Happy birthday poems for Daughter

"You were the best

When you played ball

You were the best

Even in your failures, when you stood tall

You were the best

Because you never left hope

You were the best

Even when you couldn’t cope

Keep being the best

As you grow older

Keep being the best

As you become bolder

You will always be the best

Is my belief so true

To the best daughter ever

I wish a happy birthday to you"

"You take away all my life’s sadness
And replace it with happiness
I pray that your life will never encounter darkness
So that all the days of your life may be forever accompanied by sunshine and gladness
May this great day of yours lead you onto the path of greatness
Happy birthday"

"You really are a Daughter
Who fills our home with cheer.
And you grow more beautiful
With each and every year.
We're lucky you're our Daughter
And we hope you'll always know.
That we love you and we're proud of you
As your Birthdays come and go.
With love on your Birthday"

"You have transformed my life into a fairytale,
My world has changed, and will never be the same.
Because my child, you are an angel from heaven to me,
You, my darling, are my most unforgettable dream.
Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter."

"When you were born

The stars must have been perfectly aligned

To give me a loving daughter

With whom my life is intertwined

When you were born

The Gods must have thought

Let’s give this wonderful little girl

To this family who will love her a lot

When you were born

Our lives were infused with happiness

Your love will always be

What makes life so priceless

Happy birthday"

"We played so many little games,
I tried to give in to all your beautiful claims.
I tuck you into bed every night,
When you plant a kiss on my forehead very tight.
Darling, it is your birthday tomorrow,
And if need be, I can even take you to Mount Kilimanjaro...
Happy Birthday My Angel!"

"We are truly blessed

To have you as our daughter

We wouldn’t have been happy

With any other

We are really lucky

To have been parents

To a lovely daughter like you

Free of all laments

We have been so fortunate

To spend our life with you

Our dearest daughter you have

Made all our dreams come true

Happy birthday"

"To our special daughter
From the moment you were born,
We knew what love was really about.
We loved you more than anything,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.
The bond we felt was unbreakable
And instantly we knew,
That we would spend eternity
Thanking god for our miracle….you.
Time has quickly passed us by,
And now you’re quite a little lady
But in our eyes you will always be,
Our precious little baby.
One day in the future,
God will bless you with a miracle too.
Then you know the depth of love,
That we will always have for you.
We will be here for you always,
Forever and a day.
Loving you unconditionally,
Every step along the way.
Happy Birthday!"

"To my lovely daughter
I just have this to say
Have a very happy birthday
On this your special day
Oftimes you drive me crazy
It's like living in a zoo
You're a lazy, untidy so and so
Despite your new found teenage-itis
Happy Birthday
Lot’s of Love From Mom"

"To my dearest daughter…

I won’t express my love for you in 160 characters

Or with a silly post on some wall

I will say it aloud in your birthday party

Where I plan to have a ball

I won’t share my love for you with a like

I won’t be lazy and just tweet

I will show you how much I love you

By hugging you happy birthday, my sweets"

"To a beautiful daughter
With a passion for fashion.
You do so many thoughtful things
For others through the year,
You have a way of lifting spirits
And filling hearts with cheer.
So I know this day's just perfect
To make a wish for you,
For all the good things you deserve
Each day the whole year through.
Happy birthday! "

"The light of my soul

The glow on my face

The joy of my life

The essence of my grace

The peace of my mind

The cheer in my demeanor

Is only because

Of my dearest daughter

Happy birthday"

"The first time we held your tiny body in our hands,
We swore to God to love you more than anyone ever can.
You are our little princess, the apple of our eyes,
For your sake, oh dear, we could pay any price.
Happy Birthday to our dearest daughter."

"The day you become a mother

Of a lovely daughter

You will realize

For us, why you were a prize

Until then, keep being

The lovely daughter that you are

Whenever in life you need any help

Always remember that we are never too far

Happy birthday"

"The daughter of my right hand you are
The first blood I couldn’t be more proud and fond of
The epitome of elegance and wit you are
Long may you live and grow from grace to grace
Nothing less than a proud parent is what you make me
Thank you for always putting a smile on my face
Happy birthday to you, my princess"

"The Angels are all smiling
Down from Heaven today
For you were joyfully born
Many years ago this very day.
We were so very very proud
Even the doctors and nurses knew
That you were loving and giving
And over the years-this was proven true.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful daughter
You deserve all your wishes to come true
And all the joy that you can hold -
Birthday Hugs and Kisses
Just For You!
Our darling daughter"

"Teddy bears take over

In the birthday party of a little daughter

Friends take over

Her life when she is a teenager

But her parents will always be there

To give her love, concern and care

In whichever phase of life she may be

Always at her side will be, her dad and me

Happy birthday"

"Side by side
Or miles apart,
A daughter like you (...),
Is always close to the heart."

"Right from the first time we held you in our arms,
You made us fall in love with you, with your irresistible charm.
You were the most beautiful thing that we had ever seen,
Dearest baby you made us happier than we had ever been.
Today on your birthday, looking at you grow up so fine,
Makes us love every tiny bit of this time.
Happy Birthday to our angelic daughter. "

"Only a daughter who's great.
Only a daughter will lend you a shirt,
Help you get moved, share a dessert,
Not say a word unless asked for advice---
Only a daughter who's nice.
Only a daughter will cover your butt,
Stand up for your rights, tell you what's what,
Offer a thoughtful and smart point of view,
Be the one person who keeps coming through,
Someone you just gotta love (and we do!!)"

"No one could be prouder
In all the world to me,
(we've)(I've) got the loveliest Daughter
That there could ever be.
Since the day that you were born
(We've)(I've) had this sense of pride
Everyone can see it when
You are by (our)(my) side.
And on your (XX) Birthday
All (we)(I) have to say,
Is 'thank you' for all the happiness
You have brought (our)(my) way"

"My worst fears are coming true

You are growing up too quick

My time seems to be running out

It’s going tick-tock-tick

In no time you will go away

To pursue your ambitious goals

In the process I hope you do not

Forget your mommy and daddy’s role

Because no matter how much

You grow up and turn older

You will always remain

Our little darling daughter

Happy birthday"

"My world swirls on an axis called my daughter

It rotates only around her

Giving me innumerable joys

One after another

My daughter is the reason

Why my world is functional

It is because of her

That everything in my life is special

Happy birthday"

"My lovely little daughter

Looks pretty in pink

Without her presence

I think my life would sink

She is the cutest in the world

Cuddle and fun, like a toy

My lovely daughter is

A little bundle of joy

She makes my life perfect

She is all my dreams come true

She is the only reason

Why life can never feel blue

Happy birthday"

"My daughter, you are as sweet as the cake,
The innumerable efforts you make,
To see me smile,
Is really commendable and worthwhile,
I love you so much, do you know,
Not many words to show,
Stay blessed in life,
Happy birthday to you!"

"My Daughter you are a beautiful human being
With emotions, goals, love, humor, ambition and endeavor
I want you to know that no matter what you do, think or say
You can depend on my support and love forever.
Happy Birthday, darling"

"It's so good to know someone special, who shares,
My secrets, my laughter, my dreams and my cares,
Someone through good times and bad, when there's tears,
It's so good to know you (Jenny), my daughter and friend...
... through the years,
Happy Birthday"

"I'm blessed with an angel,
Like heaven might send,
And I call her (...),
My daughter and friend,
Have a lovely Birthday"

"I am so happy

That I am your dad

And I have a daughter like you

Which I always wanted so bad

There couldn’t possibly be

More happiness in store for me

Being a father to the sweetest girl

There is nothing more in life to see

Happy birthday"

"God picks special people

To give daughters to

I feel lucky that I’ve had

The chance to give birth to you

Those who get this opportunity

Are only a few

How much I love you darling

You don’t have any clue

Happy birthday"

"For a dear daughter
Here's a wish for happiness
And many dreams come true
Not only on your special day
But always, all life through
Happy Birthday"

"Family life is many things
And one of the nicest joys it brings
Is having a daughter as dear as you
Who's thought of in a special way
Not only on a special day
But warmly and with love
The whole year through!
Happy Birthday"

"Every year passes by swiftly
And my love for you keeps growing quickly.
My love you are with a graceful face,
And I look at you and my whole world loses its pace.
My daughter, remember that life is a beautiful journey,
And relish every day just like it's your birthday!"

"Even though we are not

A royal family

We have been blessed

With a princess so pretty

Even though we haven’t

Given her a tiara

Of happy moments she has

Given us a plethora

Even though we don’t live

In a grand mansion or palace

Our daughter is our biggest

Treasure chest of happiness

Happy birthday"

"Even a lily, an orchid or a rose

Cannot give me my daily dose

Of beauty, fragrance and softness

Or even a pinch of happiness

As compared to

What I get from you

Dear daughter, you overpower

The beauty of even the most exotic flowers

Happy birthday"

"Dear daughter, on your birthday

There is not much to say

Except that we love we to bits

And you cute antics throw us into fits

You have been the strength in our lives

You are the reason why we survive

Never change, be the same

You are our life’s guiding flame

Happy birthday"

"Daughters are those angels, who stay in the heart,
And, we wish that they never part,
To my most loving daughter,
I wish to see you smile,
Not only one day but all the while,
Happy birthday to you,
Have a blessed day so new!"

"Blessed was the day you entered the World
We were as proud as it's possible to be
A beautiful daughter that we so desired
We wanted the whole World to see
Happy Birthday Darling"

"Another day of celebration has come
Whose object is a vivacious, pretty girl
Who metamorphosed our solitude into dancing
And filled our mouths with praise
God, may we see more of a day like this
Happy birthday to you, our beloved daughter"

"All this while I thought

That I was the one teaching you

But then I realized that

Your childhood taught me things so true

All this while I thought

That I was a wonderful mother

But then I realized what makes that possible

Is that you are a wonderful daughter

Happy birthday"

"All the hugs in the world

Aren’t enough to convey

How much my love for you

Grows each and every day

All the kisses in the world

Aren’t enough to communicate

How I consider myself

To be so fortunate

For having a daughter

Like you, in my destiny

It’s because of you that

My life feels so worthy

Happy birthday"

"A stroke of luck

A whiff of fresh air

A dash of color

Is present when you are there

A fragrance beautifully mild

Lots of shine and glitter

You bring these things in our life

Dear loving daughter

Happy birthday"

"A loving daughter like you is hard to find,
Glad that I can call you mine,
Because you are too sweet as a person,
Proud that you are my daughter,
There can be no one like you or other
Happy birthday my angel!"

" Watching you all grown up

Is like a real dream

Time truly passes

Faster than it seems

Watching you be all mature

Is like a reverie proven true

Today I stand so proud

For having a daughter like you

Happy birthday"

" Of a perfect father-daughter relationship

If someone wanted an example

I would invite them to see the two of us

So they can see the perfect sample

On your birthday today let’s celebrate

This bond, perfect which will always be

My dear, I want you to always remember

That I am always here, whenever you need me

Happy birthday"