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I don’t know how I will make up to you for forgetting your birthday, but I do know that I will keep trying until the smile comes back on your face and the happiness comes back in our marriage. Happy belated birthday.

Your husband doesn’t have a strong memory but he assures you that he has the strongest hearts… which keeps beating for you all day and all night. I love you, happy belated birthday.

I know I’ve forgotten your birthday but I hope you’ll give me credit for being a good husband all year round. Happy belated birthday.

I may have failed at remembering a date, but I promise that I will never fail you as a husband. Belated happy birthday.

I could make excuses if I want, but I won’t because our marriage is too precious to be marred by flimsy lies. I’m sorry I forgot your birthday. xoxo

Your husband may be forgetful but he is still the man who will do anything it takes to make you happy. Please forgive me.

Your husband has always loved you like there’s no TOMORROW. Maybe that’s why he forgot your birthday YESTERDAY. Belated happy birthday.

Forgiveness, generosity, kindness, thoughtfulness and sympathy – these are the best things that I like about your personality. I hope you will be true to your own self… and forgive your husband who is reeling and suffering in guilt. Happy birthday.

Your husband forgot your birthday because in his mind… you are still twenty one. xoxo

Since our marriage is so perfect, maybe the Gods wanted me to forget your birthday so we could have at least one fight in the whole year. I love you, happy birthday.

Your birthday is special, our marriage is eternal. I’m sorry I forgot, I love you a lot. xoxo

I know I have committed the biggest mistake by forgetting my wife’s birthday. But I hope I get some concession for treating her like a queen for the other 364 days in the calendar. Happy belated birthday.

I forgot your birthday because I was busy thinking about how to give my wife… the perfect life. Muah.

I had fever so I went to the doctor who revealed that I am suffering from a mild infection of Forgetfulness and strong bouts of Guilt. He prescribed two medicines – Wife’s Forgiveness and Wife’s Love. Happy belated birthday.

The fact that I have forgotten my wife’s birthday is proof that I don’t think she is getting any older at all. Happy belated birthday.

Wife, I gathered up all my courage to face your wrath head on! It’s completely justified, because who could forget such a gorgeous, intelligent, and amazing woman’s birthday? Belated happy birthday from your husband who loves you just as much as he fears you!