Aquarius!

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