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You will never grow old, even when you white hair shows up, we are here to remind you that.

You may be old of age but never of heart, you are still full of joy, happy birthday old lady!

You left a mark on the hearts of people you have met, I wish you a happy birthday old lady!

You are one of those people who live in the moment and for that, happy birthday old lady!

You are not just an old lady but our old lady, a true woman from word to blood, happy bday!

You are as energetic as a hyena, that you really are so just have a happy birthday old lady.

You are a very special person, a woman of greatness, you deserve the best happy bday to you.

You are a lady, always so graceful and gracious, we wish you to have everything you want.

You are a lady but there is nothing old about you, I wish you all the best and happy bday!

When I grow older, I want to grow as beautiful as you do, I am wishing you all the best too.

We wish you a happy birthday old lady, you will always have a place in our memories, now.

There is something really special about you and for that we wish a happy birthday old lady.

There is something about you that make you look younger, maybe it is that you always smile.

There is not much I can say but that I wish you a really happy birthday old lady, all the best!

There is no one in the world that is quite like you so I wish you a happy birthday old lady.

Thank you for the tips and advices you have given me all through life happy birthday old lady!

Some people lie about how old they are but never you, your face does that for you, right?

Of all the people I have met, you are the only one to smile at me and just stare at me, old lady.

No one has ever shown me kindness like you did so thank you and happy birthday old lady!

May you keep on having good health, you deserve the best of it, happy birthday old lady!

I am so happy that you have lasted another year, go have more, happy birthday old lady!

Happy birthday old lady, you may seem old to others but I know how young you really are.

Happy birthday old lady, you are a constant joy to those that are around you now and ever.

Happy birthday old lady, there is nothing I would like better than to celebrate your big day.

Happy birthday old lady, thank you for always showing us kindness through and through too.

Happy birthday old lady, thank you for all the wisdom that you have shared to us all year.

Happy birthday old lady, may you always be given respect wherever you decide to go now.

Happy birthday old lady, just remember that we are here whenever you may need us to be.

Happy birthday old lady, every memory with you is something special, thank you for it all.

Happy birthday old lady all the memories we have had will always be cherished, remember it.

For everything that you have given me from warm smiles to good advices, happy bday, lady.

For being generous to me all the time, I will always wish you a happy birthday old lady, okay?

Dear old lady, I wish that you would always be happy and you remain that way for long too.