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Your ambition is without equal. You have reached such heights in so little time. You exemplify success, even among other Capricorns. Happy birthday!

You’ve always been a step ahead of the rest wishing you continued lead in everything you do on your birthday. Wish You Happy Birthday Capricorn!

You’re so sincere in everything you say and do. There is this genuine nature in you that I can’t get enough of. Happy birthday, kind Capricorn!

You’re a steady friend, and by steady I mean you stick around through everything, supporting me and my craziness. You’re a great Capricorn and friend! Happy birthday!

You work hard. This I know very well. Your seriousness in this regard is inspiring. Happy birthday to an awesome Capricorn!

You keep rising higher and higher. Soon, you’ll be the head of Google! I only wish the best for you, because you’re as kind as you are ambitious. To my most beloved Capricorn, happy birthday!

You don’t need to keep giving and giving. I’m so full of your love that I think it’s my turn to give back to you, my wonderful Capricorn. That’s what this day’s for, and many more to come. Happy birthday!

You are someone who makes the most out of every occasion. To a Capricorn like you, I wish for you only the best of all occasions, especially a very special "happy birthday" today!

You are our leader. Through your guidance, we have flourished, and so has the work we all care about. You are a special Capricorn, through and though.

Wow! You are actually really funny! I wasn’t expecting that. When I’m with you, oh dear Capricorn, my sides hurt (in a good way, of course). Happy birthday!

Wow, your knack for success is astounding! Everything you touch turns to gold. Bravo to a truly amazing and dear Capricorn! Happy birthday!

Wishing you warm hugs and kisses on your special day. I wish a smile always stay on your face and no problem could ever make you sad. Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

When I’m with you, I feel so utterly calm. Whatever comes your way or mine, I trust you to deal with both smoothly. Happy birthday to my love, my Capricorn.

When a Capricorn is told they cannot do something, it only means they will put even more effort into doing it. Happy Birthday my dear Capricorn

What a Capricorn you are. Here’s to you, a wonderful individual who wants to help others under any circumstances. Your desire to help your friends and family makes you great! Happy birthday!

Thoughtful, goal-oriented, and filled with potential: that’s you, my dear Capricorn. Happy birthday!

Those who know you see your warm heart and your undying ambition. We’re privileged to be a part of your journey, and we wish you the best on this very special day. Happy birthday to the sweetest Capricorn I know!

My favorite place on this earth in your spirit and on your birthday I would like to inform you that you are the blessing in my life. Happy Birthday my Dear Capricorn!

May each day of your life that passed to be full of love, pleasure, strength, and merciful… Happy Birthday to my Strong Capricorn!!!

Look at you! You are such a great person! You care so much about giving back, and you really look after those you love. Happy birthday to an awesome Capricorn!

Happy birthday my dear Capricorn friend, may the bright colors paint your life and you be happy forever. Stay blessed.

Happy Birthday my dear Capricorn Friend, I wish you always stay happy and many many happy returns of the day.

Capricorn’s tend to stay in relationships or jobs. Even if doing so brings them unhappiness. They don’t like to give up, even when they should. Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

Capricorn are known for even-tempered and gregarious. I am extremely lucky to have a Capricorn friend in my life.

Anything you work on flowers beautifully, from your hard work to your planning and all-around work ethic. It's all so inspiring for me. Happy birthday to my favorite Capricorn!

Your search for the meaning of life is so Sagittarius in spirit. Along with your generous heart and curious mind, I think you'll find what you're seeking. Happy birthday to my favorite traveling companion.

Your intense Sagittarius curiosity takes us far and wide. Thanks for taking me on your adventures into the incredible unknown. You inspire me. Happy birthday.

Your adventurous spirit and courageous steps into the unknown are so inspirational for me. Like any Sagittarius, you can see how important enjoying life is. Happy birthday!

You make me want to explore the world over. Your open, wise, Sagittarius-born mind and worldview motivates me to wander the world in search of new discoveries. You make life exciting and fun. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the zodiac.

You are the funniest person I know. And you’re daring...very daring. You are, quite frankly, TOO outspoken. Love you anyways, my special Sagittarius. Happy birthday!

When you enter any room, you bring all the finest qualities a Sagittarius has to offer: a wonderful mix of generosity, adventure, energy, laughter and hope. Happy birthday!

Whatever I'm down and out, I can always count on you to life my spirits with your remarkable sense of humor. Happy birthday to the funniest Sagittarius I know (and love).

Very few people like to make changes as much as you do. That's what makes you an amazingly brave Sagittarius. Today I celebrate your courage. Happy birthday!

There is some travel in the cards for you this year, Sagittarius. And you will be literally all over the place.

Sagittarians do not dither from taking the first-step. They make good organizers and are wonderfully determined. This quality of theirs helps them come in touch with a lot of people who in one way or the other prove useful to them.

Like many people born under the sign of Sagittarius, you are truly honest to a fault. The only difference with you? You do it to be supportive, loyal and transparent, all amazing qualities. I appreciate it. Happy birthday!

Keep your aim high in life! Happy Birthday to a wonderful Sagittarian!

It is you who sees so clearly and ventures so bravely. You are the flame that spreads, and it has spread to my heart. I’ll go on any adventure with you, my Sagittarius, any day.

Happy birthday. Your enthusiasm has no bounds. No surprise here — you are a Sagittarius, after all, and a great one at that. I'm glad you've decided to share your joy for life with me.

Happy birthday. Some people may find you, a true Sagittarius if there ever was one, too extrovert, too optimistic and too enthusiastic. Not me. I think you're perfect the way you are.

Happy birthday. More than anyone I know, you are a genuine go-getter. Like the best Sagittarius-born, you can turn any thought of yours into real-life action, achieving whatever goals you set for yourself. That's, well, amazing. You're amazing.

Happy birthday! You are the best example of generosity I know. It's probably because you're a genuine Sagittarius with a generous heart, a heart I love.

Happy birthday! You are always so in touch with everything the world has to experience, and you experience it all to the fullest. You make me, well, happy (and that's a gift only a Sagittarius like you can offer). Take this birthday wish as my gift to you.

Happy birthday! There's no stopping you. You are an incredible Sagittarius through and through. You are beautifully curious and wonderfully energetic. You are so fun to be with. Now let's make this birthday of yours the best ever.

Happy birthday! Did you know that, as a bonafide Sagittarius, you're supposed to be one of the biggest travelers in the Zodiac? Of course, you know. If you aren't jetting to parts unknown, you're in your car, off on some escapade around the corner or across town, just for the fun of it. I love your sense of adventure.

Freedom is so important to you, not only because you need to freely explore the world in your incredible Sagittarius. May you always be a world traveler — and still be filled with wanderlust many birthdays.

Dearest Sagittarius, you were born to be free. May you always feel a sense of freedom and adventure all your days, particularly on your special day. Happy birthday!

Blow the horns bang the drums, its my Sagittarius friends birthday today.

Your sense of humor is without equal. Your ability to find something funny in every situation makes you a gift to be around. Happy birthday, you superb Scorpio!

Your beauty is captivated, I stand stricken with thunder. Among the Scorpions you know, you are the sweetest Scorpio! Happy Birthday

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