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"Your love is my HOPE
my FAITH and my WORLD.

I wish you a very happy and
Lovely birthday.

Loving you always Mom."

"You’re so special in so many ways
you’re caring and you’re kind –
A Mom who is more wonderful
would be hard to find.
And now that it’s your birthday
this comes especially to say –
You’re loved and thought
the whole world of
each and every day."

"You’re a Mom whose wisdom
I know I may rely ..
As you’ve guided me gently
as the years have passed by.

You have such special ways
in all that you do ..
And there could never be a Mum
who’s loved as much as you!

Happy Birthday Mom, I Love You"

"You would be the strong roots

If I were a tree

In my life’s horizon

You are the endless sea

Mom, I don’t know how to convey

How much you mean to me

There is no limit to my love for you

You are my entire world, you see

Happy birthday"

"You had to expect it
this card’s overdue –
So to say sorry
I’ve written this for you.
I’m afraid there’s no chocolate
I only have this card –
But I pass on my love
my rhymes and my regard.
It’s been quite a year
work, kids and stress –
But despite all the hard stuff
we’ve had some success.
We’ve had lots of fun
with fond memories made –
Tucked away safely
never to fade.
You’ve been incredible
supportive and more –
You’re truly the best
and I’ve said so before.
But although you’re my mum
and I love you dearly –
This poem must end
and I do say sincerely
Mom don’t ever think
that you’re losing your shine –
’Cause you are the best
and I’m so glad you’re mine.
Happy Birthday Mum"

"You care, love and teach.
You are protective and
supportive in all I do.

You make me a proud person.

May you continue to live a joyful
life for all the years to come.

I love you Mom, Happy Birthday"

"You are more than just my Mother
you’re my teacher, strength, my friend –
My guiding light, throughout the dark
and my solace at the end.
Thank You for Everything Mom
I Love You Mom"

"Words are not enough to express
the gratitude that you deserve –
– for all that you have done
for us throughout the years.

I Love You Mom
Happy Birthday"

"Whether it was a Sunday or a Monday

Your love for me has always been constant

Whether you were happy or sad

Your attitude towards me has never been flippant

Whether I laughed or cried

You always hugged me tight

Whether times were good or bad

You always loved me with all your might

As I grow up, no matter where I go

Regardless of how far we are apart

You will always have

The softest corner in my heart

Happy birthday mom"

"When it comes to Mothers
There are lots of them about
But you're the very very best
Of that, there is no doubt
Happy Birthday Mom."

"When I grow up I want to be

Exactly like my mommy

She is kind, sweet and beautiful

She is also loving and pretty

Nothing can take her place

In my life, not now or ever

I want to be exactly that kind of person

When I have my own daughter

Happy birthday mom"

"When God was making mothers
it took Him many, many days –
He had to give them many talents
they could use along their way.
For the job of being mother
us an exhausting task –
They do so much for others
but for help, they do not ask.
Often they will go without
so their families gets fed –
They’re first up in the morning,
and the last to go to bed.
They are often taken for granted
yet they do it all for love –
And I thank God for the best mother
sent down from up above."

"What would I do without you Mom
you are closest to my heart ..
And if you were no longer here
my life would fall apart.

You are loved so much Mom
and I just want to say ..
That I wish you peace and
happiness, always in every day.

I Love You Mom Happy Birthday"

"We many not shower her with praise
nor mention her name in song –
And sometimes it seems that we forget
the joy she spreads, as she goes along.
But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know
the wonderful example she has shown –
And way down deep in every heart
there’s a place just for Mom, alone.
Happy Birthday Mom"

"Today is Mom’s Birthday
and with tears in my eyes –
I wish her Happy Birthday
as I look toward the skies.
Mom if you can hear me
as I believe you do –
Know that I remember
and how much I love you."

"To the nicest Mom in the world
better than any other ..
Have a really super birthday
I’m so glad, that you’re my mother."

"To carry off my birthday treat for you

Is going to be really hard

First I will lovingly write a poem

On a beautiful greeting card

A short but heart-warming speech

I would also write

After giving you an awesome gift

I’ll take you out for dinner at night

Let me spoil and pamper you today

It will make me really happy

After all, I am all grown up now

This is my chance to treat you, mommy"

"Through a mother’s loving eyes
her children see the world.
Through a mother’s gentle heart
they learn both trust and sharing ..
.. Through all the thoughtfulness
she shows, to everyone she knows
They learn just what is meant
by love and caring.

With thoughts of you
on your special day
and with loving thanks
for all you have done.
and continue to do.

Happy Birthday"

"This is a special message

For a person with a big heart and a lot of courage

Who tolerates me and holds me near

Even though I take her for granted most of the year

Your closest family and the best of friends

Are all here to lend

A helping hand with the prep, food and wine

To celebrate the birthday of a mother so fine

There is nothing more left to do

But to say cheers to a great mom like you

Happy birthday ma"

"There’s a kind of love that listens
that understands and cares ..
A kind that helps and teaches
and gladly gives and shares.

There’s a kind of love that comforts
and cheers you like no other ..
It’s the special kind of love
of a special kind of mother.

A very special thank you
for your very special love.

Happy Birthday"

"There is no other Mother like you.
Happy Birthday Mom"

"There have been moments when
I needed a friend to lighten my heart,
to talk about anything, and I’ve found
that real friend in you.
Thanks Mom and have a great Birthday.
Happy Birthday Mom"

"There are times when only a Mother’s love
can understand our tears ..
Can soothe our disappoints
and calm all of our fears.

There are times when only a Mother’s love
can share the joy we feel ..
When something we’ve dreamed about
quite suddenly is real.

There are times when only a Mother’s faith
can help us on life’s way ..
And inspire in us the confidence
we need from day to day.

For a Mother’s heart and a Mother’s faith
and a Mother’s steadfast love ..
Were fashioned by the Angels
and sent from God above.

Happy Birthday Mom"

"The ways in which you care and assure
that you are forever there for me.

The ways in which you smile
and lend an ear to my thoughts, are
all the special reasons that make me feel
lucky to have a Mother as great as YOU.

Happy Birthday Mom I love you"

"The very thought of you
is something warm and special, too.
And so we wouldn’t want to miss
the chance to send a wish like this.

A Very Happy Birthday, Mother"

"The values you’ve taught –
– the care you’ve given, and
the wonderful love you’ve shown ..
.. Have enriched my life –
– in more ways than I can count
and I’m so glad to call you my own.

I Love You Mom, Happy Birthday"

"The ship of my childhood

Would have been wrecked for good

If it weren’t for an anchor called mommy

Who held on to me when waters were stormy

Mom, you are a rock star

Without you, I would have never come so far

You are the best mom in the world, I know

My respect for you, I don’t know how to show

My life has taken shape, all because of your magical touch

Wish you a happy birthday, mom I love you very much"

"The only type of true and selfless love I know exists

Is the one a mother has for her child

I know, because I have been hugged and cuddled

Even when I was naught and wild

Mom, we love you tons and we realize

How you have cared for us even when we created a fuss

On your birthday today let’s take a moment to celebrate

The endless amounts of laughs you have given us

Happy birthday"

"The only thing better than having
you for my mother –
– is my children having you
for a grandmother.

From morning till night
may your birthday be bright
and nicer than ever before –
– And as years come and go
may your happiness grow, and your
dreams be fulfilled even more.
Happy Birthday Mom, I Love You"

"The love and care, which you abundantly
shower into our lives, fills our hearts
with so much joy.

Love You Mom.
Happy Birthday Mom"

"The funny thing about being a child is the older you get, the more you realize how smart your mom is.
Mom, thank you for being so patient with me as I try to figure out exactly how clueless I was.Thank you for your forgiveness, as well as your gentle and calm nature. Happy birthday mommy.

"The almighty gave to me, since the
day I was born, a very special gift –
A gift so peaceful and loving
a gift full of kindness and care –
A gift that I like to call Mother
one that has always been there.
Happy Birthday Mom, I Love You"

"Thanks, Mom for
always being there ..
For showing me
such love and care.

Thanks for all
you do and done ..
Mom you are
my number one.

I love you
Have A Beautiful Birthday"

"Thanks for all the support
that you have given to me.

Happy Birthday Mom I Love You"

"Thank you for loving
and caring for me ..
Also for all the little things
you do so beautifully.

This is my greeting
a wish for joy and cheer ..
The greeting is for your birthday
the wish is for all year.

Happy Birthday Mom"

"Sometimes we take your presence for granted

But today is not going to be that day

From sweet greetings to awesome gifts

We are going to pamper you in every way

Just sit back and enjoy the ride

As we, along with dad, spoil you silly

At your service, at your command

Just because we love you so much, mommy

Happy birthday"

"Sending this to you, Mom
especially to say –
Wishing you a happy
and wonderful day.
And to tell you this day
will always be one –
For remembering the many
sweet things you’ve done!"

"Our mother is the sweetest and
most delicate of all ..
She knows more of paradise
than angels can recall.

She’s not only beautiful
but passionately young ..
Playful as a kid, yet wise
as one who has lived long.

Her love is like the rush of life
a bubbling, laughing spring ..
That runs through all like liquid light
and makes the mountains sing.

And makes the meadows turn to flower
and trees to choicest fruit ..
She is at once the field and bower
in which our hearts take root.

She is at once the sea and shore
our freedom and our past ..
With her we launch our daring ships
yet keep the things that last.

Happy Birthday Mom We Love You"

"Our mommy is the strongest

Our mommy is the prettiest

Our mommy is the most beautiful

Our mommy’s love is warmer than wool

Our mommy makes the best food

Our mommy is never in a bad mood

Our mommy is never wrong

Our mommy is the best note in our life’s song

Happy birthday"

"On your birthday and every day, I thank
God for blessing me with someone so
giving and loving.

I Love You Mom!"

"On this beautiful day ..
I wish you peace and comfort
for all the times to come.

It makes me so proud
to have you as my Mother.
I love you so much."

"Of all the special joys in life
the big ones and the small ..
A mother’s love and tenderness
is the greatest of them all."

"No others words could soothe our hurts
the way a mother’s do ..
No others touch, could do so much
to calm our worries, too.

For there is something special
in a mother’s gentle way ..
It’s a love no other heart
can give, as hers does every day.

Happy Birthday Mom I Love You"

"No matter how hard I tried
and no matter what I could do –
I would never be able
to really show you.
That, I truly appreciate everything
you’ve done for me and more –
You are my hero, you are my strength
a Mom that I Adore.
I wish you a very Happy Birthday Mom!"

"Mother you are great –
– You know perfectly when
and what is needed and
so I am sending you
heartfelt wishes, for a world of
happiness and to let you know
that words can never express
the love I have for you.

Happy Birthday Mom"

"Mommy, today is your day

I’ll do, as you say

Whatever, is your fancy

Until you, are happy

Birthdays come once a year

Make the most while its here

Because this, is one-time offer

In 24 hours, it’ll all be over

Happy birthday"

"Mom’s smiles can brighten any moment
mom’s hugs put joy in our days ..
Mom’s love will stay with us forever
and touch our lives in precious ways.

Happy Birthday"

"Mom, you will always be the
first woman I have ever loved.

Whatever I am today, is because of you.

I owe you so much. Thank you, Mom.

Happy Birthday"

"Mom, you had
so much to do ..
From washing, ironing
and cooking too.

You scrubbed, mended
cooked and sewed ..
You kept us clean
and you kept us clothed.
You were the doctor
when we were ill ..
Putting on dressings
a hug or a pill.

You were the teacher, when
we had schoolwork to do ..
You gave us love
hugs and patience too.

Mother you had
soooo much to do ..
It’s no wonder that
I, soooo love you.

In life we were
truly blessed ..
’Cause the mom we were
given, was truly the best.

Happy Birthday Mom"

"Mom, thanks for always giving me ..
Just enough help
Just enough advice
and all the love in the world."

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