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"Your birthday reminds me of how lucky I am:

Not because of the house and cars,

Not because of the clothes and jewelry,

But because of your never-ending love

And your ever-sizzling hotness!

Happy birthday to the most loving and hottest husband in the world!"

"You’re the best a wife could ask for
With all the love you bring
And you know it’s returned to you
Because love's a two way thing
So may happiness be with you always
And may all your dreams come true
Because you’re a Husband in a million
And I think the world of you "

"You fill my life with love
understanding and tenderness
and it means so much to share
all these things with you.

You’re a wonderful Husband and
I love you, more than words can say."

"You are not like other husbands
Average and ordinary
You are above them all
The perfect one for me
For a husband so loving
And so exemplary
Happiness and joy
Is always meant to be
Happy birthday!"

"You are my every dream come true,
My wish granted from high above,
Waking up every morning with you
Is like falling once again in love,

On your birthday, I want to cherish
Memories we've created till now,
As much as I plan to nourish
Our glorious dream to fulfill each vow.

Happy birthday to my husband, who keeps the romance in me alive always."

"You are a super star

Happy birthday to my super star,
Be it near or be it far,
You will always stay in my heart,
I love you and will love you,
It was this way right from the start,
So, stay happy my hubby dear,
Have a lovely day ahead!"

"With Love Husband

Because you are so wonderful
each day, the whole year through ..
My special Birthday message
is simply, “I LOVE YOU”.

Just For You With All My Love"

"When I think about the time spent with you,
I feel so blessed,
Because I am from the lucky few
To have an amazing hubby like you,
So, I just want to confess it to you,
That I truly love you,
Happy birthday hubby dear!
Keep smiling!"

"What's the perfect husband?

It’s the gentleness and caring
And the happiness he gives
A heart full of warmth and kindness
And the thoughtful way he lives
What makes a husband special
Is created at the start
The most important thing of all
The love that’s in his heart

Who's the perfect husband?

Happy Birthday Darling"

"We know each other many years and still I have the butterflies feeling in my stomach when I thinking of you.
I want to reach for the sky and bring you a star.
A star that will guide you on every way you turn.
I want you to know that you are the best husband ever and my true lucky star.
Happy birthday my darling!


"This gift of love
Will fit you like a glove!
Happy B’day, Mr. Husband!!"

"This gift is to attest ~
My Husband’s
the world’s best!"

"Thinking of you especially
now your Birthday’s here ..
Of how much, you mean to me
throughout, the whole year.

And it’s hoping you know one thing
that will be always true ..
There’s no one else, in all the world
who loves you, like I do.

Happy Birthday Husband"

"There are no words to express

My joy and happiness

For the way you have come

In my life to make it awesome

There are no words to express

The way you truly bless

Every moment of my existence

Filling it with abundance

There are no words to express

The feel of your caress

With you, I feel happy and free

My hubby, you mean the world to me

Happy birthday"

"The things we feel the deepest
Are the hardest things to say
But dear husband you must know
How much I love you anyway
And now that it's your XXth
I'm hoping you'll know too
How much I'm wishing happiness
With all my heart for you."

"The daily chores of life, tends to get us so busy,
The tensions we face everyday gets our heads dizzy.
But even amidst all this mess I just want you to know,
Dearest husband I love you more than I may show.
I forget to remind you my darling how much I really care,
Today I want to tell you baby, that I’m always there.
Happy Birthday hubby!"

"The best husband in the world

Deserves a extraordinary treat

A boring party is not enough

For a husband so sweet

The most amazing man in the world

Deserves a beautiful evening

So let’s pop the champagne

It’s time to start celebrating

Happy birthday"

"Sweet Dear Husband!

One more Birthday for you,

And another celebration for you,

But one more reason for me,

Another event with me,

As the man of my special dreams,

returns as a year older,

Because I thankful to god,

And I so special for you.

You make me with lots of fun and happy,

But you are cool hubby."

"Our memories more colorful than springs,
Our togetherness a diamond mine,
You turn moments to precious paintings,
Be it a cup of coffee, be it time we dine,
When you remember the smallest things,

When my smile makes your eyes shine,
I feel like happiness has given me wings,
That I can actually fly and be on cloud nine.
On your birthday, my heart simply sings
Songs of joy, so glad that you’re mine.

Happy birthday to the most caring husband"

"Once again the date has come
Which is so dear to me;
The date which saw the arrival
Of my husband, on the world,
Which he transformed into
A much better place for me,
I wish happy birthday for ye!"

"On this special day

My hubby, on this special day of yours,
I just want you to feel good,
Our love will grow forever with time,
And, I am really lucky to call you mine,
I love you a lot
Happy birthday to you!
Have a day filled with joy and new!"

"Oh! my Dear Husband,

There is a gift for me in the life,

What can you embrace,

How you know to me,

But there is no present anywhere,

Forever made still now,

Which can explain you,

But I love you so much,

How there are no golden words,

Because I could use to convey,

But how green I wish for you,

On your awesome Birthday."

"Oh! My Dear Husband,

May your sweet life gives you,

The most pleasant life of experiences,

You always made with me,

The wonderful choices of,

You always around with me,

Be the great friends like as,

May you show the happiness and love,

in your life ever endless,

I always find you,

Whatever you have wanted,

But you know as perfect wife,

I will always with you."

"Oh my hubby dear,
I’ll going to make it clear,
That I wish enormous wealth,
A rock solid health,
For you on your birthday!"

"Ode to my Husband on his Birthday

Our life began together,
And we even passed some rough weather.
The love in your eyes and wisdom in your hair,
Is what appeals to me in our little lair.
Your birthday is a yet another time for me to wish,
That we together make quite a dish."

"No award in this world

Felicitates a good spouse

If there was one, it would’ve been

On the mantelpiece of our house

If there was a prize

For the best husband in town

There are no prizes for guessing

Who would win it hands down

Happy birthday "

"My lovely dear husband,

I can’t show my love

How many words I spend

To write a poem, a song,

An epic for you,

My love is so bold, so strong,

That even a thousand lines

Is not enough."

"My hubby, on this special day of yours,
I just want you to feel good,
Our love will grow forever with time,
And, I am really lucky to call you mine,
I love you a lot
Happy birthday to you!
Have a day filled with joy and new!"

"My Darling Husband

I really love you
so much more than
words can ever say ..
And I’m wishing you
with all my heart
a really special day!

You Mean So Much To Me!"

"Moments of joy you’ve given me
Are pearls of my life’s garland.
You’ve made things so beautiful…
Happy Birthday, dear Husband"

"May your birthday bring you:

The happiest of memories,

The fewest tears,

The greatest friends,

The most amazing achievements,

The coolest gifts,

And the brightest future.

Happy Birthday to my beloved husband."

"Many words depict love and affection,
Demonstrate your care to perfection.
My birthday wishes to you my love,
Should be something that blows you but I don't know how.
For my love, it is so difficult to capture my feelings towards you,
In just a few words to make them sound true.
Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!"

"Love and friendship,

A fellow feeling so deep,

That even the trench of Mariana

Would envy and will go green

On her underworld bastion

Beneath immeasurable weight of the ocean.

It is the bond between us,

Oh my lovely husband,

Which has transformed the world

For both of us."

"It’s your birthday,
Another day to realise,
That time is flying away…
Another day acting as a measure
Of this wonderful time we’re having together,
Another day when I should let you know in writing
Along with whispering in your ear with a sigh,
That I love you more and more as time goes by.

To my husband who is fortunately the love of my life,
Happy Birthday, Love"

"It’s been long and a beautiful journey with you,
My love for you only grew
All the special moments that we share,
All the secret cares,
I truly love you my hubby dear,
Coz you are my life’s only cheer
Happy birthday to you
God bless you!"

"It's been long and a beautiful journey with you,
My love for you only grew
All the special moments that we share,
All the secret cares,
I truly love you my hubby dear,
Coz you are my life's only cheer
Happy birthday to you
God bless you!"

"It means so much throughout the year
To have a Husband like you,
You’re thoughtful, warm and caring,
And understanding too,
That’s why this Birthday message
Comes with thanks and special love,
To wish you all the happiness
You’re deserving of. "

"I’m sending you this Birthday Wish
Filled with Hugs and Kisses too.
Because there is a special place
Within my heart for you

My darling Husband!"

"I wish happy birthday for the
Most perfect man I know,
It is you, dear husband,
Whose name on my heart
With love always glow,
You have become my part,
Which is inseparable by any surgery."

"I thought, on your birthday, I should make you aware,
That species of good husbands are getting quite rare.
I’ve approved you as the perfect specimen:
After all, my husband loves me 24/7!"

"I have seen a glowing cloud today,

It was brighter than the brightest of May,

With its glowing lips it did say,

“You are the luckiest woman

No one has a husband than

Yours, whom you do love”.

My hubby, happy birthday!"

"I fondly remember the day we met,
And our love has not seen a dip as yet.
I pray to God for keeping it alive,
For you are the reason I took a dive.
Into a relationship of bond and trust,
Happy birthday hubby, you are the best!"

"I draw a circle, not a heart, around you
My husband, the one I love
Because a heart can break
But a circle goes on for ever. "

"I don’t know if there is an afterlife,

But if there is one,

I wish with all my heart,

That on it I want none

But my husband behind me,

You are to me always fresh and new,

I wish happy birthday to you!"

"I couldn’t ask for

Anything more

You’ve already laid out

Every joy at my door

I couldn’t seek anything

Other than this

You have already

Made my life full of bliss

Thanks for being a husband

So perfect in every way

I wish that you have

The most fantastic birthday"

"Hey! Great Husband,

When I thought about the time spent with you,

But I hope so blessed,

Because I am lucky for few things,

Such a crazing husband I like you,

So, I just wanted to confuse to it,

That I really love you,

Keep smiling forever,

On this most special day yours,

But I know to you,

So many things told to you,

You get that clues,

But I am connected with you,

From my truth heart,

You are my place and my destination,

But I thankful to god for a such a nice life in every way."

"Hey, many things untold with you,
You get that gesture and clue,
Because I am connected to you,
From my heart and soul,
You are my destination and my goal
I so love you my hubby dear
Wish you have an amazing day!
Happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday to the best husband,
in the whole wide world,
and I would never trade you,
for any amount of silver or gold.
Still, my heart does the flip-flops,
whenever I look at you,
and I will love you for an eternity,
just like you love me too.
May this day shower you
with abundant happiness!"

"Happy birthday to my passionate,
and ever loving soulmate.
You have bewitched my heart,
from the very first day.
Whereas no other, handsome or smart,
could win me in any way.
Was it your eyes,
that rooted me to your soul?
Or was it your voice,
that makes me alive and whole?
Perhaps it’s everything about you,
that makes me feel the way I do!
Happy birthday once again my husband!"

"Happy birthday to my husband,
who is the reason behind my smile?
You are more precious than a diamond,
and you make my life worthwhile.
Meeting you was the best thing,
that has ever happened to me.
You were my prince, and now the king,
and forever will be!
I will love you,
throughout my life,
and in the hereafter too"

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