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I have met a lot of women, but none of them can be compared to you, you make everything make sense and you are the reason being happy isn’t hard. Happy Birthday!

Be a blessing to everyone you meet, make them happy and always be the woman you are meant to be. These are my wishes for you this birthday!

May you always get what you want and strive for what you deserve, you are a strong woman and sharing your birthday with you is a great honor.

Voice like an angel, you make my heart stop, I love you beautiful woman, have a heartfelt birthday.

Happy Birthday beautiful lady, you grow more beautiful each time I set my eyes on you. I hope your birthday brings unforgettable cheer.

A woman with a beautiful mind and good thoughts is the joy for the lifetime. I wish you loads of love and happiness. Happy Birthday.

Put a fire in your spirit and tell the world who you are, by your actions. Happy Birthday, dear woman.

May all your sorrows just flew and turned into happiness. May you always enjoy the spring season. Happy Birthday, dear

Beautiful smile is the symbol of the beautiful woman. Be happy and maintain this beautiful curve on your face. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Many characters are associated with your personality. You are a loving daughter, caring sister, faithful wife, passionate mother and the understanding friend. And you play all roles very well. Happy Birthday!

You are a woman and you can do anything. Do not curse yourself and don’t be pessimist. Happy Birthday.

You are the wonderful woman in the world. Your company gives me more pleasure than anything else. Wishing you the lifetime happiness and joy. Happy Birthday.

You are a woman with grace and class. I wish you have everything in your life that you want. Have a wonderful birthday.

Some are grateful for the people who stood by them, you didn’t just stand by me but you never left me for once. It’s so much joy for me to bear. Happy Birthday woman.

There are plenty women on the face of the earth but not everyone knows the trade of womanhood like you do. You’ve learned it so much and that makes you so special. Happy Birthday woman.

Happy Birthday to this special woman, the way you handle your kids makes me feel like becoming a kid once again. Maybe I would become a better person. Enjoy your great day good woman

I’ve seen you do a lot of things and amongst all I’ve seen you do, being a mother is so easy for you as swinging of hands while walking is. Happy Birthday super woman.

Because of your motherly heart, you call me school son even when I was older. Thanks for soning me when I was with you, even though I was fatherly to you. Happy Birthday woman.

The prestige of being a woman is always envied by men because women are loved by everyone. May you enjoy more love. Happy Birthday woman, enjoy the love on every side.

I think now is the time for us men to agitate against all the attentions that women receive. Even from our children. We also want more. Happy Birthday sweet lady.

To the fastest emerging woman of the world. May your days as a woman be covered with lots of glory and joy. Enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday to you.

No amount of physical beauty can be as valuable as a beautiful heart. You have the most beautiful heart in the world. I’m glad to share love with you. Happy Birthday woman.

The love I have for you spans until the end of the world. Happy Birthday woman of my dream. May your days be structured for blessings. Enjoy your special day.

Happy Birthday to a woman who doesn’t just laugh with people but puts laughter in the faces of them. Keep doing that. Enjoy your special day.

You’ve missed out on a lot of things in this life of yours and they could be painful, but you’ve never stopped filling people’s heart with your love. Thanks for that. Happy Birthday woman.

Great women like you know their place and they’ll never try to dethrone anyone. Queens don’t dethrone kings, because they have their own dynasty and authority. Happy Birthday Queen Woman.

It’s so difficult to trust in anyone nowadays, but women like you still make this world good, by trusting even the untrustworthy people. Happy Birthday woman of excellence and glory.

Happy Birthday woman of the house, thanks for making the happiness of everyone here your priority, even though you get tired sometimes. Enjoy your special day ma’am.

Women like you sweeten the whole heart, Congratulations on your birthday today; a woman of awesome virtue and character indescribably good. May all of your days be effortlessly outstanding. Happy Birthday ma’am.