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"Hanging out with you is STILL
my FAVORITE place to be.

Happy Birthday
My Darling Husband!"

"Handsome, charming and hot
Is my hubby who I love a lot
Cool, smart and carefree
Is my husband with whom I want to be
Desirable, stylish and attractive
Is my husband with whom I love to live
Perfect, ideal and flawless
Is my husband, the reason for my happiness
Happy birthday, darling!"

"God makes husbands like you for only a few

And I've been lucky indeed to have you!

Happy Birthday!"

"Giving the definition

Of a perfect hubby

Is a very simple

And easy job for me

For I need to give

No definitions that are formal

I just have to refer

To my husband so special

Happy birthday"

"From the hot guy in class

You became my hot date

That itself was

A reason to celebrate

Then you went on to

Become my hot hubby

And that made me feel

Really lucky

You’ve been my good luck charm

At every step of my life

I can’t convey in words

How happy I am to be your wife

Happy birthday"

"For A Very Special Husband

Hope you have the kind of day
that’s filled with favorite things ..
As well as all the happiness
a special Birthday brings.

Enjoy Your Day"

"Everything that he does

Has the mark of a perfectionist

For bringing happiness in our family

He has been the catalyst

He has a penchant for living life

By enjoying every moment

He has never given me

A single chance to lament

This man I proudly call

My hubby dearest

In the whole wide world

Is the best of the best

Happy birthday"

"Every day I think about
how lucky I must be ..
To have such a wonderful Husband
who means the world to me.

From the first time that we met
you really stole my heart ..
I know our love was meant to be
right from the very start."

"Dearest Husband, not one moment is special without you,
When you are not around me, I'm always sad and blue.
Happy Birthday to you, my beloved,
May your life always shine, be happy and pleasant."

"Dear Sweet Husband,

On a special day, I meet you,

But I realized that there is no looking for true love,

Because true love just found me,

When I was child, pray to god,

And I asked to send someone who can care about me,

Love me still the no end,

May you are the question to my childhood prayer,

And I feels like we are mean to,

Husband and wife,

But you are my most amazing Husband,

In the whole worldwide."

"Dear Husband,

A sweet Husband like you,

Is rare and common,

A special Husband like you,

Could be only once,

A crazing husband like you,

Is different and unique,

A nice Husband like you,

Makes life sweet to live,

To such a great husband who is,

Perfect in any way,

But with lots of happiness and love."

"Dear Great Husband,

When I see into your eyes,

A romantic kiss and hug,

And I always was mean,

To walk down the stairs,

And become your most lovely wife,

As the time spent with you,

I sad more each minute I just want,

How much I love being part of our life.

It is a crazing feeling to confess,

My love is someone deserving my life,

And I want to send the rest of life,

But I am so happy for your wife,

May you are countless to me,

Because you are very precious husband."

"Dear Fabulous Husband,

May you are to me like as stars,

Are to be earth as without you,

But your death you mean to me,

What moons means to sky,

Your present that gift with fly as sky,

Because you are so sweet for you,

All I want to say with lots of love,

Today is the perfect day,

All my mistakes undo,

from the top of my soul,

But you are my cute husband."

"Behind every successful man
There’s a woman, is what they say
But I want to add a few words
To this saying if I may
This well-known axiom
To a great extent is true
But behind every happy woman
Is a loving and caring husband like you
Happy birthday, darling!"

"Another birthday

Another celebration

One more reason

To have a lot of fun

Another occasion

To let out hair down

Another chance to say bye

To all our frowns

As the man of my dreams

Turns a year older

I thank my stars for giving me

A husband so special

Happy birthday"

"An awesome husband like you
Is rare and uncommon
A perfect husband like you
Can be only one
An amazing husband like you
Is unique and exclusive
A wonderful husband like you
Makes life fun to live
To such a husband who is
Perfect in every way
With lots of love I wish
A fabulous birthday!"

"A very Happy Birthday
The best you can recall
From the person whose life you share
And loves you most of all.
The person who hopes you're happy
Every moment of your life
I've always been so proud and glad
To be your loving wife.

Happy Birthday
To the best Husband
in the world

"A truly awesome husband like you is hard to find,
Whenever I try to unwind,
I feel so lucky to have you in my life,
Oh my hubby,
Without you I truly won’t survive,
Wish you a very happy birthday!
Stay blessed in life!"

"A perfect life is not a myth

It all depends on who you are with

If every woman has a husband like me

Her life will be happy and carefree

But everyone is not so blessed

Not every woman has witnessed

A life like mine so beautiful

All due to a hubby so wonderful"

" Handsome, charming and hot

Is my hubby who I love a lot

Cool, smart and carefree

Is my husband with whom I want to be

Desirable, stylish and attractive

Is my husband with whom I love to live

Perfect, ideal and flawless

Is my husband, the reason for my happiness

Happy birthday darling"

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