Happy birthday wishes Cancer

You've touched the hearts of so many. Your emotional depth, as only a true Cancer can have, is a beacon to the lost and a haven for the hurt. Happy birthday to such an exceptional human being!

You go above and beyond to make sure those you love are safe and happy, and that comes so naturally to you as a Cancer. For that, you deserve an epic celebration. Happy birthday!

You are the cardinal force of the sea, the white water of rapids in full-motion, and the ever changing cycles of the moon. Know this, share this, and feel the power of the Universe fill you with joy...for you are the Universe at play. Happy birthday!

Within you lies a sea of emotion that enriches the lives of those around you. Happy birthday to the kindest Cancer I know!

Wishing my patriotic friend a very Happy Birthday. May you live long my dear cancerian friend.

Wishing my most romantic, emotional friend a very Happy Birthday. Live long dear Cancerian.

When you smile, you make others smile. Your emotions are infectious and beautiful. Happy birthday to the most beautiful Canacer anywhere!

When a cancer choices a lover for themselves it is a very superior moment. And I am damn lucky that you selected me in your life as a lover. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Today marks the anniversary of your birth under the sign of Cancer, and is a reminder to those you’ve touched at how lucky they are to have you in their lives. Happy birthday!

Those closest to you are the luckiest people I know, for they have felt the strength of your warm Cancer love and the gentleness of your beautiful heart. Happy birthday!

This day is a very special one. It’s your birthday, and that means we get to celebrate your emotional insight, your leadership, and your tender, loving Cancer care. You are like no other. Happy birthday!

The moment you entered this world under the sun sign of cancer, it became all the richer. Today, we celebrate that richness. Happy birthday!

The Cancer colors within you, as well as their millions of shades, can only be touched by the depth of your sensitivity. Within you, the Universe is realized, and you share this beautiful magic with every person you meet. Happy birthday!

On your this birthday I want to tell this world that cancerians are the most honest and faithful friends. Happy birthday my dear Friend.

Not every person can gain the emotion of a cancer and I feel lucky that I am in your friend list. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Kind, brave, loving, considerate and nurturing. These are only some of the words used to describe you (and every other true Cancer). You are a wonderful person! Happy birthday.

It’s without any doubt that those you care about are transformed by their experiences with you. You bring a refreshing, tender Cancer perspective to this world and the people in your life, and it’s all about love and openness. Happy birthday!

It’s summer, Cancer season, and what better time to celebrate your birthday. It’s full of life, just like you. Happy birthday!

It's time to think about how far you've come. How you became the brave and creative Cancer you are today. Happy birthday!

It goes without saying that your Cancer-borne kindness can brighten anybody’s day. And today is brightest of all the days, for it’s your birthday! Have a happy, happy, happy one.

I know that you are much curious about things and trust me that’s not your fault .This is all because you are a cancerian. Wishing you a very happy and prosper Birthday.

I know that Cancers think a lot about their past and it is not easy for them to let the things go. But my dear friend try to move on and make your life amazing. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend.

I know that cancers have very good sense of humor and you my friend make me laugh when I am depressed. Thank you for turning my worst time into most beautiful memories. Wishing my cancer friend a very Happy Birthday.

I know that cancers are really good lie detectors and i cannot even dare to tell a lie in front of you because I know you will absolutely catch me red handed. Wishing my cancer Friend a very Happy Birthday.

I know that cancers are overprotective and I have no issue with that if you have such feelings for me. I am wishing my domineering friend a very Happy Birthday.

I know that cancers are forgiving and very kind. Wishing my kind and supportive friend a very Happy Birthday.

I know that cancerians cannot bear personal attacks and I have done this many times you and today I want to say sorry for all my mistakes. May you live long my dear friend.

I know that cancerians are the most thoughtful persons and I am feeling tremendously fortunate to have such a compassionate friend in my life. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

I know that a cancer loves you in a really different way but I think sometimes you must express about what you feel. I want to say that I love you and wishing you a very Happy birthday.

I know cancers are passionate, thoughtful, realistic and imaginative. And how can I underestimate such a friend who is cancer and has such an amazing personality with all these good qualities. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday! You’ve touched so many lives just by being you, the warmest Cancer in any room.

Happy birthday! The love in your kind Cancer heart can heal the world.

Family is most important to you, and that’s what you create wherever you go. Happy birthday to my favorite Cancer!

Cancers really enjoy making other smile. Wishing my cancer friend a very Happy Birthday.

Cancers loves being appreciated and appraised by others. Wishing my emotional friend a very Happy Birthday.

Cancers have temper losing problem and you my friend always lose your temper on me but I have issue with that because you are my friend. Wishing my friend a very Happy Birthday.

Cancers have really cut face and they are very attractive. Your cute face drives me crazy every time I look at you. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend.

Cancers have good sense of style and I am wishing my stylo friend a very Happy Birthday.

Cancers cannot bear being ignored and I want to say sorry to you I have every ignored and hurt you. Wishing you a very happy Birthday.

Cancers are most sympathetic, obliging and caring ones. I am lucky to have you a friend who is a cancer. I love you and I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Cancers always listen to the problems of others and I am very lucky to have a friend like you with whom I can share almost everything. Happy Birthday to you my dear.

Cancerians have beautiful soul and having pure soul is a gift of God. Wishing my best fiend a very Happy birthday.

Cancerians are not frightened of being silly and they obsess affection. My dear friend I am with you because we both together make a best couple. Happy Birthday to you .

As a Cancer, the cardinal force of summer, you transform the lives of those around you into full-bloom. Happy birthday!

Always giving and asking for little in return. that’s how Cancerians are. They are very passionate people, who are full of love. And simply love to love. It is too hard not fall in love with these people.

A person with heightened vigor, honesty, dedication, accomplishment and strength is a very amazing person. I am wishing my cancer friend a very Happy Birthday for now and forever.

Beneath that hard exterior exists the gentleness of the soul itself, the kind-hearted spirit that beats strong in every Cancer heart. It’s what makes you beautiful. Happy birthday!