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Happy birthday my ex-husband, may this day bring you a lot of joy, may each moment of your day be better than the last, you deserve a good time.

Happy Birthday my dear ex-husband, you have been a great help and I know each moment with you was worth it. May you grow older than the hills.

Happy Birthday my dear ex-husband, we have been through a lot and I only wish you the best as you celebrate this day. Have a hearty birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear ex-hubby, you make each day worth living, each moment worth having and each birthday worth, wishing you a happy and great time.

Growing together was great when we experienced it, I never thought growing apart will ever happen to us. But we must take it in good faith. Happy Birthday ex-husband.

Getting married to you was the worst decision of my life and I have to suffer this mark of divorce till my whole life. I wish you were seriously involved in this relation. Happy birthday, Ex-husband anyways.

For the sake of our kids, let’s promise each other that we will not let our bitter past affect the possibility of an amicable future. Happy birthday.

For the last 20 years we’ve been the best companion to each other but it couldn’t last forever. But I’ll always keep you in my heart as my only husband. Happy Birthday Ex-husband.

Ex-husband, we fought way more than we loved. I want you to know that it doesn’t matter as you were still as good hearted as could be. Happy birthday.

Everything is going to be alright, maybe not today, but eventually my ear ex-husband, so don’t dwell on the past. You are turning a new age, may it be about making yourself happy. Have a wonderful birthday.

Despite our differences, let’s be friends and give our children an important lesson – even life’s worst adversities have a silver lining. Happy birthday to my ex-husband.

Dear ex-husband, you were one of the better men I have met and I’m sorry that I let you down. I hope you find something better in the near future.

Dear ex-husband, we tried to go far but we weren’t compatible for the long run. Either way, I wish you nothing but the best.

As your ex-wife, I have no right to interfere in your personal life. But I hope that I still have the right to wish you well on your birthday. Happy birthday.

As my ex-husband, you were and you will always be a part of my life, and I will forever respect that. Happy birthday.

All our life we both have to tolerate the pain of separation as the words are said in anger mess up the relationships. Live your life alone. Have a great birthday dear ex-husband.

A heartfelt birthday wish to you my ex-husband, it is true that big things are made of little details. Our separation still surprises me till today, but I wanna wish you a Happy Birthday.

10 years of an amazing journey from being friends to my husband. Life has taken a toll on us but I hope it will go away. happy birthday

Yes, I forgot your birthday. But if it makes you happier, my heart has been hurting ever since. The only medicines are my husband’s love and his forgiveness. Belated happy birthday.

A BAD wife forgets her husband’s birthday. A GOOD wife never forgets her husband’s birthday. But only a GREAT wife can get her husband to forgive her even if she forgets his birthday. Now you tell me, what kind of wife am I? Belated happy birthday love.

I was busy being a beautiful and loving wife to YOU and a caring mother to our children – that’s why I forgot your birthday. Sorry love, belated happy birthday.

I am SORRY for forgetting my husband’s birthday. I am SAD because I forgot my husband’s birthday. I am SUFFERING in guilt because I forgot my husband’s birthday. I am feeling SORE from the pain of forgetting my husband’s birthday. You have punished me enough, forgive me love. Belated happy birthday.

Life is all about second chances and your wife hopes that she will get a second chance from the man who has been her life’s first and last chance. Belated happy birthday.

I can’t understand how I forgot my husband’s birthday. But I hope he understands how sorry I am. Belated happy birthday.

I try a bit too hard to be a good wife to you all year round. Maybe the pressure got to me and I forgot your birthday. Sorry, belated happy birthday.

Our children asked me today ‘Mommy why are you so sad?’ to which I replied ‘Mommy is waiting for daddy to give her a hug’ I am sorry for forgetting your birthday. Please forgive me and put this mommy out of her misery. Belated happy birthday.

I can’t believe I forgot your birthday. I guess I will have to live with that because I still can’t believe I married a man so handsome and as loving as you. Happy birthday, love.

Your wife is drowning in the ocean of guilt and the only way you can save her is by taking the boat of forgiveness. Sorry for the late wishes, love.

Forgetting your birthday has been the biggest mistake of my life but getting married to a handsome husband like you has been the best decision of my life. I hope that the strength of my best decision overpowers the weakness of my biggest mistake. Belated happy birthday.

Would you rather have a manipulative wife who lies to you with excuses, or loving wife like me who honestly accepts her forgetfulness and pleads for forgiveness? Belated happy birthday love.

Please don’t say that I have lost my way. I may have forgotten your birthday but the path of my life will forever point to just one destiny – My Husband. I love you, belated happy birthday.

I am hoping that this tiny speed bump in the otherwise happy and sexy journey of our married life is overlooked. Belated happy birthday.

As my husband, you have the right to be angry, grumpy and punish me for my mistake. But don’t forget that as your wife, I have the right to veto all your rights. So stop being angry and please forgive me. Belated happy birthday.

I will suffer in guilt for a lifetime, if that is what it takes to see a smile on my husband’s face. Sorry I forgot your birthday.

I went to the doctor to get a check-up for my chest pain. He prescribed medicines that only my husband can administer: 2 tight Hugs – one in the morning and one in the evening, at least 10 Kisses during various times of the day and a one-time dose of Forgiveness. Belated happy birthday love.

I have heard that love makes people blind but I didn’t know love made people forgetful too. Belated happy birthday to my husband who I love a lot.

I’m a rich woman because I have a husband with a rich heart. Happy Birthday in advance.

Just the way you can’t start a day without coffee. Like that my day does not start without you. Wishing you advance Happy Birthday darling husband.

It’s a blessing that I have got a husband like you. I wish the God shower you with all his blessings. Wish you a very Happy Birthday in advance.

"Your birthday reminds me of how lucky I am:

Not because of the house and cars,

Not because of the clothes and jewelry,

But because of your never-ending love

And your ever-sizzling hotness!

Happy birthday to the most loving and hottest husband in the world!"

"You’re the best a wife could ask for
With all the love you bring
And you know it’s returned to you
Because love's a two way thing
So may happiness be with you always
And may all your dreams come true
Because you’re a Husband in a million
And I think the world of you "

"You fill my life with love
understanding and tenderness
and it means so much to share
all these things with you.

You’re a wonderful Husband and
I love you, more than words can say."

"You are not like other husbands
Average and ordinary
You are above them all
The perfect one for me
For a husband so loving
And so exemplary
Happiness and joy
Is always meant to be
Happy birthday!"

"You are my every dream come true,
My wish granted from high above,
Waking up every morning with you
Is like falling once again in love,

On your birthday, I want to cherish
Memories we've created till now,
As much as I plan to nourish
Our glorious dream to fulfill each vow.

Happy birthday to my husband, who keeps the romance in me alive always."

"You are a super star

Happy birthday to my super star,
Be it near or be it far,
You will always stay in my heart,
I love you and will love you,
It was this way right from the start,
So, stay happy my hubby dear,
Have a lovely day ahead!"

"With Love Husband

Because you are so wonderful
each day, the whole year through ..
My special Birthday message
is simply, “I LOVE YOU”.

Just For You With All My Love"

"When I think about the time spent with you,
I feel so blessed,
Because I am from the lucky few
To have an amazing hubby like you,
So, I just want to confess it to you,
That I truly love you,
Happy birthday hubby dear!
Keep smiling!"

"What's the perfect husband?

It’s the gentleness and caring
And the happiness he gives
A heart full of warmth and kindness
And the thoughtful way he lives
What makes a husband special
Is created at the start
The most important thing of all
The love that’s in his heart

Who's the perfect husband?

Happy Birthday Darling"

"We know each other many years and still I have the butterflies feeling in my stomach when I thinking of you.
I want to reach for the sky and bring you a star.
A star that will guide you on every way you turn.
I want you to know that you are the best husband ever and my true lucky star.
Happy birthday my darling!


"This gift of love
Will fit you like a glove!
Happy B’day, Mr. Husband!!"

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